I Am An Iranian. Ask Me Anything

Well, I always have the fear of racism and such things, but I will give it a try here to see any feedback.

There are many people who donot know anything about iranians and iran.

Ask me anything. I will try to clarify things for you.

As the first thing to clarify, I would explain the name of my country. Well I new name is Iran, the people are Iranian, and the language is Farsi. The traditional name for my country is Persia, the people are persian and the language is persian. I wrote Iranian in the title, to avoid any misunderstanding (there is country in the world with the name of Persia).

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Hugs((hugs))) back to you! Thank you very much. I have enjoyed our frank discussion.<br />
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I believe Europa's Dark age ended wfhen the Church lost so much power, same might be true for you...DD

Dewduster,<br />
there is no problem by the muslims or Islam religion. The main problem is that "political power" that causes serious problems. Nowadays we are in dark age similar to dark ages in europe but I think it will last shorter than 500 years due to information technology and such things.<br />
There was two times that Persia was a powerful country. Once before Islam came in the whole world, I mean about 3 to 4 centuries ago and once when Islam entered to Persia. People were tired of the last king therefore they prefered to be muslim. After a while muslims gained more power in the world following cruel kings and the country fell behind.<br />
The problem by Islam is its leaders right now. In the Islamic holy book, it is stated that there is one leader in the world and that is God. That is what is mostly ignored by people who want to be leader and have power over the people. In fact they have the power right now.<br />
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Thanks fore an honest answer. I do note that when Christians had political power we had 500 years of the Inquisition. <br />
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One more question. Persia was the most advance country in the world while the western Europa was in the dark ages (Due to Christian influence and the burning of the library of Alexandria.).<br />
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Then Persia fell behind. My understanding is that Persia was overran by Muslims about the same time they entered there own Dark ages. Is there any truth to this?...DD

It is hard to explain. Persia has a variety of people; In west of the country people do not let their women to be seen by other men. It does not matter for men in north. In south when people see you and your gf they wish you all the best and in some smaller states people will kill you and your gf!!<br />
Well, in Tehran (the capital of Persia) there is several classes; the women are never treated badly in my neighborhood. However there are men in lower classes who are much more aggressive and will mistreat not only women but also kids and other people. there is some regions in the capital that is truly dangerous.

I have seen stories of women in Persia/Iran that make me feel very sorry for them. <br />
Please tell me the truth, are women, of all classes, treated bad? Or is it just some men, in the lower class who mistreat women?...DD

I never do. As I said before I really love people and enjoy being friend with them. White, black, american, chinese, fat, slim, .... does not matter. The point is we are all human!<br />
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No problem my friend. I just hope that in turn you understand and don't hold it against me or my fellow citizens when our leaders do ****** things on our behalf which is often the case.

Hey, many thanks for your comments. I guess I was too scared to write this story. Therefore I edited it a little. I guess it sounds more natural.

Not really a question, but a comment. I'm American, and many years ago during the Iranian hostage crisis I got to know a bar tender in San Francisco who'd recently immigrated to the U.S. and referred to himself as being Persian rather than Iranian out of fear and shame. He was a fine upstanding man and we became great friends. Government leaders do not always speak or act on behalf of their citizens as it is here as well. Anyone who gives you crap for being Iranian is small minded and most likely uneducated.