I'm A Married Woman Whose Husband Wants To See Me Have Sex With A Black Man

I unfortunately allowed a black friend of ours to seduce me at a convention last summer. He and his wife are very good friends of ours. He is 61 ane I am 32. He admitted to his wife that we had sex one night and she told my husband. My husband asked if I enjoyed it and without thinking I said yes. Long story short, now he wants to see why I enjoyed it so much. He wants to pick out black guy and have him do me in front of him at a motel like James did me that night. I don't want to. If anyone here has had similar experience I would like feedback. positive or negative. Please don't be bashful!

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My ex wife has black men friends they are nice, after long time friends they kiss each other of me with respect, I smile and they do a doggy positions, they keep her nice busy all night after left she kiss me all day long and play **** and testicles, while was about to dump my *** in her she squeezed mytesticles hard and I feel so good aboutit, shehas neverdonethat to me befor, she twists the head of my **** , itis good, men take tudn on they not sleep, big and long har d **** satify her

Please add me.

I would like to see my wife shag a black guy with a big ****

Whilst on holiday a couple of years ago, my girlfriend and I made friends with another couple. He was black, tall, and very muscular, and his wife was white and super cute. Over dinner one evening, whilst tipsy, his wife alluded to the fact he was very well hung. A few hours later, and a few drinks later, we were all back at their place, in the tub - but his wife fell asleep. My girlfriend and I started messing around, asking if we could see it. And he said, only if my girlfriend removed her bikini top. So she did! He got it out, and it was very impressive! And he was also blatantly hard! My girlfriend immediately reacted by sitting on top of him...and the two of them started having sex. I was so turned on. It was easily the most exciting experience of my life, and it led to the most incredible passionate sex between us after. A couple of days later, just before they left, my girlfriend sucked his **** in the bathroom. We've never done anything like that before or after, but we're both so glad we did. We talk about it a lot during sex, as you can imagine, and the experience has definitely brought us closer together. It's not for everyone, I agree, but it has certainly worked out well for us.

I know your story was a long time ago, but I hope you made the right decision for both of you.

my wife and i have talked about this for awhile now - but have not gone through with it but i would love for her to. i know she would love it and i would love her more.

My hubby has always wanted it too!! It has always been a huge turn on for both of us!! Have done it with a white man but as they say black is best!! I have no problem with it and our marriage is as strong as ever if not stronger!! I understand though that it can cause problems with jealousy for some people but if u feel secure and trust each other I see no.probs!! I trust my hubby with my life and he does me so we have no probs what so ever!! X

Black on white definitely plays a part!!x

Would adore you were my wife darling!

I have always had this Fantasy but never told anyone! I finally told my wife one night and she didn't make me feel like I was weird but definitely blew the idea off. Months later several friends went out and afterwards they all came over to swim. Well all of us ended up naked and my best friend, who is black started eating my wife out as she was sitting at the edge of the pool. I was shocked and super turned on. After everyone left my wife and I had crazy sex for hours!! Seeing how turned on this made me she agreed to try having sex with my friend. We have done it twice now and it has made our sex life unbelievable!! Now we have no trust issues and are honest about our feelings so if that is a problem I don't recommend this. If you have that trust go for it!! Its my top sexual experience in my life!! Even more than having two woman at the same time!!

Totally agree xx

would so love you were my bolowed wife! To kiss and to **** sloppy seconds your ******, *** filled holes by your black lovers would give we both the most exquisite emotions!

Did you do it?

I love the idea of a guy ******* my lovely wife while I watch ,but no she has stopped sex with me not remotely interested ,but just lately she through Facebook got in touch with a female friend from years ago ,and they went out together ,now she is chatting to an old male friend ,and asked me if she can go see him one night for a cup of tea with him at his flat ,seems odd as she would not go anywhere before without me ,and she shields the ipad from me . Any thoughts on this please ,on this site or to blue.steel1@icloud.com . Don't get me wrong I find it strangely sexy ,and I get a massive erection when she talks about visiting .

I like the fact that you can talk about your sex life an be open about it maybe I can get a chance to **** u if im that lucky guy

If u want to have some fun get at me bmaxwell385@gmail

I think that that is very sexy and will strengthen your marriage. Denying your husband will only lead to problems and will alienate him from you. Obviously you enjoyed the experience with the older black man.
Tell him what you liked about your black friend. Having a black man meet with you and your husband at a motel will be great fun and fulfill you both!

I have read all of your questions and answers and note the last entry was several months ago. First, did you do it? And, if yes did you enjoy it? Please give us the details.
Second, did he want you to do black or big? Third, did he or does he want to select your stud? What size did he get you or does he plan for you to take? Forth, could you handle his size without problem or how much do you think you could do? If you **** another stud would you select him or how hansom he is or large he is. If you are not comfortable answering these questions in public please answer at wanturmail@gmail.com.

Actually, I'd just like to **** you.

