I Am Married To Two Men - ask me anything

I am married to two men for the past few years and have a baby by them. Shoot your queries and I will be glad to answer them.

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I've 2 husbands we've been together over 20 years and have 6 kids between us.

I am married but I am wanting to marry my boyfriend...is there any legal way to marry him and keep my marriage with my husband?

I am married but I am wanting to marry my boyfriend...is there any legal way to marry him and keep my marriage with my husband?

How i am married. To one we been separated. For 2 year's. But i want to also marry my new love how do i do this

How can i do that

How can I legally do this?

I think it's legal in some countries. What country are you from?
Care to share a photo, HotMom? 8)

The US. I have two guys that want to do this. If I marry them in another country and come home, would it be recognized or valid?

Unfortunately, they would not be recognised by the US. Bigamy laws in the U.S. But that doesn't mean you can't draw up your own legal contract that exactly mimics a marriage, and just use another word.

Please upload a photo? I want to see just how hot of a mom you are. 8)

Where in the US do you live? I'm in California.


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I can't believe this happens in real life. It has been my dream and fantasy for yrs. I've just separated and I thought I was just clinging to the idea of being important to two someone's (after being unimportant for so many yrs).

I think that's awesome! I'm a straight dude. I've always wanted my best buddy and I. to marry the same woman and live together and be happy.

Have u had any issues nwith the law because it states its illegal but I have been thinking about doing the same

I'm a bisexual male with a bisexual male partner. We often bring a female to join us in the bedroom but haven't found the right one to join our relationship. I have been wondering for a while if the same woman can marry two men and thanks to you I have my answer 😊

Wow, it's great to see so many positive responses and to read of other women who live happily like this..!!! My friend's daughter was married with two guys and they lived very happily..I myself am dating two brothers ..I feel totally loved by both, we share the same bed, and we're the best of friends. What could be better in life?

Have either of them pressured you to have a ********* with another female? My ultimate fantasy is to make love to two men at the same time, with out tables being turned. I have tried lesbian sex and I don't care for it. But the thought of multiple males is so hot! You are one lucky woman. Do your two hubbies get along? Is there ever any jealousy? My boyfriend is willing to have a male *********, but he then starts talking about his lesbian fantasy and honestly, that's not for me. Any advice?

- Thanks! :)

Hi, my best friend and I are both madly in love with the same girl and she loves us both very much. We were talking today and my best friend and I decided with her that we both wanted to marry her. I'd really appreciate some help and insight into the matter.

Omg why can't this happen to me!? Q.Q

hi julia.....can we be friends on face book? my f

My wife would love her bf to be her 2nd permanent relationship!

I ligaly married by a man from germany,he never help me. Had other kenyan got a baby with him but not ligaly married, and i love him so much,i want to get back to him and marry officially. Will there be any problem with owning two marriage certificates.

i have a husband. and we have an open marriage. i am in love with a guy in his sixties and i was wondering where i would have to go to marry him while i am married to my husband.

How do I do that? I have two men that wish to marry me and they know of each other and want it as well.

I have two men, two best friends, that both want to be with me, as I do with them. How do I get them to want to do this all together. I can't choose between them.

I have been in a loving relationship with a married woman. Her husband knows me well and approves of our love. She is 50 and I am 64. I would like my wealth such as it is to be hers in the event that I should pass. This is easy enough but short term I would also like for her to share in my living benefits such as insurance and pension. All three of us agree that if we could get away with it that she should be married to both of us. Do the insurance companies and pension boards do a check to see if a spouse is " double dipping"? I my case she would only have the benefit of my pension and insurance as he has none. Also my Social Security benefit is greater than his as he is disabled. Please, any thoughts?

I have been with my husband for 18 years and we no longer communicate or have any intimacy, I went on AM and met someone, we are a perfect match in everyway, but we made a promise to never tell our other spouses, I have already been caught online twice with this man, spent time in jail and my current husband still loves me, but of course will never trust me again. My friend and I want to commit to one another and not hurt our other spouses or family. We are truly in love with one another , we were made for each other in every way, please help I don't want to lose either man or my family.

My husband and I have been happily married for 18 years. I and he have been talking about the possibility of having me have another husband join our marriage. He would have to not be gay! But we both seem to think it would be great other than what public and family may have to say about it!!! How were family and friends and public opinions in your situation?

my wife has a boy friend and she tells me sometimes about what they do together when they go out
the only thing that teases me is once she said he has a bigger and thicker **** than mine :(

Is it legal and how do you go about marrying a women that's already married.

Ummmm... hi. I have fallen head over heels in love with these two amazing men and they are both best friends. they recently asked me to marry them and I said yes. the only problem is that I am having trouble finding out where, how, and really anything about how i can spend the rest of my life with the two men that make my life wonderful. I would really like your help please. thank you!

