I'm One Of Ten Kids, Ask Me Anything

Yes, it is quite a bundle of kids and I know plenty of people have questions, so, Shoot. Ask Away. I'm lonely and here all day.

MortCheval MortCheval
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Having so many siblings doesn't mean that I love to hang around with them 100% of the time. It mostly means I have little to no privacy. <br />
I'm lonely, mainly, because I have 6 brothers, 3 sisters and the two oldest girls are gone and the youngest is too young to talk to about most things. Bothers are brothers. They tease and don't really understand me.

If I joined a local church or hung out a regular bar, I might have friends. Then I could talk sport, booze or religion. Small towns every where are like this. Still we don't have the crime rate the larger towns do. Holidays and wekends when I don't work are the worst for me. To much time to think. I believe makes it worse.

no need to feel loney... why do you tho?