I'd want to watch you sucking your dad's ****.

Beth sweetie since you have had a black man **** you already and both your husband and his wife know you had his black **** in your white ***** and you admitted to hubby you liked it maybe you should talk to the black friend and maybe his wife and the four of you could get together and have hubby watch as James ***** you again maybe his wife might want to try and see what it is like to **** a white guy and you could share each others spouses.

Beth, do you feel more fulfilled now as a woman and lover? or would you change your history if you could?

My husband and I have very good sex, but he knows what gets me to *** so hot and fast--he whispers to me that black men are looking at me, touching me, doing me. Well that just does so hot and hard. We have made love like this for 10 years now. So what's the problem? He wants to make this a "real part of our love life." I am not sure about that. I enjoy what we call "the other world" but I am not sure about making it reality. I want to please him of course, but ...

So what is the rest of the story. Were you able to continue seeking black men so that your husband could watch or did you see them solo? or did you pursue a different path?

hi beth I am mixed race male that *********** regularly watching interracial ****
Well if your husband wants to watch you, and its a turn on for you both why not. What I don't like is if they start meeting secretly. Your husband should ********** while he is watching you, but caution about stds. Perhaps you can post a video online to view so we can enjoy our ************ periods

I had a girlfriend that I let **** one of my black friends . She said it was okay but the same. We had just moved in together. Another buddy said he saw my friend leaving my apartment while I was at work.
I ask my girlfriend if she had anyone over. She said no so I dropped it. About a week later I came home early and she was ******* him and wanted me out. We finally talked and she said she could never go back. So I don't know if I could go though that again.
But I think about it.

Honey, Get that black ****. He wants to breed a white woman. Let him breed you Dont tell hubby.

The problem is I let the black man **** me already

Has he bred you yet?

Since you let the black friend seduce you and have sex with you and also told hubby you liked it why don't you want to do it again and let hubby watch. ?
Any particular reason why not.?

I don't feel comfortable with him watching another man **** me, black or any color.

Understandable, not everybody is comfortable being watched while being ****** by someone else. . . Are you getting more at ease being ****** by other than hubby and telling hubby about it after.?

I haven't been with another black man.

You mentioned not having been with another black man does that mean you have been with one or more white man since.

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You answered yourself "I don't want to" says you or your husband should not. The fact that he has not communicated enough to you to be willing to just feel out the possibility or meeting is a reflection of your relationship and needs more time. It could truly be awesome for both BUT it will FAIL to be if you both are not ready. I can tell you this planning the first "outing" rarely goes correct. You can't force this I promise. The best way is for it to be spontaneous and when it's right it will be right. You can every now and then plan a party or whatever with prospects. But don't have a mind set of doing it. But that's not even close to a step you can take until you both communicate and bring understanding that brings you both security. Know boundaries and expectations first when you find yourself ready.

He is a lot calmer now, but asks for specifics of the experience from time to time to time and I tell him almost all.

That sounds like you are doing alright hubby is getting to hear your experiences which is not what he wanted but should fill some of his desire to know you are sexually pleased by someone else.

Things are more calmer now.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a consenting married couple inviting black guys into the marital bedroom to pleasure the wife. Providing that everyone is in full agreement and understand the situation, where is the harm ? As a woman, you need to be excited by it for yourself and not just trying to please your husband, so take your time and really think it over.

Trev and I are both white, have been married now for 21 years, we still love each other deeply and are still very together as a couple. He is my complete soul mate and just the most loving, considerate, understanding person that I have ever met.

We have also been proud members of the so-called hotwife lifestyle for the last 4 years and for us, my having sex with select black guys has been a roaring success. As a direct result, we are both happier now, we love each other more, we have shared some truly amazing experiences and just live a more open & complete life together. We actually believe that “hotwifing” has been the secret to our own marital success and has kept our maturing marriage so strong. The success or failure depends on the strength of your marital relationship and the various motivations behind the whole thing.

Firstly, you must love each other deeply and only be looking to enhance your sex-life as an improvement to your marriage not as a replacement for something missing. A white wife having sex with black guys will not fix a failing marriage but when handled correctly it can transform an already good marriage into something really special.

Secondly, you must not be in a rush, invest the time to discuss everything in great detail beforehand and resolve any issues, jealousy or feelings of insecurity. Then lay down some detailed ground rules regarding what is Ok and what is not, try to share in all of the action and keep evaluating your progress as you go. Like many things with relationships, the real secret to this potentially exciting lifestyle is full and open communication between husband and wife which unfortunately is often lacking.

If you talk it over with your husband you may decide to give it a try.

I am not interested in this life style although I know he has cheated most of our marriage.

Beth, You say you are not interested in this lifestyle but are doing it to keep hubby happy by him knowing you are doing it for him I asume then, but you mentioned you had enjoyed it the first time James took you to bed, and are you still enjoying it when goung to bed with a Lover black or white.?


Are you sure hubby has cheated on you in the past, how can you be sure.?

