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Okay, so I'm not only a hairdresser, I am also mum of two boys and I love to listen (and talk!) but I do have my own salon and very much enjoy helping people with their hair questions (and sometimes their hair catastrophies!).  Give it a go. If I don't know, I'll say I don't know and help you find the answer.

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Hi I realy hope someone can help me. I am a natural ash blonde and have been dying my hair dark brown with Henna products for 5years. My blonde roots are showing but I want to dye my hair deep dark red now. I have also used Herbatint in the past which I know can color over Henna because its mostly natural ingredients. But I moved to Mozambique now and cant seem to find Herbatint in stores here. I decided to color my own hair as I've been doing it for years and since I cannot speak Portuguese I dont even want to try to go to a hair salon here in Mozambique. Do you have any advice for me on how to color my hair deep dark red using normal hair dye over the brown washed out Henna (its been about 6weeks since I used the Henna last) and not getting hot roots with my natural blonde roots? Thank you.

Hi, this is amazing what you're doing. I dyed my hair purple a couple days ago but looking at it it looks more on the pink side. I don't do pink (nothing against it or anything) just not my thing. I want it to be a dark deep purple but I'm scared that if I get a darker purple dye it will ruin it completely. So I guess my question is, if I get a darker dye and dye my already purple hair, will it make it so dark it looks black? Is this an option I can explore?

I'm a ginger. I dyed my hair dark brown with a permanent dye. Now I want my ginger back. How can I do this fast without ruining my natural ginger hair?

I have dark brown/black hair. I just tried dying my hair a dark ash blonde and the top turned orangish, but the bottom part is still dark brown. What should I do?

I have medium brown hair with a few grays at hairline and roots only in front. I bought Clairol nice n easy in medium brown and light golden brown so it wouldnt go too dark. I mixed equal parts; any root area turned much lighter, like a bright golden orange! The rest is a nice shade of medium brown. What gives!? I didnt have gray roots really.

I have blonde hair currently, but my roots are very dark brown. They're disgusting lol, I asked my hair dresser to just make me complete 1 color blonde all over, but she says she can't paint on color but can do full high lights. So after 85$ and 3 hours, it still looks like I need to get my roots done! My hair is blonder, yes, but my roots are still noticeable. What can I do??

I have about 4-5 inch hair growth from my last highlight hair color, I have that Carmel color with highlights. I want to dye my hair a dark burgundy color how should I dye my Hair?

Hey, I'm ginger and want to dye my hair a dark purple, will I have to bleach it? Dye it a few times? Will it look okay? I'd just like to know what to do basically. Thanks :)

hey, i got a problem! <br />
i had bleached my hair from black to blonde and then i washed it out and then i put red on it and it went ginger/pink. i really want to be bright red for a changed ive always been black! its been 3 weeks now so can i dye it again? what do i do please help!!!

Hi! My natural hair color is about a level 3 or 4 brown, and recently I bleached the ends so I could dye them purple. Now I want to bleach the rest of my hair without re-bleaching the part that are already light. Any tips on how to keep those parts away from the new bleach but still get a fairly even color for all my hair? Thank you so much!

Hi! I've had my hair a bleached platinum blonde for about two months now. I decided I want to go a dark strawberry blonde, which is similar to my natural color. Last night I attempted this using a Box dye in reddish blonde and now my hair is a coppery, pink blonde. It's not horrible, just bizarre and I would really like to go a darker strawberry blonde such as the color Blake Lively has. Any suggestions? My hair is very strong.

hello :) okay so i'm naturally a ash blonde colour and when i was younger i dyed my hair purple/cherry red and after a while it went kind of gingery so i dyed it dark brown and eventually it faded out and went back to the gingery colour since then i have dyed it twice dark brown and last year i decided to ombre it, i was very happy with the result, but once again it has gone back to the ginger colour, is there anyway to get rid of the red/ginger tints? whenever i go out in the sun my hair is pretty much orange. and as it's summer i'd really like to go a light blonde colour any help would be much appreciated (hopefully this all made sense) thank you :) x

Hi, my hair is medium ash blonde , I added chi ash brown highlift in to small samples of new root hair which is black , while washing it my whole head turned green and blue , what can I do to fix it and which dye is suitable ?

