I Am A Recovered Meth User, Ask Me Anything

I was first introduced to this drug by a girl I had been dating at my college. At first I figured she was just the cooky hyper type, as I considered myself to be. She also smoked weed, so that might have hidden it a little;or I was just naive. After trying to get her to quit, I broke up with her. I had not touched the drug myself...yet. My first use was with the girl in a couple I was dating. I went to visit her at work, and in the bathroom she just started smoking some and I asked about it. I suppose I figured I had chosed two tweaker girls in a row to date, so maybe it was a sign. She helped me take my first hit and it was a pretty fun crazy night after that. Though the next morning I rear ended someone driving home because I passed out. Only a block away from home. Anyway, I tried to distance myself from the drug by breaking up with the couple. Turns out my college room mate had used in the past, and eventually we hooked up and he and started smoking meth on a regular basis. We both had to leave school. He just stopped going, probobly the better of our two routes-I tried to keep going all strung out and simply embarassed myself before I finally gave up. Besides that, life seemed pretty exciting. I mean, it is a super addictive drug for a reason-at first it's really fun. But that does not last long. After weirding out my family with my behaviour, they "kidnapped" me and got me to go to rehab. Rehab in itself was okay, supportive if not a little brainwashing. My family and boyfriend situation were all sorts of messed up though. He was trying to get sober on his own, and they were making things worse for him by lying to him. Trying to step in and break it off for me. Anyway, I stayed sober 4 or 5 months after rehab, and then started using again. Tried keeping a job, eventually lost it because I was "sick" too often. Eventually things got really bad, I started acting like a whole new person-in a really bad way. Stealing, lying and just being a *****. I had decided that I didn't feel nice, so I didn't have to be nice. Very wrong way to go, even my tweaker friends didn't want to see me-and my boyfriend couldn't stand me. I was shut out from everyone and hating life with a vengance. One day, after I had aquired a good amount of drugs I went out on a drive just to get away. No plan as to where I was going. I would just stop the car somewhere I thought was safe enough and do some more real quick and start driving again. For some reason I ended up at my moms house of all places. Tried to sleep over. Instead, I got a scare-my skin was turning yellow. That is what broke it for me. I had thought a lot that I wanted to die, but when faced with a possibility of being poisoned-I wanted out. It was tough as hell-and withdrawls were worse than the last time. My whole experience with meth lasted 2 or 3 years total.I succeeded in staying clean this time, and my boyfriend did also. We have both been sober for 2 years and going. It is really weird to look back on now...

I suppose if there is anything left to ask....ask me anything.

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Thanks for the kudos. :) Meth is a crazy drug, I remember other users I knew would go missing for days, weeks or even months at a time with no explanation; and then show up all of a sudden like it was normal. I suppose it happened so much it was normal. I hope your friend finds their way out. <br />
Congrats on 6 years for you. :)

He stopped a month or so after I did.

If you don't mind me asking, did your college room-mate continue using after all of this?

I'm glad to be away from it too. Thank you. :)

no i'm not planning on it. marijuana is as far as i'll go... and even it makes me feel sick... thanks for the info though. it sounds like a horrible experience. i'm glad you were able to get away from it :)

Cocaine would be similar.<br />
<br />
I just want to say I am not in any way recommending using this drug, though it was fun at first as I said-the overall experience takes all the fun away.

Is there any other drug that you could compare the high to?