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Paper? seriously?are you kidding me?, I'm not in japan, I know this is 21st century, but come on!! not all people have money for a palm =/<br />
Ok respect that second part of your statement, never ever in my life, I heard about that guy or the song, probably, I'll never go deeper, in fact, it would be so boring, that I could drop it in asecond...<br />
I guess you talk about conservatories, because, musical programs, come on, the best program in the best musical school, is all about techno, how to make an appropiate armonic sound wave, to avoid destructive interference between corresponding wavelenghts, in this case we would call it distortion, in other words, they teach how to make, andrefine and perfect the music... IT DOEN'T BOTHERS ME AT ALL

Well the thing that you said that probably impressed me the most is that you still write on paper aswell. I figured everyone just writes types on thier computor no adays. <br />
<br />
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I'll have to look intot that movie you mentioned. Believe me, most people from my generation are familiar with classical music only because of old Bug's Bunny cartoon's. "KILL THE WABBIT, KILL THE WABBIT" That was sung to the melody of Richard Vaugners "Flight of the Valkyires" He is one composer you should find interesting as he was also a meglomaniac.<br />
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Didgerieo or something like that is the Australian instrument you were thinking of. Everyone mentions that when I bring this up along with some computor program thing as you also mentioned. I hope you're wrong. Back in the 80's music got way too technical and in the 90's we started realising it. This resulted in all the current and past artist starting the "Unpluged" idea. Basically they realised that technology went way too far with music and we realised that we need to get back to the basics. Along with the Unplugged movent there was also the "Save the Music" movement. Music education became practically obsolete in schools in the 80's and 90's. That has since changed, so much to the point that Universities have seen a huge increase in there enrolloments for thier music prograhms. So I think that you are on to something there, but I also see a new historical era of music to come, much like the one that happened between the 1940's and 1970's. The only problem is how it will be marketed<br />
<br />

Ok pal,firstly non taken, too offended? Oh my god, should it offend me at all? I do know my writing skills suck!!some may expect, that when you say that, I'll mindlessly spam swerings at you, like a fool, to only feed your oversized ego, then you'll say: another retarded how clever am I?, right? - No offenses it's an average example, of the "complex mind" of the megalomaniac internet retard that thinks, knows everything because he spends 18 hours a day on wikipedia, while the teenage dork spends those 18 hours smoking and drinking, and the rest of the day on writing skills do suck [In virtual media, don't think I write like this on paper, come on!!] , because I'm a messenger kid,and I'm 16, don't expect me to be so cult,I do have a social calendar [Of course of stupid teenage plans with friends that spend most of their time with a world class hangover, but I love them, cause I'm a teenager, right?, should I care?not really!!]now thanks to you, shall god bless you,just for you, I'll take my time to see what I'm writing ok?let's got to the question, right?firstly I will say something to you, keep the secret, Oh my gosh this a public web, oh god wathever it won't hurt at all xD, I didn't know all those things about classic music, I've heard pachelbel's cannon in D major, and Bach's Air on the G String, great pieces, soothing music, they put my soul, right where it belongs, but may I tell you, I listend to them, because I listened to them on the Evangelion:Death&Rebirth Movie, and in the End Of Evangelion, if it were for myself, I would never EVER! listened that music, I don't know, from what century are they, and everything else, It doesn't bothers me at all, I just don't mind at all!!so moving forward, have you ever heard? of the pc.generated music?, the new composition systems, Musical logaritms, now your hands just type in some data, then infinite secuences of 101010001's, are processed to create a wave, with an specifical wavelenght called sound right?eletronic music no matter what nature it is, by this I mean the genre, will be the prompt substitute to all instruments, you can make a symphony with garageband, now!!, don't come saying that the new trend will be, playing especific ethnic instruments, cause I would never imagine a band of punk playing with, wathever it's called that instrument, that was created by Australian indigenous people from the outback, Synths, and samplers will be the new trends in composition, since the musical logarythm was introduced, slowly but safely, music will fall in a sea of numbers, this is my point of view, and I accept constructive criticism, ie. your opinion, not destructive chit-chat, so don't come saying, you are a total douchebag!!, hope it's clear Will you allow me, to at least say one mindless teenage expresion? May I? I will<br />

