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I Am A Hairdresser....Ask Me Anything

Okay, so I'm not only a hairdresser, I am also mum of two boys and I love to listen (and talk!) but I do have my own salon and very much enjoy helping people with their hair questions (and sometimes their hair catastrophies!).  Give it a go. If I don't know, I'll say I don't know and help you find the answer.

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I have medium brown hair color. I bleached parts of my hair to do peekaboos. Now I want to do a balayage ombre. How do I make the transituon from bleached peekaboos to a balayage ombre?

Hi! I'm wanting to change my ombre, its a medium brown to caramel/gold. I want to change the caramel/gold to a dark grey/ bluish color. I don't want to use bleach and I want to be able to just put the color on without changing the brown. I'm probably not explaining this well, sorry for that. I've only ever done streaks.

I'm using my bfs account lol

I've been highlighting my hair for the last year and it's turned blonde in many areas and now it's like a brassy blonde area can't even see highlights anymore I want to diet back brown but the hairdresser say no

My hair was dyed bleach blonde. I tried to add light ash blonde over it. Well it turned my hair dark purple. I tried to tone it down now it's grey. What can I do???

My lowlights turned gold, what is the process to turning them light brown ?

Use a toner

I bleached my roots which came out perfect blonde but now my prebleqched hair looks orange can I tone all my blonde will it help with the longer parts

Hello, I had an ombré darker roots to blond ends, I had my hairdresser put in blond highlight two days ago & hate the way it came out! It's brassie, still dark at the top & it's my birthday weekend... :( what can I do to fix this?

I all ways go for blonde highlights with red for a hair color so wondering if red highlights and plum hair colour would stay in longer.

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She has blonde hair but her roots are dark and she wants Burgundy do I have to bleach her roots

I bleached my hair then put a blonde dye on top and some parts have gone green I'm now putting ketchup on it as read that it will get rid of the green it won't dye the rest of my hair pink will it ???

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Hello I am also a hairdresser. For the longest time my mom has used box dye to dye her hair. One day she decided she wanted to go lighter, she bleached her hair and gave herself a chemical haircut! After that she finally allowed me to give her a proper dye job once her hair got a bit healthier. But once again she grew impatient with the upkeep(I was living far away) and decided to throw 99 cent store black box dye (level 1) all over her head! So a couple days ago for Christmas she told me she wanted me to get her a light caramel blonde/brown color (level 8), I told her for the health of her hair that the lightest we should go would be a level 4, but she was once again stubborn and against all my advice decided to do a color remover followed by a full head bleaching, and when that was unsuccessful colored her whole head a level 5, which just left her with a light orange level 7 or 8 roots, and patches of red levels 5-2. Her hair feels fried! I want to help her, she FINALLY realizes she should listen to my professional advice, but I really want to fix her hair, I'm sad how it came out and would like to help her but I don't know A.) How long I should let her hair rest before doing anything to it B.) If I should just color it all one dark color or C.) let her hair rest, bleach a little of the dark, tone it and give her a reverse ombre so she can have a little of the light color that she wants. I mean she has a good inch to inch and a half of leven 7/8, so I was thinking I could just bleach some parts (not very much), and even out the color to something less patchy. I would really appreciate your professionalife opinion because I am feelin overwhelmed! Thank you so much!

I always dye my hair plantium blonde they didn't have the born blonde max that I use so I got a little darker color and my ends have a blue grey looking tint to it. What should I do?

I recently bleached my hair and I'm trying to make it silver
After toning my hair looks horrible and have no idea how to even it out, some bits are silver, others are this disgusting can I fix this?

I would really like to hear your answers for these questions, because I'm in a bit of a rut with my hair also. Please Answer soon so we can get our colours back!!

Thank you

Hi! I recently did a diy balayage. I first had to color my whole head to medium brown and then I used a frost and glow kit and a dye brush to apply the balayage look. It turned out great except the blonde was just a little brassy so I then mixed 1/2 wella t11 and 1/2 t18 toner with a cream 20 volume developer. The highlighted parts of my hair are now not as light as id like them to be ☹ is there anything I can do without damaging my hair too much?!

Hi! Okay so I have dark brown hair but recently died it an auburn red with brighter red highlights. The highlighted pieces have faded and I wanted to get them back to the vibrant red. So my question is can I put more vibrant hair color on all of my hair with it only really coloring the more bleached, highlight pieces? I wanted to use a toner but sallys didn't have that.

