I Am A Shy 23 Year Old Young Woman

I have a passion for fashion ,i love nature and i love having my own space. I am a very shy person who loves honesty,integrity and i have a pretty smile. I am not loud,rude or arragant. I love watching the moon and the stars at night,it all looks so magical and i realise just how small we are in this galaxy of light.. Im a dreamer and i love things earthly and mystical. LOng road trips and hiking is my thing. Travelling is something i want to do in the near future. I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry but i am still studying towards that and hoping someday i will reach my goal. 


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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Well then you sound like a wonderful person! I love long road trips! We should talk more.

Great thinking and good and close to my dream I am from the Arab countries and Arab and native looking for friends around the world now I'm a soldier<br />
However, when Sa äÊåí will get around the world until I find what I'm looking for jad0o....

It's good to be honest but at same time it is difficult for the one as the time is very difficult for the person like u and me who belive in such honesty. But keep faith in your self and god then u will achive all your goal. I would love to be with person like u.