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One thing I left out in last post. His asking may very well be sincere. It also is a coping mechanism for a lot of people. Ask him this Were you surprised when you found out about my fling that you were also excited and felt a love for me that I am looking for in my questioning of your request? Are you wanting to genuinely improve, strengthen, and excite are lives? Or are you still in the "stuck" phase of coping and trying to do something to erase a feeling of hurt with a positive experience? Yes to first question and yes and no to 2nd question is what you need to hear. Why yes to 2nd he wants to work it out with you. No to 2nd question because unless he can truly exhibit actions that prove this is not a "last resort" type of maneuver and prove he is willing to try out maybe less aggressive bonds with you. Like be willing to be understanding and patient and taking steps to assure you that it's not questionable for you. Communication and talking with you. I am sure they are things besides sex he needs to improve on. I have not posted my experiences yet but I will shortly and I have been on the side and did successfully accomplish fulfilling fantasy but it was because of true true honesty, respect, and trust of each other. It was successful but it was not while I was "life" scared and with my girlfriend of 7 years.

I joined EP to further educate myself on many things and meet people whom normally would be to shy to honestly talk in person. This is one area I have been looking at. I am trying to introduce a bond and trust between my wife and I. I have seen so many questions or miss diagnosis of their husbands intent for the most part. there are always ones in the group. Listen closely my desire to role play co- worker,stranger,etc is NOT for me to role play different women or be with one.(never) It is purely about being with my wife and allowing her to be open with what she has been taught is taboo. I know she has had "bath time" with this fantasy and has these thoughts and I am so okay with this. Would love to try this out with her. Your husbands are wanting myself included to be with the beautiful sexy women you are. In fact sharing and doing fantasy is even stronger bond for us. But I do agree with women that they link sex and emotion together unlike men do in certain areas. Trust me on this that for most men this is no different than womens "taken" fantasy.(don't think the other word fits) . Now could are relationship go beyond fantasy and make it? Think about it he wants to watch you, make you happy, build trust,etc. Most men love, adore, and feel confident in their love for you. Maybe it's the wife that needs to be reassured about her own. Women pay attention when you first met you were open,free, and outgoing in the beginning. Then as time goes on you both become comfortable in that area and life just does that. But I and others are honestly trying to be better. It is hard for women to understand this fantasy because of are wiring. If any would like me to answer more in depth I will.

The man who I had sex with was a friend. No love involved. I was frankly in the position to be ******. I let myself in that position. I do not want to have my husband watch a black or anyt other colored man do me. It is not exciting for me but obviously it is for my husband. So eventually I will probably do it.

Beth, the friend you went to bed with and let him **** you was as you mentioned something you let happen you placed yourself in the position to be seduced and ****** by him you must have had some kind of desire or curiosity about being taken by a black man to allow that to happen and you enjoyed it, have you enjoyed any followup sexual encounters with him or others

Not with a black man

But you have enjoyed sex with white men since James seduced you .?

It sounds like this is something that is very important to your husband. Something that he greatly desires. Perhaps he is thinking of you...knowing that it would be something that would be so sexually satisfying to you, would take you to levels you have never been before were you to be submissive to his request and submt yourself to the black man. Your husband would reach new sexual heights as he watched your immense pleasure, you would be so pleasured, and the one taking you to these new heights would be fulfilled. Seems a winner to everyone. You say you will probaby do it. You are only delaying new sexual gratifications so far unknown to you.

I see what you are saying. I know my husband wants to watch me and it is a turn on so I should let him set me up and he can watch.

Your choice...me no!

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Well to answer the question I think your being a bit selfcentered. You had your time with your friend and now you would deny your husband the pleasures of watching you be taken by a black man? Without thinking you told your husband you enjoyed the affair now that your husband would like to become involved deeper into your life your don't let him in? Your marriage is not going to last if your wont do things for him as you would do for yourself. Think about it woman, do you love your husband enough to indulge in sex with a black man in front of him? You didn't say if you have any children? Would you love your husband enough to have a mixed race child for him? Do you love your man enough to keep a balck lover for all of you to enjoy?

If you don't then you should not have had your fling.

I probably will do it.

Just take it calm and slow and don't give in to to much pressure by hubby or a lover till you are ready for the next step, such as feeling more comfortable being ****** by someone other than hubby, maybe eventually you might feel more at ease about hubby seeing you get filled with **** by a lover.


Beth I say if he is going to be persistent and if you decide to go thru with it make it completely yours. What every guy you want. If there is someone else or some kind that you always wondered go with that. Make out the "terms" of this adventure to your liking. If you truly enjoy the experience with the other guy then it will let you know where you stand with hubby. He will either change his mind after on lifestyle or you will know it I is about your pleasure if he encourages it. Don't just find a guy find thee guy that you wouldn't mind.

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I like your husband. He's keeping his feelings about it to himself, and refusing to judge you. But why would you find a 61 year old black man sexy? You're too young for that.