Hello, i have just had a hair disaster at the salon :( this morning my hair was medium brown with blonde highlights i visited the salon this afternoon after my consultation feeling excited about changing to burgandy purple i was reassured during my consultation that my hair would take really well to this colour and not to worry about my blonde highlights as all it would be was that the burgandy purple would be a little brighter on these so the stylist applied the dye and i sat feeling excited for the end result, i need not have bothered as the end result was patchy dark brown :( i felt like crying, expressing my dissatisfaction i was then to be told my colour hadnt turned out because i had blonde highlights so she contradicted herself from the consultation, i am going back tomorrow for them to correct this by putting a 'refresher' on i do not have much faith in her at all. Do you have any advice on my predicament? Many thanks. Claire

I went to my stylist to get my usual brown base with blond highlights and decided to add redd highlights too..well it all turned a terrible pinkish color! She put Windex on it to take some of the pink still looks terrible..I go back today and I think she is just going to try to put blond highlights in it..I know this so t solve the problem..what should I do? Just go a darker all one color? :(

Hello could u advise me please I pit an ash blonde toner over my hair as it was too brassy but I don't like it it's too ashy could I put a golden blonde toner over it to make it warmer

Hello, I went to the hairdressers this morning to get my hair died, when she washed my hair it turned out way to light so she dyed it again and its still to light can I put another dye in myself

I have strawberry blonde hair and I've been going to Sallys and walmart buying brown dye and everytime I dye it tge brown comes out weeks later I've used special shampoos was it in cold water, don't wash it for a few days bought pre treatment suppose to help keep color in. Nothing is helping please tell me what I can do for my dye to stay in my hair.

So i bleeched my hair blonde 18 days ago and i need to do my roots and i was thinking of buying a blodeing kit from sallys to propperly tone my hair is it a bad idea

I had bright red hair and decided to put brown over it now I want to go back blonde but I don't know how

I went into the salon wanting blonde highlights in my brown hair. The bleach pulled a gold, orange, copper color. So she tried again and the hair came out the same. So then she put a toner on and my hair and it still looked like a hot mess. I was in there 5 hours. I paid her full price with tip. I told her the next after looking through my hair, that I didn't like it. I went back and she tried again and the same awful color pulled. So she put a dark toner all over my hair, this took 3.5 hours. Once I got home, I looked through my hair and it looks horrible, it's copper and brassy looking. I let her know. I'm going to see her again. Should I feel obligated to pay? She's fixing her mess for the 3rd time. I would go to someone else if I had the money; but I don't. Any advice?

Hey, My natural hair color is a dark brown but I have been a really light blonde for almost 2 years. I wanted to get a different shade of blonde and I showed my hair dresser pictures. She said she understood and we did balayage. Next she toned my hair. She said that I want a goldy blonde. Next thing you know after washing it, it looks the same. So I told her want to go a little bit darker but stilll blonde just different shade. After toning this time, its too dark now.. its like brown blonde which i hate. She advised that we cant bleach because of previous damage and to be safe. How can I make it lighter?? I like ash/beige blondes etc

I went to my hairdresser@ the salon to get my hair dyed. She used the same color as she has the past 2 times but now my hair is brown instead of red. It was left on the same amount of time as it usually is. How could this happen?

Ok I was copper blonde used box dye to golden light brown my roots look great but ends turned grey I guess from being bleached if I use a darker brown will it take how do I fix it

I have naturally red hair. As I've gotten older I've gotten some gray. I turned to the local beauty supply store for help. Asked about covering gray and did what they advised. Their strawberry blonde turned out bright dark red! I'm so distraught and looking for fixes. I don't know what to do. Can you give me some advise?

I am blonde, I decided to get some reddish purple lowlights in my hair, and when she washed it out it faded to my blonde and now my blonde is pink, she washed my hair until my scalp is swore, how can I get the pink tint off my blonde?

I originally had black hair with tons of blonde highlights. I wanted to go blonde all over but ended up with orange hair and patched of bright bright blonde. Could I dye it red should I dyed it all black? Please help

OK so my hairdresser , without my knowledge or approval cut super short layers all over my long hair. She also left roots untouched sporadically throguuhout my hair. What am I supposed to do wig that? And that's just the beginning. Color is wrong. Afraid to dye again bc of condition of hair

I have a natural level 6 (based off of goldwell) I went a 5BG and the swatch didn't have much of any red in it but I ended up a Red brown and I hate it. My natural contributing pigment is light orange so I should have mixed in ash or natural but I didn't. I like the level but not the red. How do I get out the red or cover it up?

