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I Am Married To Two Men - ask me anything

I am married to two men for the past few years and have a baby by them. Shoot your queries and I will be glad to answer them.

mmflover mmflover 31-35, F 85 Responses Mar 10, 2010

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I ligaly married by a man from germany,he never help me. Had other kenyan got a baby with him but not ligaly married, and i love him so much,i want to get back to him and marry officially. Will there be any problem with owning two marriage certificates.

i have a husband. and we have an open marriage. i am in love with a guy in his sixties and i was wondering where i would have to go to marry him while i am married to my husband.

How do I do that? I have two men that wish to marry me and they know of each other and want it as well.

I have two men, two best friends, that both want to be with me, as I do with them. How do I get them to want to do this all together. I can't choose between them.

I have been in a loving relationship with a married woman. Her husband knows me well and approves of our love. She is 50 and I am 64. I would like my wealth such as it is to be hers in the event that I should pass. This is easy enough but short term I would also like for her to share in my living benefits such as insurance and pension. All three of us agree that if we could get away with it that she should be married to both of us. Do the insurance companies and pension boards do a check to see if a spouse is " double dipping"? I my case she would only have the benefit of my pension and insurance as he has none. Also my Social Security benefit is greater than his as he is disabled. Please, any thoughts?

I have been with my husband for 18 years and we no longer communicate or have any intimacy, I went on AM and met someone, we are a perfect match in everyway, but we made a promise to never tell our other spouses, I have already been caught online twice with this man, spent time in jail and my current husband still loves me, but of course will never trust me again. My friend and I want to commit to one another and not hurt our other spouses or family. We are truly in love with one another , we were made for each other in every way, please help I don't want to lose either man or my family.

My husband and I have been happily married for 18 years. I and he have been talking about the possibility of having me have another husband join our marriage. He would have to not be gay! But we both seem to think it would be great other than what public and family may have to say about it!!! How were family and friends and public opinions in your situation?

my wife has a boy friend and she tells me sometimes about what they do together when they go out
the only thing that teases me is once she said he has a bigger and thicker **** than mine :(

Is it legal and how do you go about marrying a women that's already married.

Ummmm... hi. I have fallen head over heels in love with these two amazing men and they are both best friends. they recently asked me to marry them and I said yes. the only problem is that I am having trouble finding out where, how, and really anything about how i can spend the rest of my life with the two men that make my life wonderful. I would really like your help please. thank you!

Are you still married? You live in the same home?

hi , can u reply me . i wll be u r 3rd hubby

You're an idiot.
*you, *?, *will, *your

I am married to one man and love him so much. We have a daughter together. Before we were married i had met, fell in love, and had my youngest daughter with another man. I have recently told them both how i felt about the other. They highly dislike one another. They expect me to choose between them and this is a pain so deep it is physical. I cant choose. Thats like being told to choose between water or food and you'll never have the other again...i need them both to survive! Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

I would love to find 2 men that would love me, and protect me, help me, and support me, and respect me. the right men would make me feel safe and cherished. they must be wonderful men. you are a very lucky woman--god bless you! I am married with 2 children and most of the time I feel like I'm raising them as a single parent. It would be nice to have 2 husbands and not feel alone, to have two men that my boys could go to for advise, two men that could help around the house, two men that could help with day to day decisions. I am truly happy for you.

I have to tell you that you sound like a great woman and its noy fair that kind of life. Nowadays every couple need to back each other up, because women have to work and comming home and taking care of kids and a house is more than another job. You have all my respect and feel free to stay in touch. I wish you luck:))

Be happy with yourself. And for the sake of us all, learn your spelling and grammar. This is on the internet for eff sakes!

I am in a polygamy relationship, myself and my significant others, were wondering if both of these men are your actual husbands or if you are only truly married to one or none but say you are? And if you are truly married to both how did you go about doing so, because we want to get married?.

It is so beutiful to have the love of 1 man but the love of 2 is exceptional!. i myself is wiccan married to 1 husband and leagaly married to another. we all get on so well together and plan on making our family bigger one day with children. spirituly we three are connected .. though sex is not the main reason why we all desided to be together. we love and respect each other as 1 heart beat. when 1 is in pain the other two comforts. its funny when the the men want a mans night out and i get to spend some alone time. our relationship is a spiritual jurney of love and trust and respect for each other.

I am currently in a relationship with two wonderful men, one I'm engaged to and the other one says he wants to marry me too.. Both men are currently living under the same roof and both love me for me. All my faults and good days and bad days.

nice good idea you will be haveing more happy life what lucky you are one husband is driving your car and the other can make sex with you at the back seat

I am interested in learning more about this, what sort of ceremony did you have?

if u have a chance to meet a new guy and u love him too will u marry him also ??

wow just wow having to husband and everybody getting along in the same house <br />
I think that's fantastic!