Are you still married? You live in the same home?

hi , can u reply me . i wll be u r 3rd hubby

You're an idiot.
*you, *?, *will, *your

I am married to one man and love him so much. We have a daughter together. Before we were married i had met, fell in love, and had my youngest daughter with another man. I have recently told them both how i felt about the other. They highly dislike one another. They expect me to choose between them and this is a pain so deep it is physical. I cant choose. Thats like being told to choose between water or food and you'll never have the other again...i need them both to survive! Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

I would love to find 2 men that would love me, and protect me, help me, and support me, and respect me. the right men would make me feel safe and cherished. they must be wonderful men. you are a very lucky woman--god bless you! I am married with 2 children and most of the time I feel like I'm raising them as a single parent. It would be nice to have 2 husbands and not feel alone, to have two men that my boys could go to for advise, two men that could help around the house, two men that could help with day to day decisions. I am truly happy for you.

I have to tell you that you sound like a great woman and its noy fair that kind of life. Nowadays every couple need to back each other up, because women have to work and comming home and taking care of kids and a house is more than another job. You have all my respect and feel free to stay in touch. I wish you luck:))

Be happy with yourself. And for the sake of us all, learn your spelling and grammar. This is on the internet for eff sakes!

Do you honestly have nothing better to do then sit around and correct other people's grammar? Grow up and get a life! You grammar Nazi! People like you, really **** me off. Very immature and mean!! You should be ashamed of yourself!

I am in a polygamy relationship, myself and my significant others, were wondering if both of these men are your actual husbands or if you are only truly married to one or none but say you are? And if you are truly married to both how did you go about doing so, because we want to get married?.

It is so beutiful to have the love of 1 man but the love of 2 is exceptional!. i myself is wiccan married to 1 husband and leagaly married to another. we all get on so well together and plan on making our family bigger one day with children. spirituly we three are connected .. though sex is not the main reason why we all desided to be together. we love and respect each other as 1 heart beat. when 1 is in pain the other two comforts. its funny when the the men want a mans night out and i get to spend some alone time. our relationship is a spiritual jurney of love and trust and respect for each other.

I am currently in a relationship with two wonderful men, one I'm engaged to and the other one says he wants to marry me too.. Both men are currently living under the same roof and both love me for me. All my faults and good days and bad days.

nice good idea you will be haveing more happy life what lucky you are one husband is driving your car and the other can make sex with you at the back seat

I am interested in learning more about this, what sort of ceremony did you have?

if u have a chance to meet a new guy and u love him too will u marry him also ??

wow just wow having to husband and everybody getting along in the same house <br />
I think that's fantastic!

I would just like to say the I fully support you. I am american and I believe that when it comes to love nothing is wrong. If I was in love with two guys and they wanted to enter into a relationship all together, I would probably do it. As for people saying that it is unacceptable in america. Well, I don't think that that is all together correct. If it was as unacceptable then there would not be romance authors like Maya Banks, Lora Leigh, Trina Lane, Eve Langlais, Bronwyn Green, and Lorie O'Clare who all sell lots of books that deal with polyandry marriages, and that is just a drop in the bucket of authors from america that write polyandry marriage books. I also would like to say that I don't believe that a paternity test is necessary, as far as you husbands are concerned i am sure the both love the child and that the child loves both of his dads. So who really cares whose ***** is actually responsible! Anyway good for you, you are very lucky to find two men that love you. Most of us can't even find one that loves us.

I would like to marry two prisoners in two different countries, I want to thank you for sharing your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to marry two prisoners in two different countries, I want to thank you for sharing your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW..this is totally awesome...I have a husband and a boyfriend...we tell each other he is my 2nd husband and i am his 2nd wife as he is married also...husband 1 and wife 1 know nothing of what is happening...neither would be receptive...my first husband is away for 2 weeks a month so i spend those two weeks with husband 2 as much as possible ....we do everything together like a normal couple ...golf, cook, clean, hangout, watch movies, have sex, all these things together...and i do all those things with my first husband when he is home..husband number 2 is not jealous of husband 1 but husband 1 never wants to hear about it...he tells me to do my thing when he is not around but he doesn't want to hear about it....this saddens me as i love them both equally..i would be heart broken without either of them....it is like i live 2 seperate lives as with each husband we have total different sets of friends...your story is amazing...and as much as i love my life ...i would love it even more if husband number 1 was as open as yours...husband 2's wife is never around...she doesn't want to be married to him but refuses to divorce him so he never even sees her...they live in a huge duplex her on one side him on the other...his kids all love me and we do many family things together...my kids love husband 1 & 2 ....all kids envolved are over 18 and are totally supportive...they are all very amazing...would love to talk with you more...<br />
thanks <br />

If I had the lucky chance to have a lady willing to have another husband or lover, I would indeed make love to him as well. If this is what our lady wishes, no is not an option. We should always do what we can to please her in anyway she desires. I on my part would be open minded to everything that makes her happy and pleased. I don't have that lucky chance to have such a lady. Just my thoughts. Have a great day.<br />

Hi. MMFlover, I love your stories!! They are such a turn on. After a while, I'm sure the husbands will lose their inhibitions and start trying to copulate with each other. Have you ever been so tired and they so aroused that you let them have sex together? Give us a story about that.<br />
Thank you for the good reads!! Pbrad009

