Been Able To See And Speak To/with Spirits.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been able to see and speak to/with spirits.  My father passed away and he was the very first spirit that I was able to communicate with and as I got older it became more and more spirits. I used to live with a very close and dear friend of mine and my husbands and his property (I'll call him Boone) was very haunted. I remember one day this spirit poodle was scratching at the back door and I went and let him in and it turned out to be his mom and dad's first poodle, Jeffrey. I also remember taking a shower and hearing talking in the living room, well having all doors & windows locked and the alarm activated there was no way in hell anybody could've gotten inside the house, being freaked out, I went out to the living room with shampoo in my hair and there sat his papa and my father talking and having a grand ole time; now mind you, both of these men were deceased and had been for some time. I just sat down on the couch and proceeded to talk to them as if they were living. Most people think I'm outta my mind but there's another thing about me that only certain people know and understand, I'm a people reader, basically I can read your thoughts and emotions when I look into one's eyes. I've also been known to take and share energy. I hope none of y'all think I'm looney.

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I don't think your looney, but I will caution you to be very careful, because most spirits who reach out to humans are evil. Your experiences tell me that the spirits including the dog, is evil. They will let themselves be known when they get tired of playing with you.

If you have the stamina to hang in there and learn that only through prayer and dedication to GOD, you can protect yourself.