I know what it's like to be depressed. I am depressed. I'm only 14 but I have to see a counselor.

I have an uncaring family. I don't live with my Dad. I live with my mom and brother. I'm in high school. I hate my family, I hate my life. I want it all to END.

Ways to help are to find distractions. For me it's reading, writing, writing poetry, listening to music, friends, and sleeping. Though it seems like I'm starting to get insomnia. It's really hard for me to sleep at night.


AliceRavenofDreams AliceRavenofDreams
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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Depression huh not a stranger to me thats a tuff one but i tell you this and you can do whatch like but phsychiatrists counselors shrinks anyone that claims diagnosing a personality within an hour somethings wrong. where im going with this is that deppresion is not a sickness dispite the doctors and commericials its an emotion . now people will dipute this by saying that it is caused by a chemical imbalence in the brain and there right but the same effect will take place in the brain if you are extremly angry or extremly happy so if you are already on meds talk to your doctor about getting off and if your not then please please dont start (im sure i know how you feel and im sorry it is painfull)