He is a good friend. I didn't consider the age when he came on to me and I was in a position to allow it being alone with him and onlye. wearing my pjs and a robe

Yes Beth you allowed it you say him being a friend could make one forget about age and being alone with a person of the opposite sex being in pj and robe so somewhat more vulnerable or assessable to advances from him as you mentioned you suspected hubby's been cheating before curiosity about black **** all could have contributed to you allowing your friend to **** you.


Actually, a 61 yr old black man is just about perfect for a young white wife to learn on. He will still be long & stiff but will be more patient whilst he is up inside her. He will give her slower penetration and allow the young wife's natural lubrication time to completely cover the black **** and ensure that her vagina doesn't get too sore. Until she is fully 'broken-in' to black ***** this is the best way to progress. This way she will evolve towards being able to eventually take younger, more vigorous black ****, with full enjoyment and so provide satisfaction both herself and her husband.


Do not agree with the age, him being to old because he is 61 and older than Beth does not matter since it was sexual not emotional and she enjoyed it that is the main thing he satisfied her sexually which is what she wanted and needed.

That is correct

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I myself have this "kink" since i was a teen. I loved to "fix-up" my GF ( back then ) and wife ( quite often now ) with other boys and men and either watch them at "it" or just hear full juicy details from my partner when she returned. It really got me huge high !!! I just dont understand why people find it immoral or abnormal !

I use to orchestrate the entire "session" under various guises. For ex...inviting a friend over casually , and excuse myself for some reason with some sudden work ...go out and enter from already "arranged" open back door.....and next thing....send in that GF as if she has come visiting me....she wud be wearing really "turn on" outfit and acting very "bold" with the "stranger" in my house .....so much so that he just had to have a "go at her" ...and either seduce her.... "convince" her...or mildly rape her .....variations were pre-decided ...depending upon my insight of the visiting friend's sexual temperament !!!

As it gets a little risky ( socially ) to do this after marriage....we ( me & wife ) usually go to tourist hot-spots as separate individuals and she ( wife ) plays a bimbo and soon men are making a bee line for her and she "handles" quite a few ....ofcourse with me ( if possible ) secretly concealed in her shack !!!! Boy ...its pure fun and i can write a million pages on each experience....but i gotta hold my bouncing nuts here and wind up !! bye guys

My husband says the same thing and I wonder if he really loves me or he wants me to bc he's messing around and he's saying this to ease his guilt

Similar thoughts here.

As you mentioned you suspect hubby was fooling around on you him wanting to see you ****** by an other guy does not necessarily mean he wants you to do that to ease his own guilt, it could be genuinely to see you being Pleasured and satisfied by an other man's **** dumping some *** in you and just for the reason of your sexual happiness and him wanting to see it could be for you pr both him and your pleasure.

Not really

Some men like to see their wives pleased by othger men just to see them Pleased, possibly more than they can do themselves due to age or other reasons..

That is about what my hubby says

Don't know if your hubby is much older than you or if he has some medical condition that could be a cause for a lack of ability to please you but when a spouse is unable to please the other one love might cause the desire to share to see the other spouse pleasured properly, that could be his reason.

No he is healthy. We have good sex. But the experience I had was unexpected and hotter I guess due to the taboo involved and being taken by a black man. The black c--k was very exciting going in me.

You were seduced by James when you were vulnerable possibly tired and just wanted to relax you let your guard down a bit to much basking in the attention he gave you having just pj and a robe made it easy for him to get you more relaxed with a back rub or something a drink you felt relaxed, excited having an other man give you compliments hubby has not give you in some time before you knew it you returned the attention and he was positioned right to slide into your wet hungry honeypot and you enjoyed every moment of it
possible just a twinge of doubt or guilt when he deposited his seed into your fertile womb, I admire you, your hubby and James .

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a black man ******* your wife can be a good thing.

He doesn't say it was a bad thing, he wants to see me enjoy seeing how I react to being ****** by a black man.

Yes I think he wants to see your reaction when he sees a black **** entering your ***** and your reaction when it does and enjoy it while you are enjoying it. If you love each other both of you would get joy and pleasure out of seening and knowing your spouse is happy and satisfied sexually.

I can't be myself with someone watching. so if it happens and it probably will, I will have to put on an act.

You believe you would feel uncomfortable being watched while being taken by an other man, is it that you want to put on an act for hubby, or for the man lucky enough to be the one to **** you while hubby watches.?

I will have to fake it as I can't be myself with someone watching.

Are you sure you have to fake it, if you have not tried being watched while an other man is pleasuring you, why do you think you'd have to fake it before you tried it. you might be surprised.

I talk to my wife about the black guy she ****** all the time. He was 12 1/2 inches and as thick as a coke can and I am not. I love her very much but watching her **** bbc turns me on. It's not that I want to cheat or think less of her. It's that I want to see her ***** getting stretched and completely filled

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Well, let's start with the obvious questions, do you know why your husband wants you to and why do you not want to?

