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Peculiar dreams and nightmares bother most of us. I started writing mine down in a dream journal. Before long I started seeing themes and patterns  emerging and as the mist lifted, the meanings became clear. My dreams were communicating messages in pictures.

For example: climbing down a flight of stairs and finding myself in a dark creepy basement. Or, driving a car, and sometimes riding in a bus and not knowing where I was being taken.

We've all had similar dreams and often they repeat over and over again (recurring dreams/nightmares). Difference between a dream and a nightmare? A nightmare always wakes you up.

Through practice, I am able to read other people's dreams as well. (see my dreamer's blog http://adreams-teller.blogspot.com.

Ask me about yours. You can post your dream in Comments (on the blog) and be anonymous. I'll give you a free intuitive interpretation. Try this today!


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I have a baby boy not yet married but i always dream myself at my inlaws and theres always clothes on the washing liner sometimes mine is there too,what does this mean?

last night i dreamed about my husban who is very ill nd my boyfriend both caring big bags,entering my bed room ,they was telling me dat they dont have place to sleep nd share a room with them

Last night i dreamed of getting lost but my husbands best friend found me he started speaking to me but as the first word came out a bright light started to surround him and he said if by morn there is ice you shall no be pregnant if by morn spring comes you shall be pregnant.... what does that mean???? because this morning was both icy and spring?

Dreams come in 3 different times, past,present, and future. Past is like watching TV. The present may be a little shape shifting. The future is more cloudy and hard to understand. Your dream is either future or present. As you said, he had a glow around him, which might possibly mean that an angel was giving you this warning. Glows are uncommon in dreams. You might become pregnant, it is not certain. You said that the next day was both icy and springy, so if your dream is the future, your child might be born around January or February. Good luck with this dream, it's filled with uncertainly, making it more ifs future dream.

My dream was about my sister and I going to my sisters friend's, who I have had sex with, apartment and I think she was going to college and she was driving us to her apartment/dorm and when we got inside she was showing us how she played with her cat/kitten, it was black and brown and for some reason I thought it should be black and white. She would throw some type of little ball at it and, using one paw, the cat would catch the ball and throw it back to her. That's all I remember. Also, something about a skyscraper.

Well I was on probation for 6 months but then my court closed. So what happened in my dream was weird. I was in class and everybody was staring at me. Then some lady came in to my class and said she was lawyer talking about how she needs to watch me at all times. Then I got out of class and went to go smoke outside of school. Then police caught me again and told me to that I was gonna be sent to the juvenile detention center and that was the end of my dream

Well my dream was about my girl was cheating

Okay so earlier I had this creepy dream. I was riding in a car with someone (older than me) who I suppose was my guardian. It was dark out side and we were on a highway and out of the middle of no where the things started falling out of the sky. They were either crosses or t's. They were huge and when they fell on the ground they made a loud noise. Then while they were falling we were avoiding them. In the car and we got to this hospital place and on the top floor everyone was running around screaming and the falling cross things was o the news. I heard them falling outside. Then I got my guardian person and ran to the lowest level floor but before all that I was at home and I was suppose to deliver this chicken ( I don't even know.) to my eighth grade teachers brother after his basketball game. Then I fell asleep. (In the dream now). I woke up and this tall guy had everyone quiet and said "You all survived because you came to the lowest level floor" but I hadn't heard that anyone else died. Now I was with my Aunt and we were walking on the highway back to my house which now it was this balance beam with water on each sides and we were walking on it in daylight and I told her the story and she said "weird" and we kept walking and the crosses started falling out of the sky again! Everyone was running and screaming and we just avoided them but one came really close to me and then the dream ended. What does this even mean?

Crosses and T's fell out of the sky, so this dream could possibly be a warning from god himself. You might get hurt but perhaps not severely since in your dream you survived.

What does it mean when I am dreaming, and in my dream I see myself trying to swallow my own heart, and my heart looked like the United States flag ?