I think we all know one lady can keep two men pleased, as well as a dozen. If she cares and loves them equally, why should there be a problem. I personally would welcome that idea with an open mind, open arms and open heart. All three making love together is all well and fine by me. Both men need to help each other please their lady to the fullest everyday. They need to think together as one mind and focus to find ways and ideas to keep her pleased, satisfied and heart happy everyday. They should also be open minded to her ideas, wishes and fantasies to please her her way, no matter what she ask of them. If she does not ask for anything then they should ask her what can we do to please you better or even in some different way, for you and or any fantasies you may have We care, love you and are here for you. This is very important to a very happy exciting relationship. They should also make love to her separately sometimes so she can love them each in their special way. As far as all three actually sleeping in the same bed, I would not sleep very well. You must admit, that even a king bed would not be big enough. I think the lady sleeps in the master bed every night and the men take turns. Every other night they can sleep with her and then sleep in the second bedroom alone. I see many good things from this idea. I would be very happy with this kind of lady and relationship. The more I write, it makes me sad I am not so lucky. No way can one man keep two ladies as happy as one lady keeping two men happy. It is just common sense. This lucky thing only happens to men that don't have an open mind and feel insecure. I am sure I will never be this lucky. I think just all 3 being engaged but not marry is best, do to the law and what could become of it, this would be the safest way. Good luck to you and tell your two men count their blessings, keep their faith in each other as well as you and to keep you happy always. I fell left out of the party and sad now. Thank You, GLENN

I wish i can do something like this!! but where to find two guys? Finding a decent single men is so hard these days:)

r u still looking that two men?? me my friend is available

i stay in India, bangalore. where do you stay. I really used to fantasize the lifestyle but never thought it exists in real. two husbands competing to please their wife is something i fancy a lot.... do let me know if you are open to a nw mfm relation or having third husband in your life.

Dear Madam<br />
I love and respect your way of living.I do many times imagine taking a lover of my wife in to our life.My wife don't have any affair so far.But i personally feel a good husband should allow her wife to take her lover in the bed.I think you are a very lucky women to have your elder huband.I advice you not to take a third lover.that may be risky.Mybest wishes for you to continue your sexy married life.<br />
A good husband from<br />

good concept, we must try all such combinations as we like.

peach perry, are you crazy? Take your meds before posting on the site.

Most christians don't understand scripture because they throw out the old testament. (Y'shua did not) There we we see ONLY men having more than one spouse . repent lady.

That is against scripture.

Are you one moomba?

Would you cosider having sex with a dog

No, we're not live at the same house, but i wish. We're already be a good friends, he always welcome me well every time i visit. We often had a long chat while waiting for my girlfriend prepare her self to go out with me. But the chat never been about sex or such thing. I always said to him how beautiful is her wife, and how i'm madly in love with her, and he always smile. <br />
To be true, we're not had sex until we had his blessing. From the day i knew her, i know that's she's married, but what can i do, i'm madly in love. She told me that day, that she won't make love to me without her husband's blessing. So we waited pretty long to had his blessing. So when he said yes, we felt very happy and thanks full to him. I wish one day i have enough courage to propose her to him, we can't be legally married, but at least we can be engage. Do you have a Yahoo mail or messenger account? so that we can chat more often. coz maybe i need some advice on this from you and your husbands. Email me at gladtobecool@yahoo.com<br />

Thats really great gladtobecool! Your girlfriend's husband seems to me to be a great person. Maybe he is afraid to lose her, or maybe he has confused feelings about you. I suggest that you take it slowly and try to be friendly with him. One day I'm sure he will let you jump into his bed with his wife.<br />
<br />
Bye the way, do you three live in the same house?

hi, your such a lucky girl.<br />
I wish my girlfriend's husband is as cool as you first one. He always told us to go somewhere else out of his sight if we want to make out. He even don't want to see us kissing in front of him. <br />
But i'm very greatfull to him for let his beautiful wife to become my girlfriend. For note, we're not swinger, it's just three of us, I'm her first and only boyfriend after married.<br />
I may suggest her husband to have a chat with your first :-) May I?<br />
Good luck to you