I bet you still get wet thinking about his black **** being in you. You shared that hot ***** with another another man & he just wants to share your experience

You hit it on the head..that is what it is all about. You are right, I enjoyed every minute.

Well if you still think back fondly and pleasurably on the time you were taken by your black friend and told your husband I can see why he wants you to do it more and why he would like to see it happen , hearing and seeing his spouse get pleasured will pleasure him also

That is his point

The point is for both partners in a marriage to be pleased with a sexual act, so if you are pleased with having an other guy give you a good ******* and hubby is pleased you telling him or him watching that would be good for your marriage I'd think.

Are you now fantasizing about other *****? was this experience exciting or is the after making it into a better thing even though the sex at the time wasn't that good?

Like anyone else, I too fantsize

Beth, Try and make Your fantasy come through tell hubby what your fantasy is you know what his is, let him know yours maybe you can work on it together to make both *** thru..

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I believe Jealousy is for the weak Minded Fool For jealousy will cause nothing but pain and at times uncontrollable anger enjoy each other and grow and enjoy new experiences together it is the selfish that play alone and behind someones back.

My wife had an affair with a black man from work & told me she was addicted to his big ****. At first I was devastated, she told me she loved me very much & said if I wanted a divorce she would understand.I told her I wanted to stay married & would be willing to share her on one condition I watch. With that I kissed the lips where his big black **** had been & made love to her while she told me about what they did.

He likes to hear specifics while we have sex

Do You have more and or better sex since you told hubby your black friend ****** you..?

He asks me about specifics when we are having sex.

And does telling him the specifics make it better sex for him or you or for both.?

More for him I am sure.

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hi Beth, iam really sorry its very hurtful in the emotion side and in the system of our life. I have a question for all why we have to married if my wife or my husband allowed me to have sex with other person? its not sound weird to you people? in my opinion this is a huge problem and you should solve it immediately!!!

My wife has let me have sex with a few women the first time as a treat when i confided that I wanted to have head and be kissed at the same time. She was amazed at how I was inside another woman and she didn't mind because she knows I love her. A few years later we were picked up by a couple of swingers on a cruise first night I played with man and wife, second night we all played together but other woman did not want my wife to **** her husband, this time I was amazed at how disappointed I was. I know my wife was excited more than usual and she sheepishly told me she wasn't so wet because she liked him better just because it was kind of naughty. Makes perfect sense. Now I've wanted to have her with another man for years and couldn't get her to act on it. She had just started massage therapy for an injury and I joked that she should make a move and cued her in on how to be suggestive by sighing when he is around the breast area and bum, on the third visit she took off her bra and he took the hint paying lots of attention to her breast and eventually ************ her to ******. It took her two days to tell me because she wasn't sure i wouldn't hit the roof, yes it turns me on she *********** me whilst giving me the details and I came harder than ever. Later we had the best sex we have had in years. Now she knows my attitude she is keen to try other men and has a regular full release date with her massage. She has a sex with other men fetish and I have Cuckold tendencies we are a match made in heaven and it has gotten us out of a rut that was threatening to destroy our marriage.

So you got caught cheating and your husbands treating you like a *****.<br />
That bastard. Do it or pack your bags.

Don't want a divorce. So I will probably give in

If hubby wants you to **** other guys and you enjoyed it when you had the fling with the friend why not see where more will get you.

He only wants a black man to **** me once

Only a black man, no white
or only **** one once no repeats on other days with the same guy.?.

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When I married my wife I had been the only guy she had ever been with and a bigger reason why we got married was because she was pregnant with my child. When we got married we admitted to one another we didn't really love one another but got married for the family. Soon after I started driving a truck and was often away on the road. By now the child was about 2 years old. I kind of felt it unfair that to make the money we needed I was leaving her home alone and also the fact she was now a 22 yr old female who has had no experience. I started talking to her about maybe going out to have fun. It took a good 6 months to get her to say okay she would try it. I know she was nervious as I know I was and I kind of liked walked back and forth on the floor like I did the day I was waiting for her to have our baby. When she came home I asked her if she was okay and she said yes then went into the bathroom and lovked herself in there for a good two hours. When she came out we talked about it for a little while but really didn't say much about it. It wasn't were I wanted to know what happened so I could get off over it but was more of a are you okay about it happening. In a way it was a big thing to her not to be a one man woman anymore. We did end up divorceing after 18 years of marriage but it was never over the fact she was now a good 20 man woman and she had sex at least 200 times and even more so had two more kids and they were by two other guys. I did however give them my name and supported them too as well as paid child support when she left with them. She left me because I was away for 3-4 weeks at a time on the road making the $1400 a week we needed at home to make ends meet. There was also the factor she met another guy making the same kind of income that was home nightly. Today the kids are grown and she is still with this guy and they are in another state. I do know that he doesn't give her the freedom I gave her and he has no idea about all that she had done or even the fact our other two kids were not mine.