Just wake up from my nap in my room and had the nightmare where something or someone is holding me down and no matter how hard I try, I cannot move, and when I try to scream for help nothing comes out. Sometime I see a black person, it look more like a lady with really long hair stand on top of my chest and I can not move or scream for help. Sometimes middle of the night I can't sleep, I usually checking my messages it was around 4:50 5:00 in the morning so i tried to go back to sleep but like 5 minutes later i felt like someone breathing on me or like air hitting my face so i didn't pay to much attention to this but when i was finally asleep, i heard like someone sigh right next to me and i was facing the wall so when i tried to open my eyes and turn around but i couldn't and then when i tried to talk i couldn't it felt like a eternity but finally i started to turn my body then i felt like someone was trying to hold me down but then all of a sudden that person let go. so i was trying to figure out what does this mean?

Well in part of my dream I was in a pool and this kid has to pee so he gets out of the pool and starts peeing in it and his moms mouth. The mom was fine with it. Then for some reasoning went bowling with them and everytime I bowled the ball said what she said. She told me something sexual. Then I'm at home I'm up stairs and I see the boy again so I run downstairs only too see my dad and my mom twice. I instantly knew one of them was the creepy lady. So the on on the couch tries to touch me so I grabbed the other one. She turned out to be the lady. But the other one was also the lady. I yelled some cuss words and my dad told me to stop it and I did it again because I was scared. When we got to the room where my dad and " mom" was I screamed that she had f'd me but they weren't there. So I wondered how the lady was in 2 places at once and also whee the other one went with my dad. Then I woke up with a bad/good feeling in my stomach.

What does it mean to have a spider (quite large) crawling on the ceiling of a bedroom while your laying down in bed. Then you scream for your mothers help and she ends up killing it in the sink of the kitchen.. Using water and a stick.

I had a dream of a boy i only met once. in the dream he had came over to my house to sleep over like if we were in a relationship or something i told him he could sleep in the other bed & i was going to sleep in the sofa bed but then he didnt want to he wanted to sleep with me & we just started cuddling and watching tv. i find that dream kind of weird because me & that boy ever really talked before so i want to know what does that mean does he like me or something was he thinking about me because some people say that when you dream about someone is because they're thinking about you. Can you help me out i am very confused. Thanks

I have dream that my aunt was laughing and holding a baby.What does this mean?

I had a dream me and my crush was together and we were going on a trip but i didnt have my stuff and so i called my mom to bring them she did but it was to late because the buswas gone

Ok this is how my dream went.
I woke up in my bedroom pitch black I stood up and walk towards my door I hear a noise coming from my sisters room on my left as I looked under my sisters door there was a red light coming from under as I open the door I see the outside sky it was red and black seemed like the sky was bleeding I hear a bang on my left it was coming from the closet red light flashing I walked towards it and hear another bang the closet was shaking something was is in there that's what went through my head had as i opened it this thing pop out with yellow flaming eyes and red skin scream at me and I woke up after that but that's when I was 11 two years after I had the same dream but the closet part only now I'm 18 I can't stop thinking about that dream ever since I was 11

I had a dream of the devil and god helped me to defeat him

i had a dream that i was different people and i was in some kind of exercism that cuts u up in a machine from quarter inch by quater inch and i was helping each person out and there was a guy and a woman behind it all and it was very irreagular and it made itso i couldnt go back to sleep so if u have any comments on this, tell me

I dreamt I was force to marry a guy a didn't know my family made the decision for me to marry him cause of a reason I didn't know of but they kept saying that if I didn't then it wouldn't solve the problem. What does it mean?

If I could have some help with what my dream may mean, that'd be great.
My dream is a bit vague .. So it may sound a little odd. So there's me and my two bestfriends Hannah and Jon. We are somewhere .. I don't know where.. but theres swimming pools in rows down maybe.. like 6 rows of swimming pools is a crowd of zombies.. they looked really realistic, they we're coming closer, and closer. So we we're running to a safe spot. Me and my friend Hannah had our cell phones on us, incase we split up. As we we're running we saw people.. "survivors" but they we're in large groups.. there we're no children just adults, and they we're wearing what looked like jerseys, for teams.. teams for something like capture the flag, when they didn't run away we got suspicious, but we still kept running. They we're eventually turned. Throughout the dream is kind of a blur, but it was a constant repeating of me and my friends getting into situations with zombies, and very close ones where we had to pull a zombie off one another, and in the dream I had gotten scratched, and it was almost as if I could feel where I could scratched, but there was no mark.
Please help.