Hi ok so my question is how do I avoid hot red roots? Im naturally dark to medium brown and I have dyed hair that is in the red tones but still dark and it has grown out about 2 inches maybe less . so my roots are my natural color and a bit lighter then the rest of my hair. so I want to go even redder this time but my roots always look so much brighter than the rest. Not cute. How can I avoid this & still dye my hair a brighter (but not to bright ) red? I also have some grays in my natural color that's grown out so covering them is a must without having brassy orange or hot roots . Please help me thank you 😃👍🏻

I went to a hair dresser , has dyed myhair 5 years. I have strong gray hair. I like it to be brown occasionally with highlights. After doing this my hair turned red forom roots to 5 inches the rest took the brown . To fix it we had to color it twice more using ash. It is so dark im embarrassed to be seen . What can i do so this doesnt happen again.

My hair is naturally dark brown and this stylist made it red when I asked for caramel highlights. I'm freaking fuming mad. Don't want to wait days to have it fixed. What can I do?

Hi so i just put a colour striper through n it had a buffer so i could dye it again straight away but it had gone a bronzy copper colour willit b ok to put my blonding kit through or will it go a worse colour?

Oh the box did say itl turn it bronzy but uea just wondering if blonding kit b ok

I recently dyed my hair black, and my natural hair color is blonde. One of my friends put some toner in it and its done gotten a little lighter like brown. I want blonde and brown highlights. What do I need to get to do the highlights?

My hair is naturally a dark blonde, so why do my roots come through black after bleaching?

hi i am wondering how my light brown hair would look if i dyed half of it a light blue I was also wondering how much one color costs

I am a natural brunette. But I have had reddish hair for a few months now. And I wanted to go more of a purple tent so I put a dark burgandy that had a purple tent to it last night and I now have black hair. I need help. I look like a ghost :(

Hi i went to the salon friday and had my hair bleach bathed to try go back to my natural colour which is an auburn ginger! About an inch from my roots is very bright i just feel he didn't tone it down enough and now iv washed my hair its even worse! Like bright orange what can i do iv looked up everything people saying try purple shampoo and blue food coloring which iv tried and nothing is working! So unhappy i paid for this dont want to go back feel he will make more of a mess! Please help me I have a wedding to go to Tuesday and i cant go with bright orange hair! X

I have blond hair and dark brown roots. I want to add a Carmel color without turning my hair red. I last used nice&easy 9.5 natural light blond and ended with a light strawberry tone. Any suggestions

My hair is currently a dark brown colour but I want to have my roots a dark colour then go like a dark blonde from the dark bits after my Roots. Do you know roughly how much this would cost?

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If I apply silver hair product to black hair will it look like a dark grey charcoal color??

Will a gold base neutralize pink hair ? I heard that if you dye pink hair with a gold base due it will turn it copper and from there it can be toned. Is that true?

I dyed my hair brown and got black streeks how do I get rid of them

I colored my hair a medium bronze brown and it looks orange I know I should of used an ash but I broke my foot and could not shop around. Anyway I bought a light ash brown can I use that the next day I don't use shampoo often and am aware that coloring your hair is not healthy. I usually use root kits. But I can't live with this orange. I would go to saloon but am out of work because of injury. Please help!

I just got my hair done two days ago... I wanted all over blonde vs the same old partial foils. I like the color however I can't get used to the really blonde roots. I feel like an albino. Does this eventually go away?

Hi I put a sunkiss gel in my hair and it went abut ginger. So I went to the hairdressers and got it highlighted to break up the colour but I'm still not happy with it. My original colour was a dark/dirty blonde and j really want it back what shall I do?

Hi ok I died my hair a burghany purple and it came out almost black I need to get my hair dirty blonde again before school I have 6 days left and I tried a ash blonde but it didn't work pls help me.

hi I have got a blonde ombre on my dirty blonde hair I havnt dyed my root I was just wondering if I went light brown when it grows out will it be like my natural hair colour

oh and I got it done in a hairdressers

sorry forgot to mention my hair is like butt length and I don't want to damage my hair

I wouldn't get it until all the ombre is grown out anyway

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Hi, i d like to know if there is any way possible to tone down my all over copper without ruining my platinum highlights. My natural color is dirty blonde with reddish undertones.I was looking for an all over color as close to my natural color as possible.

I have natural blonde hair but recently for the summer I did the bottom of it pink now I'm going back to school and need it out in 2 days , I hoped it would come out by now but it's still there but faded please I need help !

I have pink hair I'm bleaching it now don't think I put enough can I bleach again in the morning

I had highlights in my hair and I decided that I would go all blonde so I did a bleach bath and my hair came out completely blonde and it was brassy and yellow so I went to sallys and I picked out a ash hair dye to dye over it. It came out purple and grey in some areas and green brown in others what should I do ?