Your husband needs to see you enjoy yourself and you need to enjoy yourself so go for it big time. but not just one man more and more men are needed. I know because one man is not enough for me.


you left having anal sex out for a reason I assume, while telling the details how you were done by the black guy withholding telling hubby that is it because you enjoyed it a lot.?

Yes I enjoyed it but can't reveal it.

You enjoyed anal sex enough to have hubby perform it i you also.?

No, it was exciting that time, don't want to continue

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We have worked this out. I have told him in detail how the man did me and what I enjoyed about it. It seems to have satisfied him and he no longer asks for me to have a man in front of him

sin is sin. steping out of a marrage is sin. and having your husband watch you having sex with another man, is descusting, maybe he is just trying to see if you would really do it. and if so how do you know what he will do to you after you are done... crazy crazy crazy...

I am very sorry about what happend to you my lady ,i am so sad ,man like him is adirty donky and when you leave him not loss any think ,leave him now and don wory ,and try to start again ,my god help you because you are honorable women,i am sorry again<br />
<br />
don poor <br />
from iraq

I am very sorry about what happend to you my lady ,i am so sad ,man like him is adirty donky and when you leave him not loss any think ,leave him now and don wory ,and try to start again ,my god help you because you are honorable women,i am sorry again<br />
<br />
don poor <br />
from iraq

I am very sorry about what happend to you my lady ,i am so sad ,man like him is adirty donky and when you leave him not loss any think ,leave him now and don wory ,and try to start again ,my god help you because you are honorable women,i am sorry again<br />
<br />
don poor <br />
from iraq

A mistake is one thing, but to encourage it. Crazy. Lucky he has you and should just enjoy and love his wife.

Thank you

Sounds like you messed up and are not willing to deal with the consequences. He isn’t asking to divorce you. If you stepped outside of the marriage for sex once perhaps you owe it to your husband and you should stop being so selfish.<br />
<br />
He is just trying to deal with his emotions. Perhaps you shouldn’t over think it and just let you husband have his due, relax and try to have a good time.

I am leaning to doing it.

Since you admitted to hubby you had an other guy **** you you might have to sit down and discuss with him what and how you are going to carry on in your marriage.

We of course have discussed this. We want to stay married

Good open conversation about what, why and how it happened is something to make the relationship better.

Does the staying married still include his desire to have you ****** by other guys.

Good for you Beth. You are a kind and thoughtful lady. Hope things are going well for you and the men in your life.

Thank you

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I am awoman who has a concern with a twice divorced woman that finds my husband actrictive and wants to have sex with him. Granted we met her at a couples party, that we were attending to" keep the sparks " of excitement in our own marriage of over 25 years. My problem is, she is beautiful and the green eyed monster is rearing its ugly head, I have a wonderful husband, and i was his virgin bride, and he was mine. We have been together since we were young and basically grew up together. Our sex life is "fantastic", but during one night of passion I was in tears because "god forbid" anything ever to happen to him, that part of my life would end.....or so I thought. He arranged for me to have a very special experience with another man, but now several years have passed, and I know that this has intrigued him and I "want to" do this for him, but my heart is so heavy.......I am miserable!!!! He loves me so much, and how can I not give him the same experience? Please help

I will probably do it in front of him

you could do it away from him a few times tell him what and how before and then after till you might get more comfortable with the idea then let him watch who knows you might get turned on by it also.


i dont know what to say<br />
<br />
really it is something odd that<br />
<br />
ur husband asks u to do such a thing<br />
<br />
maybe it is o.k for u <br />
<br />
but thanx God that im muslim<br />
<br />
and these things are not allowed<br />
<br />
and i hope that u r not going to involve urself<br />
<br />
in this.<br />
<br />
best wishes for u

Wow, Beth and Krystalin, what great women you both are.<br />
Beth, if your husband, still wants to watch you being ****** by another black man,<br />
ask him to find a couple and swap. But do it in the same room.<br />
Even the same bed. That way you will be able to watch each other.<br />
Krystalin, what can I say, you are wonderful.<br />
I love you both.

I agree


My husband is just as great and probably even more considerate now than before, so it has been great for us. But I know it isn't for everyone. My brother and sister-in-law thought they wanted to watch her have sex with my husband and after that he stopped talking to his brother and they have got divorced but wasn't just because of that though.

I find your husband's request very disturbing. If you give in to his demand and have sex with another person while he is watching, then he will start asking you why you don't do certain things with him that you seemed to enjoy with the other guy. I think this is a slippery slope and it might end up ruining your marriage.

Of coarse like me it may improve your marriage.

He asked why I enjoyed it so much, and I told him

Was sex with the friend that time better than it is with hubby, and has it improved or gotten worse with hubby since he found out .?

He gets more excited when he ***** me. He asks if James did this and that. The adultery was different and extremely hot and satisfying in a complete different way.

