I Am An Unmedicated Bipolar Ask Me Anything...

I am an Unmedicated bipolar. Anyone who is bipolar, knows how hard it is to control your mood swings, with meds, and I have to do it without meds.

Ask me anything.

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Have you ever stalked, terrorized, lied about, and/or conspired against another person? Are you mean to a person until they have something you want, and then proceed to try to use them and pretend you are their best friend? If you are rejected by a person do you become hellbent on doing everything you can to bully and destroy them, including enlisting your friends to join in? Do you feel a compulsive need to take off your clothes in public or announce to groups of people online what you are (or aren't) wearing? Do you have to have all attention on you all the time?<br />
I am curious about this because it has happened to me with three different admitted bipolars (possibly four...still not sure what exactly is wrong mentally with the fourth one, she may have split personality or borderline personality disorder), but I'm pretty sure that all of them were heavily medicated. I have a strong feeling it is the medication that makes them behave like that. <br />
Since you are not medicated maybe you can help me to understand this better, if it is the disease or the pills? Or is every case different and I just happened to be unfortunate enough to encounter so many that all had the exact same symptoms?<br />
<br />
*Apologies if these questions are offensive to anyone reading them, they are not meant to be. My prayers to anyone suffering from mental illness, and anyone who has been victimized by someone with mental illness.

Not meant to be offensive? How? This is HIGHLY offensive.

i was also just told a few days ago that I was bipolar. I know it would help if I take my medication, but now that some people know about it , its like they don't want anything to do with me. I have lost a lot of friends, mainly past relationships from all of this. I hate that some us have to go through this and when I bring it up to people that I'm bipolar and if I say something that hurts or offends them that I'm truly sorry and I didn't mean it, they still see me as a threat and wants nothing to do with me....

i have just just been diagnosed as bi polar and i already hate taking the medication it makes me feel worse! can i really copoe without the pills my family put alot of pressure on me to take them if i could get some advice maybe i can show them i dont need to take the pills

Have you tried looking for free clinics in your area?<br />
<br />
Also....there's a good list of resources/ideas at http://www.healthcentral.com/depression/c/84292/70431/money-insurance