I Am Open Minded, Honest, And Know Lots Of Things, Some Of Them Even Useful!

I am lots of things =D

I've been told I'm a gifted psychic.... but I realized I don't like the media or tons of attention so I'm anonymous on here, haha. And I do not always get everything right, nobody does. But I can try. I also try to show others how to develop their own gifts.

I'm an ex- wife... but I'm also someone's girlfriend. So I can totally relate to all the pain and stuff that happens when divorce rears its ugly head. But hey, sometimes, even though its crappy to start, its a good thing in the end. Oh and my boyfriend is super kinky, so feel free to ask me even the weirdest questions ;)

I'm a businesswoman. I run a successful business from my home, and I'm in the health and wellness industry. If you want tips on how to live a healthier life, here I am!

I'm also a natural health enthusiast. I went to school to learn about all kinds of cool stuff like aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and natural supplements. I don't have a degree yet, so I can't give any "official" advise, but feel free to pick my brain.

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Teaching someone how to use their own gifts is tricky. I believe we all have the same talents, some of us just need a bit of help getting there. I start by asking the same thing every time, have you ever had deja vu, seen/ heard spirits, know who's calling before the phone rings? If the answer is no to all of the above, it can take a lot of work.... but it's still possible. If one has had even a couple experiences, then its a little easier. It depends on the individual, and I coach them the best I can.

Roger Learner- I will send you a PM shortly :)

lookn327- I'd say I'm right about 80% of the time? I remember when I was volunteering with a paranormal group several years ago, we visited an old mansion from the 1900's where a famous murder took place. One of the team leaders asked aloud, "________, who killed you?" And the something happened, it sounded like a woman whispering in my ear, so I answered with a name. We were recording, and I spoke out of turn, and seeing I had only been with the group a week, it was dismissed. I did my own research, however. The name mentioned wasn't a common one, and this person did live in the city at the time, and from what I have found so far, was also in the right social class to have even socialized with the owners of the mansion..... my research continues. A curious fact is that even though this murder took place almost a century ago in Canada, Scotland Yard handled the case, and it's still open...<br />
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I am an independent consultant with Nikken. They're a health and wellness company celebrating their 35th year in business :) We have organic and natural vitamins and supplements, unique sleep systems, the best air and water filtering products I have ever come across, as well as magnetic and fitness products. I think their products as ten times as good as they say they are:) and the quality is amazing! They really know what they're doing, there's tons of product videos and research on the site you can watch and read, enjoy! I don't have a personal website up yet, but please visit the website, feel free to ask me any questions about the products, and if you're interested, I can help with a discount ;)<br />
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Love and money psychics are BS and scam artists out to make a buck. Well that's my opinion anyways. It's against my personal beliefs to accept money for sharing my gifts and knowledge. I have worked with paranormal groups in the past as a medium/ channel, like I said above tho, I'm not always right, so I won't be helping local police anytime soon. When I do read about a missing person, murder, or other unsolved crime, I write down my insights and wait for the news to confirm my accuracy. No use in giving people hope if I'm wrong. Not sure what the names are for what I do... I can visit a specific location or a picture will do... (black and white pictures don't work for some reason)and tell you what happened there at one point in time, I can use the tarot (but its like a walking stick) to do the odd reading, and every dream that I remember happens exactly as I saw it. I used to practice on those free meetup phone chat lines, and tell complete strangers lots of neat stuff I shouldn't have known (with permission)... not so much of that anymore.