Hi I've died my hair red for years now I'm sick of this colour now and fancy a change I want my hair back to my natural colour in a brunette then dip dyed at the ends a caramel colour would a hairdresser be able to do that with the red in my hair Ihhaven'tdied it red for a few months now ? X

I ombre'd' my hair with bleach and it turned out strawberry blonde but I wanted more of a darker colour, like a light brown? How do I fix this? Thanks

Hi! I have a question. I got my hair dyed and the hair dresser had no listening skills. I ended up with what i didnt want. So now I want to know how i can go from bleached highlights with a dyed base and roots pooing out all the same color. Not my roots one color the base another and highlights another. How can i achive this?

Thank you!

OK so I have light golden brown hair with red / orange undertones. I have alot of blonde grown out highlights and I want to go redviolet all over as light as possible without looking dark. How can I achieve this?

okay, I want a change. I have died my hair twice ever, and have not had a trim for 6 years!! My hair is a light brown, but I would like to go pastel pink (I really meant a change) and I'm open minded, but I want what's best for my hair. Prefferebly would like to stay away from bleaching it. I spent 6 years to get it to my dream length and I wouldn't want to damage it all now considering I take fairly good care of my hair so please fill me in on what I need to know, and what I can do?

I made a huge mistake and had a salon bleach my extremely dark brown hair platinum blond that turned out very yellowy. The yellow color has toned down a lot now that it's been maybe 4 months. I did not go back to have my roots touched up because my hair did NOT like the bleach and now gets dry really fast and is no longer soft after about a day after washing it. I want to grow my natural hair out without cutting it all off but I don't want a two toned mess. PLEASE HELP!

I dip died my hair blonde but my dark brown hair has turned orange!! I want to get my brown hair back again,what type of dye do I have to use and would it work??

I have short dark brown hair and recently had it streaked blonde. At the back (where it is the shortest) it is very spotty. Is this a professional result? If so, when it is streaked again will it look less spotty and more natural?
Thank you in advance for your advice.
Regards, Megan.

I have very light golden blonde hair I'm currently living on a very small island where it has been difficult to get blonde to cover my roots I've found also that with the sun my hair was getting really light , after visiting a hairdresser I asked for some darker tones through my hair just to break up the lightness of my hair , she put a number 5 ash brown on my hair !! It looked grey I washed it and the colour ran into my hair !! I've put a gold blonde 8 over it but my hair looks awful ! It's so dark ! And can't even describe the colour it's gone how can I get back to my nice golden blonde hope you can help me !

I had recently lightened my hair and now I have Brown spots in my hair. I was wondering what can I do to fix this mess

Hi, I got my hair coloured about 4 weeks ago and it wasn't exactly what i wanted. I asked for a brown tone with some blonde highlights. I ended up getting burgundy with light blonde streaks. So I decided to dye my hair back to blonde last night and unfortunately it turned my hair a reddish brown colour with blonde roots. Clearly, I should've just wen to the salon to dye it back to my natural blonde. I'm really embarrassed that I didn't go to them for help before last night. Is there any way to fix it? And if so do you know how much it would cost? I just want my natural blonde hair back. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

if i want to dye my hair brown with ombre highlights should i do them both at once?

HI! My g/fa only dyed my roots (6W Wella) and not the rest of my hair so now all my roots are a caramel color which is what I wanted, and the rest of my hair is blonde. Can I dye the rest of my hair myself without touching the roots?

i have naturally mousy brown, I dyed my hair black for years, went to the hair dressers they ******** it, and put bright red in, I haven't had my hair dyed red for about 7 months, and have been washing hair with head and shoulders, to remove the pigment, it went like an orange colour, I wanted to go like a dark blonde/ mousy, but panic bought a 28 wash out hair dye -BLACK CHERRY, as was scared and wanted the Orange gone, now I've messed up all that hard wrk washing out pigment etc, for all that time, how will I get to dark blonde mousy? Please help me!! X

Hey! I have had some crazy hair troubles lately! I am naturally a pretty light brunette, but about a year and a half ago I went blonde. I went through many shades before I found the one I love the most N9, I bleach and colo my hair myself. A few months ago I ran out of bleach and picked up some at the store, they didn't have what I usually used and the one I bought DESTROYED MY HAIR and I had to cut most of it off, and now it has grown out quite a bit and is back to it's healthy self. I still wanted to stay blonde so I have been paying a hairdresser to do it for me now, however she always leaves me with this horrible **** yellow-white color and with summer coming up I want to return to a more honey-platinum color. She usually bleaches it and then tones it whenever I ask her to do it darker she says it will cost me up of $180. I am a student, and as someone who used to do it herself I just know it's not worth it. I'm wondering what my best plan of action is-- should I buy a toner and tone it all darker myself, using a shade called something like champagne, or should I use a box dye with the color I am looking for? Or should I leave it alone and hate it?