Christian Wedlock.<br />
<br />
Can a woman have more than two husbands?<br />
<br />
ANSWER:<br />
No, a woman cannot have more than two living husbands. A man has no choice, as he must be in wedlock with one wife. But a woman has three choices. Firstly, no wedlock with a husband. Secondly, wedlock with one husband. Or thirdly, wedlock with two husbands. That’s it, there are no further choices for a woman, and there is no choice at all for a man.<br />
<br />
1 Corinthians 7:2 King James 1611.<br />
Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.<br />
<br />
Yr. 1783. 10th George Prince of Wales Own Hussars. (King George III).<br />
Yr. 1898. 19th Alexandra Princess of Wales Own Hussars. (Queen Victoria).<br />
<br />
Therefore two women can own a regiment of cavalry, and two men can own a regiment of cavalry.<br />
<br />
1 Corinthians 6:16 King James 1611.<br />
What! know ye not that he which is joined to a harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.<br />
<br />
Therefore in the New Testament a man and woman lying together are one flesh, as follows:<br />
<br />
A husband and wife who lie together by carnal copulation shall be one flesh.<br />
<br />
A fornicator and fornicatress who lie together by carnal copulation shall be one flesh.<br />
<br />
A man and common courtesan or common prostitute who lie together by carnal copulation shall be one flesh.<br />
<br />
(A common prostitute is a woman who commonly offers her body for acts of lewdness for payment. An act of lewdness can never be an act of carnal copulation, as it is blasphemy to state that the Angel Gabriel and Mary committed a lewd act. The common law of england states that it is impossible for any woman to be a prostitute under any circumstances, but that a woman may continue on to be a common prostitute.).<br />
<br />
A fornicator/fornicatress and adulterer/adultress who lie together by carnal copulation shall be one flesh.<br />
<br />
An adulterer and adultress who lie together by carnal copulation shall be one flesh.<br />
<br />
Clearly the New Testament lays down that a man must be in wedlock with his own wife, and a woman must be in wedlock with her own husband. Furthermore the New Testament specifically limits the number of wives that a man can have to only one, but sets no limit to the number of husbands a woman can have. But there must be some limit for a woman, or one woman could be in wedlock with thousands of men. Rationally, if one woman can satisfy the bodily lust of one man every day, and forty men can satisfy the bodily lust of one woman every day, then is one wife for every man and forty husbands for every woman what the New Testament requires? No, because the New Testament is a document of truth, not a document of reason.<br />
<br />
Luke 1:28 King James 1611.<br />
Luke 1:31 King James 1611.<br />
Luke 1:28-35 King James 1611.<br />
In the New Testament, the angel Gabriel came in unto Mary, a virgin woman, and Mary conceived and delivered her firstborn son, Jesus, the son being God the Son, the father being God the Father. And when Mary’s womb delivered her firstborn son Jesus unto the world, then Mary was like all women delivered of a firstborn son unto the world, as a woman’s firstborn son can never belong to the mother but must belong to the Lord God.<br />
<br />
Luke 2:23 King James 1611.<br />
Exodus 13:2&12 King James 1611.<br />
And so like all women delivered of a firstborn son, Mary was no longer a virgin woman, but like all said women, Mary was a holy woman.<br />
<br />
Matthew 13:53-56 King James 1611.<br />
Mark 6:1-4 King James 1611.<br />
And husband Joseph Jacob came in unto Mary and husband Joseph Heli came in unto Mary, and Mary conceived and delivered Jesus’ brothers, James, Joses, Simon, Judas, and also Jesus’ sisters.<br />
<br />
Matthew 1:6&16 King James 1611.<br />
Luke 3:23&31 King James 1611.<br />
Joseph Jacob was the descendent of King David’s son Solomon, and Joseph Heli was the descendent of King David’s son Nathan.<br />
<br />
Genesis 38:16-18 King James 1611.<br />
“Came in unto her” means congress or carnal copulation. In the Old Testament, Judah came in unto Tamar, his daughter-in-law, and Tamar conceived and delivered twin sons. Tamar had lain in wait for Judah on the side of a far away road, and Judah had been unable to recognize Tamar because she was wearing a veil, and only common harlots wore veils. Upon first seeing this strange woman wearing a veil, Judah bargained a payment of his personal signet ring, his personal wrist bangles, and his personal walking staff, for coming in unto her. Tamar had been in wedlock with Judah’s first son, who God had killed for being wicked. Tamar had then been in wedlock with Judah’s second son, who God had then killed when he saw the second son deliberately spill his seed on the ground during carnal copulation with Tamar. That was because if Tamar was with child with the second son, then in law that first child with the second son would not be the second son’s, but would be the deceased first son’s, as the deceased first son had been childless.<br />
<br />
Judah had then ordered his daughter-in-law Tamar not to marry again, because Judah pledged Tamar that she would marry his third son when he became old enough for wedlock. But when his third son became old enough to marry, Judah broke his pledge and forbade his third son to marry Tamar. When Tamar was seen in her third month to be heavy with child, Judah was told that Tamar was with child through harlotry. Judah then summoned Tamar to him in order to be burnt to death for harlotry, although it was against the law to put a woman to death for harlotry. Tamar came and produced the signet ring, the wrist bangles, and the walking staff, and said the man who gave me these is the man by whom I am with child. Then Judah confessed to all that he had broken his pledge and sinned by going back on his word that Tamar would have wedlock with his third son when his third son became of age, and then denying such wedlock to her. Six months later Tamar safely gave birth to the twin sons conceived with Judah.<br />
<br />
Genesis 1:27-28 King James 1611.<br />
Genesis 2:7&18-19 King James 1611.<br />
Genesis 3:20 King James 1611.<br />
The first man and first woman in this world were Adam and Eve. Adam means “man” in the hebrew tongue, and Eve means “life” in the hebrew tongue. Therefore a man is man, but a woman is life.<br />