I would just like to say the I fully support you. I am american and I believe that when it comes to love nothing is wrong. If I was in love with two guys and they wanted to enter into a relationship all together, I would probably do it. As for people saying that it is unacceptable in america. Well, I don't think that that is all together correct. If it was as unacceptable then there would not be romance authors like Maya Banks, Lora Leigh, Trina Lane, Eve Langlais, Bronwyn Green, and Lorie O'Clare who all sell lots of books that deal with polyandry marriages, and that is just a drop in the bucket of authors from america that write polyandry marriage books. I also would like to say that I don't believe that a paternity test is necessary, as far as you husbands are concerned i am sure the both love the child and that the child loves both of his dads. So who really cares whose ***** is actually responsible! Anyway good for you, you are very lucky to find two men that love you. Most of us can't even find one that loves us.

I would like to marry two prisoners in two different countries, I want to thank you for sharing your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to marry two prisoners in two different countries, I want to thank you for sharing your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW..this is totally awesome...I have a husband and a boyfriend...we tell each other he is my 2nd husband and i am his 2nd wife as he is married also...husband 1 and wife 1 know nothing of what is happening...neither would be first husband is away for 2 weeks a month so i spend those two weeks with husband 2 as much as possible ....we do everything together like a normal couple, cook, clean, hangout, watch movies, have sex, all these things together...and i do all those things with my first husband when he is home..husband number 2 is not jealous of husband 1 but husband 1 never wants to hear about it...he tells me to do my thing when he is not around but he doesn't want to hear about it....this saddens me as i love them both equally..i would be heart broken without either of is like i live 2 seperate lives as with each husband we have total different sets of friends...your story is amazing...and as much as i love my life ...i would love it even more if husband number 1 was as open as yours...husband 2's wife is never around...she doesn't want to be married to him but refuses to divorce him so he never even sees her...they live in a huge duplex her on one side him on the other...his kids all love me and we do many family things kids love husband 1 & 2 ....all kids envolved are over 18 and are totally supportive...they are all very amazing...would love to talk with you more...<br />
thanks <br />

If I had the lucky chance to have a lady willing to have another husband or lover, I would indeed make love to him as well. If this is what our lady wishes, no is not an option. We should always do what we can to please her in anyway she desires. I on my part would be open minded to everything that makes her happy and pleased. I don't have that lucky chance to have such a lady. Just my thoughts. Have a great day.<br />

Hi. MMFlover, I love your stories!! They are such a turn on. After a while, I'm sure the husbands will lose their inhibitions and start trying to copulate with each other. Have you ever been so tired and they so aroused that you let them have sex together? Give us a story about that.<br />
Thank you for the good reads!! Pbrad009

I think we all know one lady can keep two men pleased, as well as a dozen. If she cares and loves them equally, why should there be a problem. I personally would welcome that idea with an open mind, open arms and open heart. All three making love together is all well and fine by me. Both men need to help each other please their lady to the fullest everyday. They need to think together as one mind and focus to find ways and ideas to keep her pleased, satisfied and heart happy everyday. They should also be open minded to her ideas, wishes and fantasies to please her her way, no matter what she ask of them. If she does not ask for anything then they should ask her what can we do to please you better or even in some different way, for you and or any fantasies you may have We care, love you and are here for you. This is very important to a very happy exciting relationship. They should also make love to her separately sometimes so she can love them each in their special way. As far as all three actually sleeping in the same bed, I would not sleep very well. You must admit, that even a king bed would not be big enough. I think the lady sleeps in the master bed every night and the men take turns. Every other night they can sleep with her and then sleep in the second bedroom alone. I see many good things from this idea. I would be very happy with this kind of lady and relationship. The more I write, it makes me sad I am not so lucky. No way can one man keep two ladies as happy as one lady keeping two men happy. It is just common sense. This lucky thing only happens to men that don't have an open mind and feel insecure. I am sure I will never be this lucky. I think just all 3 being engaged but not marry is best, do to the law and what could become of it, this would be the safest way. Good luck to you and tell your two men count their blessings, keep their faith in each other as well as you and to keep you happy always. I fell left out of the party and sad now. Thank You, GLENN

I wish i can do something like this!! but where to find two guys? Finding a decent single men is so hard these days:)

r u still looking that two men?? me my friend is available

i stay in India, bangalore. where do you stay. I really used to fantasize the lifestyle but never thought it exists in real. two husbands competing to please their wife is something i fancy a lot.... do let me know if you are open to a nw mfm relation or having third husband in your life.

Dear Madam<br />
I love and respect your way of living.I do many times imagine taking a lover of my wife in to our life.My wife don't have any affair so far.But i personally feel a good husband should allow her wife to take her lover in the bed.I think you are a very lucky women to have your elder huband.I advice you not to take a third lover.that may be risky.Mybest wishes for you to continue your sexy married life.<br />
A good husband from<br />

good concept, we must try all such combinations as we like.