I Am A Lucky Guy Whose Wife Screws Him With Her Strap-on *****. Ask Me Anything.

A year or so ago, my wife came home from a business trip. While she had been away she had secretly visitied an Adult Book Store and had purchased some sex toys.


When she got home and showed them to me, there were a couple of vibrators and also a strap on *****. When i asked her why she had bought that, she told me it was to **** me with.


Over the next few weeks, she trained me to take it deep in my *** and now whenever we do it. The ******* for both of us are amazing.


I know I am a lucky guy and would love to help anyone else to persuade their partner to do the same thing to them.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I'm also interested in trying this, but have not approached my wife of 25 years yet. With two teens in the house, it's difficult to find time let alone be noisy or vigorous in our sex life. However, I spotted a sale a year or so ago on a harness with black nylon straps, and a "ba<x>se" to hold the thin purple untextured ***** in. I have not shown it to her, but I have removed the ***** and tried it on her first as a sex toy (it was fair for her, but smaller than the one we normally use for her) and then for me one day during solo sex. It was adequate, in that it was not too large for me.<br />
<br />
My question is two fold: First, what is the appeal for a man...that is, what sensations should he expect to receive from a strap-on...and in what position should you two be?<br />
Second, since my wife is somewhat heavyset, I suspect the straps will be close to their extreme limit when tightened down. Any suggestions on where and how it should be positioned on her body?<br />
And finally, how do you suggest that I broach this topic to her? She's not opposed to being adventurous, but more frequently comes down on the conservative white bread/vanilla side of sex... prefers "natural" sex instead of "kink", but when very aroused, will explore. Suggestions?

Got her to try it last night. Didn't do a thing for me. Killed my libido and arousal. So disappointing.

Huh..? I've been hearing those kind of toys but never seen those (never used one). How are you going to use that..? And is it fun..?! Kindly explain to me everything about that...