<br />
Romans 7:4-6 King James 1611.<br />
Old Testament law dead and gives as an example that a woman can have more than one husband.<br />
<br />
1 Timothy 3:2 King James 1611.<br />
A bishop can have only one wife, and as he must be an example to other men, a man can have only one wife.<br />
<br />
1 Timothy 3:12 King James 1611.<br />
A deacon can have only one wife, and as he must be an example to other men, a man can have only one wife.<br />
<br />
Titus 1:6 King James 1611.<br />
An elder can have only one wife.<br />
<br />
1 Timothy 5:4&9   King James 1611.<br />
Elders are not to provide for widows under three score years of age without children, who have only had one husband.<br />
<br />
The Estate of Marriage. Martin Luther 1522.<br />
Although Martin Luther confirmed that a woman could have two husbands, he nevertheless immediately restricted it to women who were in a marriage which had produced no children and who had then obtained permission from their first husband to take their second husband. Confusingly, Martin Luther did not make it clear as to how long a woman had to wait before taking her second husband.<br />
<br />
To sum up, the New Testament upholds the example of deacons, elders, and bishops, for men to follow. That example is one wife. The New Testament also lays down that the Old Testament no longer applies to men or women, except for the 10 Commandments, and gives as an example of this that a woman is no longer bound to have only one husband. If men must follow the example of the male Christian leader in marriage, whether bishop, deacon, or elder, then surely women must follow the example of the female Christian leader in marriage. What leader is that? The primary one in the New Testament is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, God the Son.<br />
<br />
Luke 1:15&35&41 King James 1611.<br />
Mary had carnal copulation with three men. The Angel Gabriel, Joseph Jacob, and Joseph Heli. However, Mary was only in wedlock with two men, Joseph Jacob, and Joseph Heli. Furthermore, the Angel Gabriel was not a man of this world, and he seems not to have taken a fully visible male form when he had carnal copulation with Mary as ordered by God the Father, for it appears that at some stage God the Holy Ghost came upon or entered Mary. Either this was at the moment Mary conceived or immediately afterwards. After Mary conceived, she immediately went to visit her cousin Elisabeth, who was six months with child, a son, who also had been conceived when Elisabeth had been filled by God the Holy Ghost.<br />
<br />
Accordingly it would be fully in accordance with the New Testament for a man to have one wife, and a woman to have two husbands. That the Angel Gabriel had carnal copulation with Mary is both interesting and theologically necessary, but it is not enough of an example for a woman to attempt to take a third husband in wedlock, whilst her first and second husbands still liveth.<br />
<br />
Matthew 19:11-12 King James 1611.<br />
The New Testament does not give man any choice; he must have wedlock with one woman. Although do bear in mind that Jesus, God the Son, was not in wedlock with any woman.<br />
<br />
But the New Testament gives a woman three choices.<br />
<br />
1st Choice:<br />
Virgin woman without wedlock.<br />
<br />
2nd Choice:<br />
Virgin woman with one husband in wedlock without child.<br />
Virgin woman with one husband in wedlock with female child or female children.<br />
Holy woman with one husband in wedlock with firstborn male child.<br />
Holy woman with one husband in wedlock with male child or children together with female child or children.<br />
<br />
3rd Choice:<br />
Holy woman with two husbands in wedlock with firstborn male child.<br />
Holy woman with two husbands in wedlock with male child or children together with female child or children.<br />
<br />
A number of denominations have a service for wedlock, but so far every one of them has inserted words that clearly say a woman may be in wedlock with only one man at a time. Even the State Lutheran Evangelical Church of Sweden states this, despite Martin Luther himself saying that a wife can be in wedlock with two living husbands.<br />
<br />
But what do you expect. After all, Martin Luther stated in writing that under no circumstances was anyone to call himself a “Lutheran” and under no circumstances was any church to call itself a “Lutheran Church”. So what do all northern europeans called themselves? Lutherans! Ask them what church they belong to? The Lutheran Church!<br />
<br />
A number of denominations do not have any service for wedlock, on the grounds that wedlock is not a church matter, as it is a state matter. But every such denomination has nevertheless inserted words in that denomination’s discussion of wedlock, that firmly says that a woman can only have one husband in wedlock at a time.<br />
<br />
Nowhere do any of the denominations give any explanation for their defiance of the New Testament. Of course that just might be because there is neither any justifiable explanation or excusable explanation for such defiance.<br />
<br />
Still, just looking at using only the principle of choice as a guide, all the above denominations are pointing in the right direction, even if they are not pointing down the correct path.<br />
<br />
That is, a man has no choice, he must make efforts to be in wedlock with one wife at some stage of his life here in this world.<br />
<br />
And a woman still has a choice, in that she may choose not to be in wedlock with a man in this world, or she may choose to be in wedlock with one husband at some stage of her life here in this world. This means that the principle of a woman having a choice remains intact.<br />
<br />
The defiance of both the Lord God and the New Testament by the various denominations by the removal of a woman’s option to make efforts to be in wedlock with two husbands at the same time at some stage of her life in this world, still leaves intact the principle of choice for the woman and no choice for the man.<br />
<br />
Constitution of The Spartans (Xenophon). 388 B.C.<br />
League of The Iroquois (Lewis Henry Morgan). 1851 A.D.<br />
Only two non-christian groups in the world have been known to practice New Testament wedlock. The Spartans and the Mohawk.<br />
<br />
