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I Am A Hairdresser....Ask Me Anything

Okay, so I'm not only a hairdresser, I am also mum of two boys and I love to listen (and talk!) but I do have my own salon and very much enjoy helping people with their hair questions (and sometimes their hair catastrophies!).  Give it a go. If I don't know, I'll say I don't know and help you find the answer.

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Over 8 weeks I bleached my dark brown hair. It had orangey tones left and everyone said (including hairdresser)pick ash blonde after a final bleaching - I did and it's kinda greenish. I've got a golden blonde (color 71) from a mistake purchase in the same brand as the ash - should I do that or is there a home solution that works...I've heard hair conditioning mask and ketchup works or washing out these a little with dandruff shampoo. Got an interview in 8 hours can you help!

Plastic wrapped my noggin currently soaking in ketchup. We shall see

I have dark brown hair almost black and I recently went to get an ombré do. The problem is it came out too blonde and the contrast is repulsive. Can I dye the ends with box dye to make it less blonde and more brown?

I had half a head of highlights september 2014 first time iv dyed my hair , it turned out good and the Christmas eve I had my roots touched up and she used tint and the roots went orange she sed it cud be hormones etc but iv had my hair in a pony for 2 months and I'm.booked in next week I'm scared itl go orange again

I am so frustrated with many stylist I have met. They do not listen to me! I have colored my hair for a long time, both at home and professionally, I know what my hair will do with certain colors. I have had my hair blonde, and have had low lights of dark blonde in it. the last stylist colored my hair and it turned gold! I saw the color she had and i told her it will turn my hair gold, I need a strong blue/purple base, 30 - 40 volume to start to take away any gold. She convinced me, that the color should not do that! My question is HOW do I get them to listen to me? I don't want to hurt my hair, but I feel like bleaching it out to start over!
Gold hair washes me out as dark does! I am trying to achieve a light to dirty blonde hair with some med blonde low lights.

Can I dye my hair brown ( it's aburn right now) and then also have the hair salon do it ombré?

I have very grown out blonde highlights. I would like to die man or a burgundy/purple. Could I do this myself for what I have to get it professionally done. If I had to get it professionally done, which I really don't want to, how much would it cost approximately, and could it be done in one session?

I meant to say I want to dye my hair a purple/burgundy, more on the purple side. Please help before I ruin my hair. Is this possible to do alone please give extremely extremely specific details if possible please thank you so much

My hair is brown with bleached ombré (silver/light ash blonde). I want to go back to all brown hair. How do I do that?

I have ombred hair... brown, then blonde for the ombre, say i wanted to dye my hair, how could i keep it all one color?

Hi, was wondering if you could help. IM growing my hair from very short into an inverted bob. Every time i get it cut i notice the sides are longer and back has a nice shape but behind my ears is always shorter, it seems like there is a gap. Is this just the growing process until i get the correct shape

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Hi, I went to the hairdresser and asked him to colour my hair so it will look natural. The colour is now to dark, what should I do to lighten them without hurting my hair?

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hello, so i have full set of blonde hightlights. i went with a new hairdresser and asked to touch up my roots. well i left with a dark ashy towner on. i washed my hair and that didnt work. so i went with another hairdresser to get the problem fixed and now i have ash towned, blue colored hair. how can i fix my hair.

Hi, so it's time for me to do my roots (my natural hair color is a medium brown) and I am currently a light neutral blonde. In addition to doing my roots I also would like to dye all of my hair a lighter and cooler ash blonde. What is the best way I should go about doing this? I'm not sure whether I should just bleach my roots and then dye everything or what? I'm a college student so I can't always afford to go get my hair colored professionally so I would like to learn how to do it myself. PLEASE HELP!!!

I just had my hair colored a dark purple red burgendy color. I hate it I was blonde before. If I go back to salon can they make me blonde again?

Im thinking of dying my hair a deep burgendy brown with blonde highlights, I have look on line andd can't find any pictures of what I'm looking for can u please give me some direction

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I dyed my hair auburn, and my brunette roots soon came through so using the same dye colour as before I touched up my roots. However, I now how faded auburn hair on the bottom half of my hair and bright red on top. How can I make my hair all one auburn hair at home?

Hi, I have naturally brown hair quite long hair. And its not in great condition, what do you suggest I do and what shampoo would be best to combat this. Also I would like to dye it a very bright red but i do not know if that is wise. Opinions?

Hi I have naturally blonde hair about 6months ago I wanted a change and got my hair died brown which turned out a little ginger. After a couple of months I decided to go back to blonde and brought a box die and did that then later got a t-section bleach. My roots are now coming through black coulor why is this Please help. My hair is also still quite dry and damaged from the bleach.

Hi. My natural hair colour is a auburn/strawberry blonde/brown colour. So its got orange undertones. When I die my hair a light brown, the orange starts to come out. It almost goes a copper colour. Is there anyway I can avoid this??

Hi I have dirty blonde hair and just recently dyed the ends blue and pink buts its just about faded out but it wont fade out anymore and I don't wanna get my hair cut so I wanted to put brown at the ends, would it be a good idea/ would it look good if I dyed the ends brown or should I just wait to see if It fades out all the way and then just dye the top brown and do a normal ombre? Please help!!!!!

Hi I have purple dip dye in my hair and yesterday I used hair coulee remover recommended by Katy price, and when I completed all the steps correctly my hair turned red and orange is there other ways you can help me get this colour out back to my origninal colour blonde.

I've just dyed my hair brown now I want to do ombré but someone told me you can't do one after the other is it true?

I have naturally medium brown hair that I have dyed pretty much every color under the sun. Last week I took my hair from pitch black to a bright, Rihanna type red. I bleach bathed it, and then used a high lift color with 30 volume developer and all in all I love the color. Now, I would like to ombre it. I have done some research and am going to try an at home ombre kit that has good reviews, but I also need my roots done. Because of the multiple tones in my hair, I don't think I can just do a root touch up and then an ombre, I think I need to pull the red a good bit through my hair to help the red part remain even. Should I do my bed roots/ most of the top part red first and then apply the ombre? Should I just color the whole mess of it red and then ombre? Should I ombre first and then touch up? Any advice is appreciated.

Ok i got this light blue splat hair dye and i have strawberry blond hair, will it turn green or do i have to dye it blonde then blue

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When I first went to my hairdresser I had completely virgin hair and my natural color is a level 6. I went to her and kept asking for golden blonde highlights all over and I kept doing so until I got to where I am right now which is completely blonde with 3 -4 different color highlights ranging from golden blonde-to platinum blonde. I love my hair color exactly where it is now,and I do not wish to go any lighter or darker. What do I ask for to maintain this look once my roots grow in?

My natural hair color is a medium to dark brown with a reddish tint. When i color my hair dark brown as it fades it becomes brownish, orangish, reddish color. I was told I had to go to a cooler color to cover and get rid of the rusty look. So I went black and have stayed this color for nearly a year now. I want my hair to be a blue black or have blue highlights and when I try blue black colors i get a green tint. And i just tried to add blue high lights and ended up with a bleachy gold color where the highlights were placed, then went professional with a expresso and blue mix and after 40 minutes rinsed and there wasn't a speck of blue anywhere to be seen on my head. But when under light/sun you can see red highlight or tint. Why am I not getting the blue I want? Why am I not getting any blue at all?

Everytime I dye my hair it goes like a brown gingery colour but I want to go lighter like a caramel colour, how would I do it?

Help I am naturally dark brown hair color and just went very blond all over I want it brown again what do I do?