So I have naturally ginger hair and I put a copper hair dye in it but it didn't quite take in the ends if I use a copper Tibet will it help me?🙈

Hi. I have naturally med. brown hair. I've had blonde highlights for about 9 months. I used 4R Argan from Sally's and it turned out way too red! Then, I put 5A med. ash brown from Natural Insincts over that. My root area is fucsia. Now, I'm ready to put Ion 6N Natural Dk. Blonde over that...

I naturally have dirty blond hair. I dyed my hair dark brown back in December using a temp dye (natural instincts) I let it fair out and then I decided to go blonde for the summer. I used a permanent dye this time, but after going blond I realized it was not the colour for me. The colour was horrible. So after a week I dyed it using temp again back to dark brown. However after a few days I can see the blonde roots coming through .... Not my natural dirty blonde, the ugly blonde I dyed it before :/ what should I do

I have naturally red hair, almost a strawberry blonde. I dyed my hair a dark auburn almost burgundy color a few months ago. It was actually feria in red velvet. My roots grew out so I needed to re-dyed it. But I used natural instincts this time instead. It was a brighter red. So I re-dyed it and it's pretty but my roots turned out a bright red/Orange. How can I get my roots the same color as the rest of my hair? Please help! Thank you.

Hi,I'm bleached blonde with 2inch light Mousey ash brown re growth a colour which doesn't suit my complexion at all making me look tired and sick,.will dying my hair a dark chocolate brown all over have a different effect on my bleached ends leaving my re growth a different colour?I've had to cancel 2 hair appointments already (stay at home mum)n now I'm just desperate to look more fresh n to get rid of re growth. Please help will covering it all over have a different effect???

I am a natural brunette. I got blonde foils all throughout my hair in February and then again in March. In April I decided I wanted to go platinum blonde so I got my full head bleached in April. It turned out to be a golden blonde. My next hair apt is the end of May and I was wondering if my hairdresser will be able to take my hair from golden blonde straight to platinum blonde? If she can what process would she take? Would it require another full bleaching or just a platinum dye and tone?

I had blonde hair then I dyed it dark blue will it go light brown xx

I dyed my hair lavender my hair was pretty blond before except for my golden and light brown streaks some of it came out lavender but you can still see the streaks of the brassy or brown should I re dye it I want it more pastel

3 days ago I dyed my hair from black to like a sandy brown color using textured tones 6c and 5c by Clairol. The color is way too light and I have an audition in 3 weeks. I want to go to a darker shade of black cherry with a magnets hue and I was wondering what should I use to achieve that color before my audition. My hair is healthy and is still in a good condition. Should I use Demi permanent dye or permanent dye?

If I have natural blond hair can I put honey blond on with low lights rich caramel and high lights white blond or will this look silly

I currently have brown hair (my natural shade) but I have had my hair highlighted many times before so the highlights are beginning to shine through. I would like to dye my hair a deep red all over (by my hairdresser), but is that possible/not too difficult? Will my hairdresser be put out by this request, or is it reasonable? If it is possible/reasonable, what would I call this dye job when asking about it?

I recently got my hair colored ( a high ombre) and it is two different colors! The top is sort of a golden blonde and the bottom is like a ash, grey with a shade of blue! Im soo disappointed and scared to go back to the salon. Also considering the fact that I cannot afford another hair dye:(. What should I do?

Hi. Im naturally blonde but died my hair dark in the winter. I want to go back blonde for the summer. My hair is now a very light shade of brown and my hairdresser said she'll use the cap to get it blonde.

My question is. Is that not gone out with the floods ? and will it be bright blonde first go ? 😊

I'm thinking of dyeing my tips a lavender shade. Once it fades what do I do if I don't want it anymore? I'm not sure how I feel about dyeing my whole head.. I have medium brown hair with blonde highlights

I have strawberry blonde hair with bleach blonde highlights. I recently had highlights out in again and it looks awesome, except I decided I wanted a couple blue peekaboos. The blue ran into my gorgeous blonde hair making it look green. My hair dresser did a bleach bath on it and the green faded a lot but I have grad photos next week and there is still too much turquoise colour in my hair. How else can I lighten the unwanted colour?

I have dark brown hair and have recently had caramel highlights at the ends of my hair. I hate it! How do I get it back to all brown again?