Only monandry and diandry, or New Testament style wedlock, was lawful among the Spartans, citizens of the greatest of the greek city-states, Sparta, and history’s final saviours of Western Civilization at Thermopylae (The Hot Gates) in 480 B.C.<br />
<br />
And only monandry and diandry, or New Testament style wedlock, was lawful among the Mohawk, citizens of the greatest of the eastern woodland North American tribes, which forever blocked France’s attempt to seize New York so as to split England’s colonies in twain.<br />
<br />
Not only did spartan women routinely have two husbands at the same time, but Sparta herself always had two kings at the same time, as Sparta had two separate royal families. This dual monarchy (there are no other words to describe it) came from the Agiad Royal Family and the Eurypontid Royal Family.<br />
<br />
Much criticism of both the Spartans and the Mohawk, has been leveled by outsiders who complain of the extreme freedom of the females and the extreme militarism of the males. It must be noted that there is no record of any Spartan male, Spartan female, Mohawk male, or Mohawk female, complaining of female freedom or male militarism.<br />
<br />
Whatever your point of view on Spartan life or Mohawk life, the New Testament lays down cast-iron guidelines for wedlock. The fact that the New Testament complies with Spartan law and Mohawk law is irrelevant.<br />
<br />
Of absolutely no relevance to this discussion, the symbol of the United States of America is the bald headed eagle, which is a species that uses both monandry and diandry for conception, and where the one male or two males reside in the exactly the same nest as the one female. The one female and either the one male or two males, stay in the nest together and raise the chick together.<br />
<br />
Mark 10:7 King James 1611.<br />
Ephesians 5:31 King James 1611.<br />
Both husbands must leave their families to go and become a member of the wife’s family, or the one husband must leave his family to go and become a member of the wife’s family.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
1st. If any person within this Government of The Mohawk shall by direct, exprest, impious, or presumptuous ways, deny the true God and his Attributes; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
2nd. If any person within this Government of The Mohawk shall maliciously and on purpose deny that any Mohawk person may have arms for his defence suitable to his condition and as allowed by law; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
3rd. If any man shall traitorously deny his Clanmother’s right and titles to her Eagle Feathers and Dominions, or shall raise arms to resist her Authority; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
4th. If any man shall treacherously conspire or publiquely attempt, to invade or surprise any town or towns, fort or forts, within this Government of the Mohawk; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
5th. If any man lyeth with a man or mankind as he lyeth with a woman; they shall be put to death, unless the one party were forced or under fourteen years of age, in which case he shall not be punished.<br />
<br />
6th. If any man or woman shall lye with any beast or brute creature by carnal copulation; they shall be put to death, and the beast shall be burned.<br />
<br />
7th. If any person shall bear false witness maliciously and on purpose to take away any person’s life; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
8th. If any person shall slay, or cause another to be slain by guile or by poisoning or any such wicked conspiracy; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
9th. If any person shall commit any willful murder, which is manslaughter, committed upon malice, hatred, or cruelty, not in a man’s necessary or just defence, nor by mere casualty against his will; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
10th. If any person shall geld any man or mankind to take away generative power or virility; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
11th. If any person shall geld any woman or womankind; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
12th. If any man forcibly stealth or carrieth away any woman or womankind; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
13th. If any marryed man shall lye with a woman by carnal copulation, other than his one wife; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
14th. If any marryed woman shall lye with a man by carnal copulation, other than her two husbands or one husband; she shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
15th. If any unmarryed man above twentyeight years of age and under fortytwo years of age shall maliciously and on purpose refuse wedlock for over fourteen days with any marryed woman under sixtythree years of age, said marryed woman having borne a son, or unmarryed woman under sixtythree years of age; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
16th. If any person shall maliciously and on purpose deny any marryed woman wedlock with two husbands, said marryed woman having borne a son, or any unmarryed woman wedlock with one husband; he shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
17th. If any child, above sixteen years of age, and of sufficient understanding, shall smite his Natural Mother or Lodgemother, unless thereunto provoked and foret for the self preservation from death or mayming, then at the complaint of the said Mother and Lodgemother, and not otherwise, they being sufficient witnesses thereof; that child so offending shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
18th. If any stubborn and rebellious son, above sixteen years of age, and of sufficient understanding, shall not obey the voice of his Natural Mother or Lodgemother, and that when the said Mother or Lodgemother have chastened such son will not hearken unto them, then at the complaint of the said Mother and Lodgemother, and not otherwise, they being sufficient witnesses thereof; that son so offending shall be put to death.<br />
<br />
19th. If any unmarryed man shall lye with a woman by carnal copulation; he shall be whipt thirteen strokes, unless he hath his Natural Mother or Lodgemother authority, in which case he shall not be punished.<br />
<br />
20th. If any unmarryed woman shall lye with a man by carnal copulation; she shall be whipt three strokes, unless she hath her Natural Mother or Lodgemother authority, in which case she shall not be punished.

