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My life is okay and no I hate being alone.

Well theologian I believe that we do it because we're afraid of what will happen if we show our dark side. I'm not one to do that i have a dark side and am not afraid to show it. Why do you think we do it?

hmm - ok <br />
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in my experience - most people pretend they don't have a dark side - they repress all inner evil - and make themselves believe that they are incapable of doing wrong.<br />
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but when we push something down, it just grows and grows until it can come up again -stronger than before I think. <br />
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so why do we do it?

oh, an interesting beautiful name.

to shannonmeduh: Leifricko is my name Lei Fricko.<br />
To theologian: I'm not sure how many religions there are.<br />
If a therapist really wanted to help people then no they shouldn't charge.<br />
And the final question I'm going to need you to rephrase cause I think I understand but am not sure i totally understand.

how many religion are in the world?<br />
<br />
should therapists charge for their services?<br />
<br />
why do we repress our dark sides when everything repressed just gains power?

What does LeiFricko mean?