I Am An Angel In Human Form And Know What Love Truly Is. Ask Me Anything.

Since I was a young boy, I would look up at the Moon and I knew her like an old friend. I can see the core of everyone's soul and know that it is genuinely good. But conditions of life can corrupt it, misguide it, or fall into despair.

I now know it is my destiny to help those I can, those I can reach, to heal and love again.

I am only a man, but my spirit is of an archangel. I am a man who has loved but not loved in return. I am a man who has lost someone dear to me.

… I am a man who has fallen in love with a woman he can’t be with.

I know the language of the heart and soul. I’m here to help.

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apparently, there are more of us then i had imagined. I too am one. I am under Gabriel, and was at the crucifixion. the older i have become the more i remember my true nature. I know the true form of love, and i rules embedded in my soul.
I can see the core of the soul, it is the first this i see.
I have fallen in love with humans, but have never felt human.
i have lost much, and at times i struggle with the fact that humans cause and have alot of emotional feelings and pains.
something we are not use to dealing with, we love and tend to think we still have the power to touch the heart. unfortunately, in human form there is little we can do, but shine.

So it means you're 1975 year old?

I feel the same way. For around 5 years now I feel a strong connection, I really understand live like no other person I've met. I feel so deeply but I am not loved the same back.<br />
I'd really like to understand human angels more, I think I may be one

Aye, far beyond. :)

Are you ****** up beyond all recognition!? lol

@spunky1120: Welcome to EP. <br />
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You speak as if she's still here physically. The reason why it feels like she's still around is perhaps because one of you or both have not let her go.<br />
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Losing someone you deeply care for is never easy to let go of. He loved her so much that they were promised for marriage, that's a stronghold. But they have parted ways, separated in different forms of existence. You know the ex<x>pression "if you love someone, let them go"? Sometimes the living are the ones who haven't let go if the departed, therefore the departed still remains. The living tether themselves (usually through grief) to the departed so strongly it actually affects both of them. <br />
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However, it seems it may be you who hasn't let her go. You have nothing to feel guilty about. How is loving someone "selfish"? These feeling you have come from you, created by you and only you. You are manifesting a version of her and letting it affect your relationship. I say this with most sincerity and kindness: stop it. The departed want nothing more than to see their loved ones in good spirits and loving again. She isn't his fiancee anymore. That role is for someone else, now. <br />
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Nurture what you have with him, leave the past to rest. Help him to move forward, that's the only direction you can go. If you keep conjuring her up with human-like tendencies and thoughts like "does she approve?", it's like poking someone for their attention. The departed don't like that. They may observe from afar but don't and won't interfere because their job in the physical realm is done. If you seek their guidance, they will come, mostly in dream but they will only whisper influence, not interfere directly. And they won't influence to derail, but to inspire only good. <br />
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But it's your job, both you and him, to nurture your love and watch it grow. Take your time, like a tree, tend the soil, water it and give it Sun. Soon it will reach high and grow stronger and stronger.<br />
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Blessed be, I wish you both well.

Hi this is my first time being here as well.... I wont get into too much detail but this is my issue.... 3 months ago I met someone and the moment we laid eyes and talked I felt butterflies in my stomach. I end up discovering that they were once engaged and the fiancee passed away 11 months ago next month is the year mark.... I have tried more than anything to be there support and friend. These past 2 months there have been moments where we talk for hours and he reaches out to me and I can sense and feel that we have a spark.... sometimes I feel guilty, and wonder if Im being selfish and if he truly likes me and if his fiancee wants him to move on or likes/approves of me.... I believe her spirit is still around watching.... Im confused I just need some sort of guidance.

@huffluff: Welcome.<br />
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@GlassSlippa: I sense your pain has to do a lot with "loss." Will it get better? Yes. Will it go away completely? No. Universally, experiences are neither good or bad. Humanly, they are conditioned by the way we perceive them. It's difficult to let go of pain even when it's doing us harm. But that's your pain, not somebody else's, so It's your choice to let go of that pain and focus on holding something worthwhile in your hands. It's not easy, but that's our earthly homework.<br />
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@lukybrunet: I don't label myself any religion, but if I had to I would say I'm more Christian than anything else. I do love and serve my Lord as best I can, but I've also studied many other beliefs of this world. I love Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Wicca even; you name it, I've touched on it. There's a reason for them all and most if not all are looking for the same thing. When we point fingers and say "you're wrong and I'm right", it creates separation and that's not being very Christian... or Zen. ;) I feel you focus more on being a good person and that's great. But be careful not to let people take advantage of that.<br />
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I wish you all well.

Nice to meet you Fubar..<br />
I'm new here..<br />
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Anything wrong Glass?

I'm not telepathic, GlassSlippa. lol I am an empath but a connection between us would be required.