Hi again, thanks for the respon. I really interesting at your life style, not for me, just curious. I'm sure you're a very charming lady that can handle both men perfectly.. It's good that your religion and culture not forbid it. wish someday you can legalize your married with Rohit. If you're going to find a new lover, i have that's because of love, not just for fun, and maybe someday you'll feel that you can handle the new one as you handle the previous ones and marry him. that will makes you a very special lady. I think i have so many question for you, can you please add my yahoo messenger? it's gpvr46. thanks alot

Hi again, thanks for the respon. I really interesting at your life style, not for me, just curious. I'm sure you're a very charming lady that can handle both men perfectly.. It's good that your religion and culture not forbid it. wish someday you can legalize your married with Rohit. If you're going to find a new lover, i have that's because of love, not just for fun, and maybe someday you'll feel that you can handle the new one as you handle the previous ones and marry him. that will makes you a very special lady. I think i have so many question for you, can you please add my yahoo messenger? it's gpvr46. thanks alot

Hi again, thanks for the respon. I really interesting at your life style, not for me, just curious. I'm sure you're a very charming lady that can handle both men perfectly.. It's good that your religion and culture not forbid it. wish someday you can legalize your married with Rohit. If you're going to find a new lover, i have that's because of love, not just for fun, and maybe someday you'll feel that you can handle the new one as you handle the previous ones and marry him. that will makes you a very special lady. I think i have so many question for you, can you please add my yahoo messenger? it's gpvr46. thanks alot

I met Rohit in a party and fell in love with him, and he with me. I persuaded my husband to take him into our house as a paying guest. I had sex with my lover in the day and with my husband at night. Then one day, I just got crazy and kissed Rohit right in front of my husband and took him into the bedroom. From that day it was understood that I loved both the men. <br />
Rohit did not ask my husband for my hand, rather it was me who first brought up the idea. My husband was however fully supportive of the idea from the beginning.<br />
I'm not sure I will be able to handle another husband in my life. But I am certainly open to the idea of having another lover, and perhaps even have him live with the three of us. My husbands are very excited by the idea, but we need the right kind of person.

Hi, i want to ask you. How Rohit ask your hand to married from your older husband? and what's his reaction at that time? are there any chance that you'll marry another man in the future? And if it's happen what's your husbands will say about it?

Yes, it is incredibly erotic. That is what keeps our marriage afloat.

do you always have sex with the both of them together or are you ever with just one of them? you must be one tired lady sometimes lol. more power to you but something like this would wear me out in more ways than one. one man underfoot would be enough, but two all the time? i would lose my mind! :)

I am in a relationship with 2 wonderful men and yes sometimes we have a MFM ********* but I also have my special time with both individually. I am currently pregnant with one of their baby's . to have two men loving you for who you are to rub your belly, talking to the baby.. Its not so bad. I understand that its not for everyone but personally I love it

oh dvijay, it seems one part of you loves me, and the other part hates me. which is the real you?

Hi,<br />
I am always coming back to you because I like your thought of more than two men in the life and both of then are fully aware of the others presence in the life of his wife.<br />
<br />
Women having heavy sexual desire must be allowed to have this freedom.

Thanks Knine. We all rely on each other for emotional support. The other day when my younger husband failed in a test in college, it was the elder one who took him to a movie to cheer him up.

Actually Tilia, I think you are talking about China. In India the government does promote two children per couple, but it is not enforced by law.<br />
And yes, we would love to have a girl child.

This is going to sound crazy, but i'm a guy and I could totally go for that. The ridiculous divorce rate in America clearly shows that either the nuclear family is a broken system or we aren't doing it right. Would you say you handle most of their combined emotional burdens or do they ever rely on each other for support?

I'm quite interested in the legal aspect of this, concerning the child. <br />
I might be wrong but I think there is a law in India forbiding couple from having more than on child. Is It possible for you to have two of them by declaring two different fathers, one for each ?<br />
Would having a girl be okay with you and your husbands ?<br />
<br />
Anyway, a very nice story, thank you for sharing.

MMFLOVER... you sound like a woman very much like me. I love having two men in my life on a regular, long-term, committed basis. Since here in the US I cannot have to "husbands", we entered into a legal "partnership" long ago. We have four kids now... and have never had any desire to do paternity tests. Never will.<br />
<br />
There appears to be at least two differences between you and me. One... I try to avoid being dominent. We all three have a relationship of equals. Two... I have no hesitation about my guys having other females in their sex lives. I encourage it. As a result, they often bring home other new guys for me. We all enjoy multiple sex partners for the variety of it.<br />
<br />
Also, on any given night I may sleep with both of them or just one of them... depending on the situation. I genuinely love being "sandwiched" between them (as you described).<br />
<br />
You can read more about me on my free web site (http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Joans_True_3-some_Stories/). My reports are posted under file number L-104.<br />
<br />
Much love to you MMFLOVER... and to other women like us who enjoy the many pleasures of having two regular men in our lives and beds.<br />
<br />
Joan (aka "2uysForMe")

I am no tribal woman. That was just a reference. If you choose to disbelieve me, there is nothing in the world I can do to convince you. And probably its not worth the effort either.

As I know we Indians are very very jealous.And we feel desgracefull to look at other mans penis touch his body if we are not gay.<br />
<br />
I think they must be at least bi to accept to look at other persons penis.For looking at a woman or more women for a group of men is not such a shmefull thing.<br />
<br />
Another thing I am sure about is that no tribal woman in India can read or wright english and in such a fluency.So now please tell the truth about your this story of polyandry.

Well, they do love each other. They suck each others' organs, but only after they are wet with my juices - it is part of the woman being dominant role-play amongst them.

Interesting arrangement - I wonder how long it will be before the two men make love to each other? In a situation like this, the two men have to love each other as much as they love the woman, or it just doesn't work. This is the reason that brothers can marry the same woman with some success, but it's harder for two who don't have that long history of knowing each other.