Well....Not really having a formal education exceeding my freashman year of highschool, I am reluctant to comment on your writing skills. I will say that after reading your answer a couple of times(slowly) I think I may have gotten th jist of your answer. <br />
<br />
I think that you are saying that though the musicians will allways have a deep apreciation for the classics, it will moslty likely have no effect on the common listener of todays youth??? I'd moslt likly agree with you, but then again we haven't heard Jimmy's songs yet????.<br />
<br />
btw...I do believe that there is more to your intelect than your writing skills represent, so do not be too offended by my commenting on it.<br />
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My own belief is that we are still waiting for the next and new instrument. Every century has one. The guitar was the instrument of the 20th century - before that it was the piano, then the violin, harpsicord. this can definatly be argued in its specific, but you get my point? Basically each century had a new instrument that inspired a whole new wave of music, culture and creativity. So my next question for you is (if you care to) What will be the next instrument?

c man.<br />
indie and mainstream clash has been reignited<br />
by the rising to mainstream by indie bands shooted to the stars by indie records<br />
it's ok I admmit it,<br />
our indie scene music, is redeemed by the lyric and the feeling,<br />
the music 3 out of 5<br />
the big ones, the classics, just lost their pop, because they r that classic<br />
but if it weren't 4 them, probably, we would not be here discussing<br />
about the .core underground scene,<br />
about american produces 4 fash misfits, eh right?<br />
Jimmy Hendrix was a guitar Hero<br />
and maybe it's true, young listeners, wouldn't care at all<br />
but most of the bands we listen have admited inspiration from the classics<br />
Hawthorne said [Begore casey died], that they draw most of their style from Nirvana and rolling stones,<br />
so the thing that musically, the today bands draw their style mixing the today style, with musical not a all pragmatic ability of the real, crowned guitar gods<br />
they musicians keep listening the classics always<br />
but we the young listeners wouldn't care at all<br />
sry, it's stupid I know, but the truth is the truth,<br />
today is the legacy of yesterday<br />

What kind of effect do you think that the new releases of Jimmy Hendrix will have on todays youth? Will it reignite the an audience for the Guitar Gods?

The fewer the harder? would it help if I say Auf wieddersen and go away, I guess not, Misha Misha XD piece of cake Kawaii (L) <br />
ok mr.whoever u r<br />
breathe carolina<br />
TDWP<br />
Dance Gavin Dance<br />
would it help if you see my screenname? => guess what yes ¬¬ [Tsugoi Tsugoi] <br />
Crystal Castles<br />
The rocket summer<br />
Just surrender<br />
Scary kids scaring kids<br />
Asking Alexandria<br />
Enter Shikari<br />
ETF<br />
BTF<br />
why not Alesana eh? that man got the voice, not the word, the voice oh Tsugoi (L)<br />
ASKL<br />
Is it 10 let me know if It's not, I'm wether to tired or too lazy too look back, this TB is quite small<br />
How should I continue, Michi's tyard counts?<br />
I guess not if we r the venue, some say mainstream killed the indie star, well we make them survive, riot radio sucks, that's why, michi's yard's there right?<br />
Candy Factory<br />
Mash Theather<br />
Union Hill<br />
Metro Theather<br />
why not the rock house, too mainstream, however it's tsugoi (l)<br />
Tokyopop No.3, it's nice too, too colorful, but the space's great, great sound<br />
Japan's best in brighton<br />
guess those are the ones I go Always, from sun to sun every weekend<br />
Java cafe's doesn't counts Mr.Mac, so **** off<br />
It's free I promised,<br />
now TTYL

Okay Scenester :)<br />
The fewer the harder so I'll ask - 10 favorite bands/musicians<br />
& describe the venue you go to most frequently to see shows.