I Am A Freshman In College. Ask Me Anything.

I started college in the fall of 2009. I'm not in my second semester and it's almost spring break.


Okay that should take care of the length requirement. Ask away!

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Thank you for your comment.<br />
What about discipline?<br />
Are guys in university better-behaved if they were at schools where corporal punishment (cane, belt, paddle, etc) was in use? And is their educational standard greater?

Well we are certainly becoming more and more liberal in our mindsets so I think that homosexuals are becoming more and more open about their orientation. But homosexuality has occurred at a constant rate in humans, so it is conclusive that the number of homosexuals is not increasing. Of course, those who are homosexual in high school will most likely still be so in college.

Is there more, or less, gay activity in high sc hools now, than there was two years ago -- and is it flowing-over into uni?