Well Ronanp, our sleeping arrangements are simple - I sleep in between the two men. Often I have to feed my baby and after doing that we keep him in the cradle to sleep. Then I talk to my husbands about the daily chit-chat. Then usually one demands that he suckle my breasts. I tell him to take off his clothes and he lies across my laps as he suckles the milk from my breast, while I stroke his buttocks or his erection. The other man will then either take my other breast or kiss my face and mouth. As the heat increases, they undress me and the sex begins in earnest. Usually I take one man inside me while the other awaits his chance, but once in a while when we are very hot, they squeeze my body between theirs' and hump me together, while I squeeze their buttocks like kneading dough. This is of course so exciting that we all groan and moan loudly, the men pouring love words into my ears.<br />
Its because these men share me as their common wife, that the sex between us is so intense. The fact that I am desired by another man makes me more desirable to the other man.

I always sleep with both husbands together.

Do you sleep with both husbands at the same time or separately?

''feinarri'', to answer your query first, the emotional aspects are often complex. At this stage of my marriage I am physically more attracted to my younger husband, not to mention the fact that he is the most often around the house, helping me with the household chores. We do all the fun activities together, like watching movies, playing cards etc. <br />
The elder husband senses this and often gets upset. But if he sees me kissing the younger one passionately or be fondled by him, he just flows into a rage of lust and falls on my body, calling me his queen. After sex with me, the two men are always best of friends.<br />
They both love the baby. Rohit is against any paternity testing and says that he will let my elder husband be the legal father of the child.

How does it feel to have two men filling you with their ***?

I could never do that. Ever.

is it hard? how do you spread your emotion to two people and a child that could be either of theirs? how do your husbands act towards the child?


Wow, yellowpager, you have some "interesting" ideas about marriage. I know you speak from your own perspective, but I wonder why you are so cynical. I married for love, but was way wrong. Now that I'm 40-something, an independent woman, I have finally found true love. I have a LOT more money than he does and he was my best friend before our relationship evolved into love. Obviously, your theory isn't true for everyone. But thanks for explaining marriage from your perspective. I hope one day you find happiness.

I think we will have to do a paternity test and find out who the real father is. He will then be the legal father too, so it should be okay.

how do u see the future of ur children?

Ha, ha, ha! Yes they do moan and nag, but they also moan and groan later in bed.

Most people are certainly hostile to our relationship. Hence our social life is quite limited.<br />
As to Kalyaniyinmani, I would just say that Indian women once used to be very open minded and lived in a liberal society. Years of repression have certainly made them afraid to express their deepest desires. But just look up indian polyandry in Wikipedia and you will be surprised out of your presumptions.

you are not indian; you are making things up.

First, let me commend you for your openness and for the courage you must have to live in a multiple marriage. <br />
We here in the U.S., and probably most of the world, live by some very limited rules. Many refuse to open their minds to other possibilities like your marriage. Sometimes I feel like some think: “I can’t do that, so you shouldn’t be able to do it either!” <br />
I can certainly see the reasoning behind polyandry and polygamy, simply because it is reasonable that one can love more than one person at a time. If that happens and it is feasible to live your lives that way, I say more power to you. <br />
I guess my only question to you is how difficult is it within your community? Are you shunned or derided by anyone, or do they accept your situation?

Seems like a lot of questions need to be answered, so I will try to take them all together.<br />
Polyandry is certainly illegal in India, and so is polygamy. Yet we have numerous instances of men getting married to two women (sometimes sisters). On the other hand, the tradition for polyandry certainly exists in many parts of the country. In many hilly regions all brothers still marry a single woman and have children with her. Till relatively recently, a certain community in South India followed the practice of polyandry.<br />
Because of the practice of female foeticide, in many parts females have become so reduced that many men are forced to share a single woman.<br />
I got married to my two husbands in a religious ceremony which was attended by our closest relatives. Certainly they were all shocked intially at the proposal, but since the husband whom I was already married to was totally supportive, they had no choice in the matter. Certainly our poly-marriage cannot be legally registered.<br />
As far as the emotional upheavels go, certainly those do happen and are often magnified by the intrinsic complexity of our relationship. But because I sleep with both my men together or not at all, we are often reconciled soon. Sex is the cement that holds our marriage together.

In India also polyandry is illegal.I do not know how she has got married to two men and living with them at the same time.I dont think you are officially married with both of them.

Cant judge, but i think the quality of our lives as humans is determined by the standards we set for our selves. i c an emotional war between three people........are u sure ur husbands are not bi-sexual, u might be taken for a ride......look at the bright side....got four shoulders to cry on.<br />
but u r not a bad person and dont let any one tell u that u r.

The concept of having multiple marriage partners is foreign here in America. Most states allow only 2 people to be married. So basically everyone gets married and divorced time after time as they get older.<br />
First younger people get married in order to have sex, then when they get tired of each other, they get divorces so they can have sex with other people.<br />
Usually women will marry wealthy men as they get older to have more money. Men will marry women that are younger in order to have more sex with them.. until the women get older and then find an even wealthier man.<br />
Also some women will get breast implants in order to lure wealthy older men. These men know that breast implants mean she is willing to have sex with him even though he is old. This is how marriage works in America, and why it is difficult for us to understand the concept of a woman having two husbands.

Do you have intimacy with one at a time or does that cause hard feelings?