I Am An Asian...ask Me Anything Xd!!

Although I do not have an explanation for why our eyes are chinky xP

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what nationality are you? , tell me a good graphic designer from asia? and a graphic design festival/meeting/conference, Are asians racist?

Well, actually Asians have the same type of eyes as anyone else.The difference has to do with a wrinkle in the eyelids called the "epicanthic fold" which is exposed in Caucasians, but completely hidden in Asians... perhaps the hidden version evolved long ago as protection from desert sandstorms???? I have heard that some Asians who want to look like Caucasians have actually elected to have surgery to change this, but I'm sure you will agree that's a ridiculous thing to do. All of us should take pride in our uniqueness.

1. No i do not hate indians, I envy them instead because they're very intelligent.<br />
2. I don't think we are Promiscuous, I mean I don't. Traditionally, we only marry once but the men can have mistresses. Now a days, polygamy isn't really around anymore.<br />
3. Asian's men "thing", if you're talking about what I think you're talking about. It depends really, not all, but majority...LOL If it's not what you meant by "thing" then please go into more detail...<br />
4. LOL I do act like a child sometimes...I'm not sure about the rest of my life. Again, not all of us are like that. About the pedo complex in men...No comment cause i have no idea...<br />
5. No i've never eaten a dog before...and never will...