I Have A Pet Kinkajou. Ask Me Anything.

I have a pet Kinkajou.  Ask me anything.

Hi!  I'm 13 years old and I live with my dad and lots of unusual animals!  Even a Kinkajou!  If you want to know anything about Kinjajous I might be able to asnwer.  If I don't know the answer, my dad will, so I can just ask him.  If you want to know about our Kinkajou, just ask!!!!:-)

Here is a picture of a Kinkajou from national geographic if you don't know what a Kinjajou is

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how many times does a kink poop a day? also do they spray?

Do kinkajous spray like cats do? n do they stink

do the kinkajou smell? also, can they be diaper trained?<br />
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hi do u have any really good facts on kinkajous for a report if i could get some from u thanks<3

I REALLY want a kinkajou, but my mom is convinced that it will make my dads allergies worse, even though we already have a cat. will they?

Hi! Thanks for asking! Right now we have a German Shepherd dog and a Savannah cat. We also have sugar gliders, chinchillas, ferrets, mice, rats, ferrets and jerboas!