I Am An Army Wife, Nursing Student, Product Of A Messed Up Family, And Have Experienced A Miscarriage. Ask Me Anything.

hmmm i guess the title says it all?

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to be honest with you it is pretty boring being an army wife. well i am sure its not just army wives that feel this way. moving from place to place and having to make new friends each time is hard. i guess thats why its boring lol. i have 2 friends here and most people that i have met are extremely different from me. i am from nj and moved to tn so i guess that explains that. lol. but idk it is also very fun at the same time. as u already know prob u get a lot of great benefits from the military. and as far as deployments there is really no way to prepare for them. the best advise i have is make sure you have a point of contact who will email you regularly regarding where ur husband/boyfriend is overseas and any other info you would want such as mailing address etc. and try to steer clear from the frg's. at least that is what everyone has told me. i have only went to a meeting like 3 or 4 times and its hard bc all the women already have their own cliques and whatever and most of the times the meetings are really dumb. but they usually inform you as to what the meeting will be about i would suggest going when right when ur bf is about to leave and right before he comes home. they are the ones with the best info! hope that helps.