I Am A Loving And Caring Person. Ask Me Anything

I've always been the type of person who really has a passion to care and love people, I feel their pain and want to help them through it...or at least lend a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, or an encouraging word.

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preacher timwalden

I guess my love for people and their feelings and emotions. I love to see people happy and not hurting, especially if I can help in any way. I don't know, since I've been a little girl, I just have had this overwelming emotion inside to care and love others, almost to a fault in a way.<br />
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Much love to you hunny..xoxo...Xo~sugar~Xo

Aww, sweetie, you make me cry sometimes, lol:'-) Such a devoted, caring person...that's why we crossed paths...xoxo...Xo~sugar~Xo

U are a caring loving person and thank u for treating me so kind always! Lov ya CRP!<br />
Some day all u dream come true!!