I have dark brown hair, I recently dyed it light brown with ombre in the ends, but my roots turned a little red/orange. can you please tell me if i can dye my hair back to Dark brown? will it take the red/orange tent off? will my hair be in one color since i bleached it ombre?

My hair was light ginger I put light ginger back over it to cover my roots and three went bright red! How do I fix this please so all my hair is a light ginger? Thank you in advance x

Could you please advise me what colour I need to put on at home I'm med brown with a tint of garnier red with abt inch regrowth.I want to end up being a blonde but were do I start can I apply med ash blonde.what will be end result?

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I had my hair highlighted 3 days ago, I asked for blonde & she gave me more caramel highlights which look brassy coloured next to my medium brown coloured highlights I also had put in, I am not keen on the colour at all but want to let my hair rest abit now, is a Purple shampoo a good idea to use afew times to see if it takes the brassy colour away or not because my hair is hightlighted & isn't all one colour?

I have medium brown hair with a smattering of grays on the top. I had it dyed black with purple laid into bleached streaks. Its now faded out to a dark brown with pinkish tinge and the bleached streaks are grown out about 2 inches. I'm wanting to take it (at home) to a brown with copper highlights.
Can this be accomplished by doing an at home highlight kit and then dying it medium brown all over the whole of it? What products would achieve this?

Hi im a trainee hairdresser i did a bleach root regrowth and then put a wella 9/16 toner on the hair the root did not tone and still had a yellow tone how do i prevent this from happening again

I am a natural brunette, but I had my hair ombréd. I dyed my hair an "acorn" brown without know my hair would turn green! You can see that the once "blonde" part of my hair is lighter than the top half. Should I dye my hair a darker color or re dye it? I tried the Sally's ion swimmers shampoo, it didn't do a thing. What do I do?

My hair is heavily highlighted from a salon. I've been letting it grow out for about 4 months. It is chin length, and natural dark blonde. I want to dye it strawberry blonde at home. Advice please. Thank you.

I recently got my hair done (cut and color) and my stylist did a BEAUTIFUL job, she did the highlights so finely I can't even see where the dye begins and it looks so natural, and the color is so rich! My only issue is that it is much darker than I imagined, its more of a dark blonde rather than the rich bright golden blonde (warm tones) that I was looking for. If I want this lighter (almost all over) will she have to add additional highlights or is there a lightening agent she can put all over my hair to just brighten it up a shade or two? I'm afraid to ask her to fix it if its going to be a huge time investment for her. The color tone of my hair is right its just not the right shade of blonde. And imput?

Ok so. I want to do two toned hair I have super light ash blonde hair I want the top blonde and the bottom wella 3rv black cherry. I already no I need a filler and how to everything my question is will the bottom color bleed into my beautiful blonde hair!?

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How much do you think it would cost to get my hair professinally dyed from dark brown to light blue and black?

Hiya, i dyed my hair black a couple years ago with regular top ups to keep the colour looking good, but i am fed up with black and wish to go a chocolatey brown, ive ******** my har a few times with no bleache, the stuff yu can do at home, this has lifted a lot of the bulkness of the black but still not light enough, do i need to bleache my hair before dyin it brown? Because im fed up of messing around with it jus want to get to the colour i want :-) so what should i do?

Hi! I'm leaving school next year and for years I've wanted to dye my hair a colour that no one I know has done, I was planning on dying it a light purple but my hair is already bright red, would I need to bleach my hair? - that is the colour I'm going for - that is the colour I am now

I want to go blonde for the summer, I have aburn chessnut colored hair naturally, I've never fully dyed my hair, just some highlights here and there. I want a cool light ash blonde color. I don't want her to do it too blonde like platinum but I also want it to be a big change! What do you suggest I do and how much do you think it will cost??

I use a semi permanent hair dye that is dark purple, never had any problems with it and always out some blonde highlights in with it. I usually do both colors at the same time. This last time I was lazy and didn't feel like foiling my entire head so I put the purple on my whole head first and tried doing my highlights the next morning. Now my highlights are neon orange!!! I'm afraid to try and bleach them again for fear of melting my hair off, I have superfine fragile hair. WHAT DO I DO?!