Understandable for him to get excited, when talking to you about James doing this and that he probably wants to know if he is as good in bed as James was and maybe wants to please you more sexually,
The adultery being extremely hot and satisfying to you why not, it was a black man, it was adultery, you were both trying to please each other since it was a unplanned and spur of the moment thing you most likely felt more excited knowing that a much older man desired you sexually and a black **** sliding into you was something some women fantasize about.

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I had a similar experience a few years ago. We were at a party with some friends having a cook out and we were all drinking and somehow someone started talking about wearing his wife out and so people started making jokes about it and then she asked him how many guys he was going to bring home to help wear her out and he said that he would just bring over my husband and that would be enough. People were asking what he meant and he said that he saw my husband in the shower after they were playing racquetball one day and that he was hung like a horse. So anyways people started teasing me about being wore out by a horse and eventually I said something like I could handle more if there was someone man enough to bring it. Well after that night a while later my husband asked me if I was serious about trying to handle a larger man. I laughed it off at first but he kept asking if I wanted to try. After he asked me a million times I told him that yes I thought I could handle a larger man but that I didn't really want to try. He said that he had seen a black guy in the gym shower that was a bit larger than him. I laughed and told him that was nice and he kept telling me how the guy was longer and thicker than him by a bit and that he would like to see me try to take him on. We talked about this several times over the next few months and one night I had been drinking more than usual and a couple of my husbands friends were over watching football games and one of his friends had a polish sausage in his hand holding it like it was his thing and making jokes about wanting to try out for a position to be one of the guys to try to wear me out. My husband said that he already found a very well endowed guy to help out with that and I told him to shut up, but he kept talking and the guys were liking it and said they would pay to watch that and so I got harassed the rest of the day while they were there and later that evening I told my husband that if he didn't stop harassing me about it I just might say yes. He kept it up so I told him to bring the guy I over and I would **** him silly with his huge thing and all. A few days later my husband called me from the gym saying that his new friend was there and that he was coming over after they were done because he was talking trash about beating the guy at racquetball and my husband told him that if he could beat him that he could have sex with me. He said the guy laughed and asked what I would think about that and he told him that I would be ok with it. He eventually convinced the guy and my husband won the first several games and then he finally let the guy win and when they were done he said he asked the guy if he was ready to come over and do it. He said the guy was still not sure if he was serious and he said for him to follow him home. My husband called and told me the were going to be on there way shortly. I had already been in the bath shaving and fixing my hair and picking out an outfit. Anyways they showed up and we sat around for a little bit talking and drinking and finally the guy said that it was cool to meet me and all but that he was going to have to get going soon and so my husband said that he knew the guy would chicken out or that I would. His friend said that he was not chickening out and so they looked at me and my husband got up and stood me up and got behind me and pulled my tank top up and over my boobs and pulled my bra down so his friend could see them and he started squeezing them and then he reached down and around me and started rubbing me through my shorts and he eventually pulled my shirt off over my head and unhooked my bra and took it off and I was getting so nervous but I was also getting turned on. My husband pulled my shorts and panties down at the same time and his friend was sitting on the couch just a few feet in front of me and he was smiling and I could see his huge bulge in his shorts leg growing larger and he finally pulled his shorts down and started playing with his thing and it was huge! My husband started fingering me from behind while rubbing my **** with his other hand. And somehow I ended up on my knees playing with this guys huge thing and if got so thick that I couldn't get barely more than the head of it in my mouth. I kept trying to suck it and lick it as my husband stood behind me straddling my butt and all of a sudden started rubbing his thing up and down my lips and once he got it wet he just shoved inside of me and it hurt because I wasn't fully wet and nor was he and although we have been married for several years I still have problems handling my husbands size. Anyways he did that for a while and then he asked if I was ready to try his friends big one. They had me climb up on his lap and try sitting down on his thing and it was too huge, so my husband went and got our bottle of Liquid KY and I coated myself and his friends huge thing very well and then we eventually got his head to work its way in and when it did the first five or six inches of him pushed inside of me all at once and I could feel him stretching my walls out and after a while of my trying to work up and down on him we got more and more of him in me and it was feeling very good. We ended up with him having me bent over the arm of the couch and he was going in my from behind and it really felt like I was being split open and he had a hold of my hips and was shoving very deep and hard into me and was hitting my cervix every time very hard and I finally got positioned to where he was slipping up behind my cervix and he seemed to really like that and he kept going for what seemed like forever but it was only about an hour total. My husband stood in front of me playing with his thing and having me suck and lick it too while this guy was shoving his huge thing in me from behind. He wold pull out all the way sometimes and he would use it like a club to smack my butt with and rubbed it from my butt to my **** and would then shove it back in me and he did it over and over again and eventually he just grabbed me and flipped me over and held my thighs down towards my chest and started shoving it in me really hard while on top of me and my husband stood there watching and paying with himself. I finally had a huge ****** and I could feel my muscles trying to squeeze so tightly around him and he eventually got close and he pulled out and started to play with it until he shot his stuff all over me from my face to my belly and soon afterward my husband climbed on top of me and started shoving his thing in my and it didn't take him very long to pull out and shoot his stuff all over me too. They both said I looked like a scene from a ***** movie. I enjoyed the whole thing, yes I was sore the next day and yes my husband and I still love each other and we still have great sex and we have had a few other guys over since then but it isn't an all the time thing and we never do it alone, we are always together when we have fun with other guys. I like it just for the pure excitement and pleasure and I do enjoy the large sizes and my husband really enjoys watching and joining in too.

