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Questions about: meaning of life, origin of universe or newest Metallica album... I got the answers :D

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lmfao too funny Rafal

Thanks Tricky :)<br />
Well I don't really care that much about not fitting in - its just harder to make friends with people.<br />
<br />
BodyJar you say - hmmm gotta visit IsoHunt... I mean buy some of the tracks in Itunes :P

@Monogreen<br />
1.) Say what ? I can't pretend I know the answer to this question :) I know what the magic the gathering is but only played it on a PC few times.<br />
2.) Eluveitie ? WTF is folk metal ? Is this something like Bathory ?<br />
hehe well done dude - got no answers for you - Im not gonna Google them and paste here - if I dont know sth I will be honest.

@ Tricky Yeah there are always these two nutters :) Henry has a music program on some channel - cant remember the name now but its good - although wouldn't have his children :P<br />
<br />
errrm why ? ahh you know the usual life stories - getting divorced, never really fit in properly anywhere, lonely and some other emotional crap.... but I can always cheer myself up with some nice tune - I think Toy Dolls will do the trick :)

ok 2 questions i want answers to;<br />
1) in the game of magic the gathering, how does humility currently interact with opalessence? (and dont just look it up then copy and paste)<br />
2) what do you think of eluveitie's new album?

42 ? hehe I don't like "hitchhiker's guide..." that much to quote it :)<br />
You say punk is not dead ? Im not so sure: Iggy Pop selling insurance on TV, John Lydon selling butter on TV.... Everything is sooo commercialised these days... <br />
<br />
I dont think there is one universal "meaning of life" I think everyone tries to give their own life some kind of sense and meaning. It is just a byproduct of our brain functions. We can't really cope with the fact that there might be no meaning or we are not "equipped" well enough to comprehend the true meaning. So we assign our own "meanings" to everything we perceive and experience. <br />
You could say that the meaning of life is Christopher Walken building Optimus Prime :) and that actually could be a meaning of life for someone...<br />
<br />

So ist that it ? Noone is going to chalenge me and ask me something I don't know ? :)<br />
Come on - half of the fun is in finding things out...

@ThenewTricky Well thank you :) <br />
hehe love Jello Biafra and the gang - Punk's not Dead ! or is it... ?

Well Snookybear - that is the idea :)

If I have questions you have answers correct?

Well cant agree with you that there is only one correct answer really :)<br />
There is so many that it is hard to choose from (not in any particular order)<br />
Dead Kennedys<br />
The Misfits<br />
The Stooges<br />
Ramones<br />
The Damned<br />
Im reluctant to mention The Clash as in my opinion they were the protoplasts of what is now known as pop punk (Green Day, Offspring)<br />
Im sure I missed a few but I think these bands were the most important and influential.<br />
But all in all whenever anybody says punk there is only one band that automatically springs to mind: Sex Pistols - and that would have to be my choice :)

@ hth13 Is Metallica a pop band ?<br />
<br />
Well you could argue that at this point in time they are....<br />
They sell as many albums as any other big pop group and as such I guess by definition it makes them a popular band... Now that does not mean that the music they play is pop (well maybe apart of some crap they made for "Load" and "Reload" albums). Apparently there is a lot of people out there that like to listen to heavy music :) Rock and Roll ******* !!!

@ArabellaBlythe How would you rate Guns 'n' Roses Chinese Democracy as an album?<br />
<br />
Ohhh dear god dont even get me started on that !1!<br />
As a hardcore fan of the "TRUE" Guns 'n' Roses I have to say it would give this album about 2 or maximum 3 stars out of ten. I mean seriously it is bad enough that Axl tries to make an album without Slash. He tries to do it without any kind of artistic concept, the whole process takes 13 years and as a result he fails miserably. I think the rest of the gang should get together, sue him and try to change the name under which the album was released from Guns 'n' Roses to "****** Axl Rose Project" :) But seriously I am not a big fan of the album (although to be honest it is better then the Spaghetti Incident"). When I first heard it I thought that some of the songs were actually written to be a background for credits in a Bond movie. <br />
Axl's voice lost its razor's edge, sharpness, wild tone, unpredictability, agression..... (little flashes of past glory in "Scraped" and "Riad N' The Bedouins"). Seriously WTF is he doing in "If the World" ??? Can't really categorize this as heavy metal or even hard rock :( So to sum up its thumbs down for me Im afraid. <br />
Now to cheer myself up I think I will listen to "Nightrain" :)

You have to excuse me as I don't remember all of the theories and I might be inaccurate about some of them, but hey the question was - What is my theory so here it goes:<br />
I have to consider few possibilities here:<br />
Nothingness - and out of it a big **** all bada boom !! - time starts flowing, particles are created, expansion of the universe -- not a big fan of that standard model as it does not tell us what happened before at all (although religious people love it - "Let there be light..." and all that) . Also I think it is kinda lazy as the scientist don't even try to find out what happened before (if anything happened that is lol) they just assume this was the beginning and that's it. Well the argument is that you couldn't actually even try to probe whatever happened before the Big Bang as the assumption is that the time started with the Big Bang ergo it would be pointless to even ask what was before... (although I dont quite agree with that :) )<br />
Big Crunch/Big Bang models tell us that before Big Bang there was a Big Crunch. So basically the universe existed before, then started to shrink to a point of singularity adn then expanded again. Now this approach is present in several theories (for example Oscillatory universe theory). This one I like better but.... I myself would like to believe that the M-Theory explains what happened before what we call the Big Bang. According to that theory our universe is a 3D brane floating in a higher dimentional spacetime. In fact there are infinite number of parallel universes floating on 3D branes. When the branes collide that trigers the heating and expansion that we call the "Big Bang".<br />
Now there is a problem with time dimension here. I can think of two most obvious possibilities:<br />
1.) Our universe doesn't have it's own time dimension - we "use" time from the higher dimensional spacetime. <br />
2.) Our universe does have its own time dimension, which is separate and complimentary to the time dimension of the higher-dimensional spacetime. <br />
In both cases for us living in this universe there was nothing before the big bang, as the time started flowing for us in this universe after the big bang event (whether "our" time actually started with our universe or we started perceiving the higher dimensional time after the big bang).<br />
Now to answer what was before the big bang we can argue that in both cases from the point of view of an independent observer placed in the higher dimensional spacetime our big bang was just one of the infinite many big bangs caused by the collisions of the branes. So before that he/she/it could see two branes on a collision course :)<br />
Well anyway these are my thoughts on that subject - probably mixed up few theories together and some things are inacurate, but again - this is my private view on the subject. <br />
I just find it quite exciting to think there are infinite amount of parallel universes out there for us to discover :)

How would you rate Guns 'n' Roses Chinese Democracy as an album?

What is your theory of the origin of the universe? What existed prior to the big bang?