Dream of having a baby boy strong and aware I was his father,but no mother in sight no idea who she might be

dream teller please tell me some days before i had a deram that we have taken big house but something is distrubing me int hat house like rooms or some roof style so i ask my husband to change that then he told me that he will do later then i went to change old clothes from some cupborad of my childern then only i saw a huge map pice of land on sky it was just haning over the sky then only my elder son came to i showed him that sight . please help me in this beacuse we don't our own home till now we r not in such conditions to buy please tell me can we have in future is there any realtion with this dream for that.

please give reply soon iam waiting.

today i have a dream dragon. what does this mean?

today I had dream that me, 1d and 5 of my class mate were power ranger zayn and 2 of my class were the once who did not to get mud on them ,one of them was the mood one,harry was the one who away falling in love with someone ,Louis was the one that no one what to mess with ,Liam was the one who makes plans ,Niall was the funny one , the last 2 love them-safe to much and was the one who fall in Harry's love!!! what dose this mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had always have some dreams that come true after some days if I have not share it with some one so it will be true if I had told some thing about my dream to any one so it will not take place. and mostly isee that I am climbing stairs and following down with scare . please help me and some time i see that i was taken to some strange place where people were doing some bad things with women like raping them and again I am so sacred about it

i had a dream i was in church and my mom said that there will 2 weddings and 2 baptisms she told that to the pastuer and i seen a rat and a baby rat so i stepped on them and i was tryna get rid of the shoe and i couldn't take it off so i started screaming and yelling in the church what does that mean?

I had a dream that i wish you could help me to see what it means <br /><br />
it started off we me having to get to my local bank called Lloyds tsb because i had to put some money in before it closed so i ran there and i got there a minute before it closed and there was quite a few people in there wanting to put money in before it closed and i got to the counter and i to put money in and i gave them my paying in book with the money that i had to put in there but some more came out of my pocket and they took it when i realised they said i couldn't get it back so i said why not and then they said the bank was shut so i after then i realised that they had my parker pen and when i realised they had that then i said can i have it back and they said no so i said why and they gave me an explanation and it ended with them saying come back monday to get it so i tried getting it by putting my hand through the counter but then they stopped me and said that i have to come back and see the bank manager on monday to discuss my bank account details and then i said that i dont bank with you and pointed and laughed at the counter staff then when the counter staff left the room where they sit behind the counter and i went to the door and i saw they didn't close it properly so i opened it and went in for my pen and that extra money they took off me and when they realised i put my orange coloured hat on then ran out of that room and then the main door when i heard them say call the police so i kept running across the road and i managed to get into a van and changed my clothes so the police wouldn't recognise me with the desc<x>ription that they gave and then i arrived home and then i woke up from the dream

Hi, I hope you can help me out. Well today I had a dream that I was getting married to a man I never meet, but the man was very sexy and I was deeply in love with him as he was in love with me. The wedding was nice. I knew faces even my mom was there, but I never meet this man before but yet I felt so connected with him. I wish i didnt have to wake up but i did. Can you help me? What does this mean or who he is or have I meet him? Please help me. Thanks

Hi I don't know much about dreams but I have read that all people that we see in our dreams we have met them somewhere , they are not our imagination or smth.

Hi, I dream a lot and well.. actally I dream almost everyday.. And I remenber most of my dreams.. I tried going to your blog but it says it does not exist.. Are you still avalilable for interpretation.. Can I reach you somewhere else?<br />
Thank you for your time :)

I keep having constant dream of a boy that i don't like at all. But in my dream i fancy him deeply but i don't say it. I'm confused of why I had those diffrent dreams with him inside. please can you tell me what it means thank you.

Today, i was dreaming about a scary woman. That haded blood all over her. Somehow my sister was sleeping next to me. And my sister told me not to look over there. Because it was bad luck. But, i did anyways. And "boom" she was walking to my sister and grab something from her and she was holding something in her hands. And it almost look like a baby. Then she came closed to me and try to come inside of my vagina. Is that woman wanting to become my baby?...

Today, i was dreaming about a scary woman. That haded blood all over her. Somehow my sister was sleeping next to me. And my sister told me not to look over there. Because it was bad luck. But, i did anyways. And "boom" she was walking to my sister and grab something from her and she was holding something in her hands. And it almost look like a baby. Then she came closed to me and try to come inside of my vagina. Is that woman wanting to become my baby?...

Hi and thanks for your comment. I'll read your Death Dream for meanings.<br />
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