Yes I agree with you. I love my husband to watch as I take other men over and over again. But unlike you I love more than one man.

I don't believe you should ever do anything in a relationship solely to please another when you are clearly uncomfortable with it. And if your husband truly cares for you & your marriage, he wouldn't expect it from you. It sounds like this is a subject you & your husband need to have some serious discussions about. What's motivating him to ask you for this? Is it just feelings of betrayal or is he just looking to live out some sexual fantasy? Regardless, it seems there must be something you can mutually agree on before you make this decision. I have no experience with this particular issue, just offering my 2 cents. Good luck.

Glassleg, thank you for your comments. It doesn't sound even like a little fun. Our marriage is not the same now. I was a fool to let James do me!

I hate to say this to you Beth but having my husband know and want me to be with other men exites me. It makes me feel special. I kno whe loves me but he also knows I am a nympho and wants to make me happy.

To each our own

beth What done is done and can not be taken back so to speak, but you told hubby how this guys did you, what you liked about being done by this black friend so you must have enjoyed some of it, most of it, or all of it, could the reason you don't want to do it now that hubby asked and wants to see you being done by another man be since you liked being done by an other man the first time you might enjoy it again and maybe don't want hubby to see the pleasure you get from being done by another.?

That is what he wants to see is how I react while being ****** by another. Yes I enjoyed it all, but don't think I will in this situation.

Could you talk the friend James into doing you again in front of your husband since he's done you and you enjoyed having him in you, since his wife knows invite her also.

Won't consider that. If I do it, my husband wants to choose the guy who ***** me

Has hubby got a guy in mind that he wants to have you ****, or is it that he won't consider letting James have you again.

He has suggested we go to Vegas. He will find the maen hew wants to **** me. I am to wait nude wearing the same robe James took off when he had my body.

That sounds exciting knowing the robe was the same as when you were first taken by someone other than hubby and the samwe robe when taken by the first one hubby sees you being taken by, must excited him and you.

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It sounds a great bit of fun on the surface but you will never be allowed to forget it. Your husband is a fool because he will ulimately make himself second best for the rest of your lives together as it will never go away.

Thank you for your advise. Our relationship is very close. I am surprised however that he would want me to experience another man in front of him. It was first time I had been with another man in our marriage. I don't want to do it again especially having him watch a man enjoy me and me maybe enjoy the other guy.

A similar situation happened to me and I was jealous at first but later became excited about the idea and knowing she was enjoying sex with another man. I wanted her to do it again and to allow me to watch or to tell me the details. I love my wife so much so I'm ready to allow her to have sex with another man. She does not want to but I'm turned on by it and she is starting to enjoy the thought of pleasing my fantasy as well. Our relationship has gotten even stronger.

I find my husband has become like you. Only he wants many men to do it to me in front of him.


Maybe but some Men And Women like it even love it when they can share their body with others.

Beth, Sex is supposed to be pleasant, it's just beware of getting emotionally attached to the **** that does you.
B.T.W. did you use precautions when your friend James did you or did you go bareback.?

We didn't have a condom. And too involed at that point to go get one

That's understandable, don't know if you have children or not or are wanting children something to keep in mind if you go thru with ******* someone else , but by all means don't do it without hubby's knowledge and or consent that will cause problems I'm sure.
Personally never believed in safe sex without a condom pulling out is no option in my opinion very few men can ones inside hard to stop I find.

Beth, There is some truth to what Glassleg said however that depends a lot on the marriage if the marriage is strong enough to go through something like this the making him second best is depending on your reaction and attitude toward hubby after it been done if you show him you still love him as much or more and keep communications open.

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Hi Beth<br />
I noticed your forum post and looked you up and found this post. You seem most distressed by your husbands request. From my own experience I think he is feeling excluded when you have experienced something so intimate with someone else behind his back. Quite often it's not the sexual betrayal the hurts as much as the betrayal of trust. If your relationship is otherwise strong than this will renew his trust in you. It is my experience that if you share this with him it will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together. Caution...if your relationship is not strong to begin with this my injure it further, but then again if there is no trust then the relationship is in serious trouble anyway.

I will probably do it

Have you let someone else **** you without hubby present, since being seduced by James .?

Sorry Cowboy, won't answer that.