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After my father died when I was 7, I began to bolt against my Catholic schooling even more. It never felt right to me. I felt closer to God in the forest. I had premonitions, and prophetic dreams. I began studying everything but Christianity at age 8.

I was eventually saved in every Christian church in my small town and the next. Denomination was not an issue, as I came to find that most of the ceremony was similar from church to church. It was all research.

I've been a Minister for the Universal Life Church since I was 15. My biggest spiritual influence was Star Wars. 

Ask me anything.

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DelusionDrive-<br />
I have used every gift I have in many ways. I help my friends interpret their dreams, I have officiated at two weddings and one funeral, and I am always available as a counselor for anyone who needs me. Does that cover it?

Excellent, <br />
i too have been a part of the ULC for over a year (december 2008),<br />
so the question i have for you is,<br />
Have you used the gift of life for the benefit of those around you (friends, community, etc)?<br />
True one must first learn of life, before one can make a significant impact upon it....

Star Wars influenced me by introducing me to "The Force". It is a real thing, called by different names in different cultures. The Jedi religion is very close to Buddhism. It just happens in space lol.

If, by asking if I'm a Christian, you mean do I believe in Jesus, most definitely. If you mean do I belong to any particular Christian denomination, then no. I've heard of my particular set of beliefs referred to as "Christo-Pagan" but that doesn't quite fit me either ;)

so ARE you christian?

how did star wars influence you?