A Very Scary Moment For Someone Who Can Control Their Dreams

Ever since I can remember, I remember of always having the knowledge that I was on my bed lying down and dreaming at the same time. But there was one instance that I became paralysed with fear in my dream and I couln't wake up, my eyes simply wouldn't open.

I dreamt I was ice skating with woman's ice skates which is very weird considering i'm a man. So here I was going around and making figure 8's when suddenly this woman steps on the ice and looks at me and I completely froze. (The woman was actually the actress that played Carrie in Carrie 2 the Rage) I could feel my heart rate go up, I could feel my body completely pinned down.

I got to tell you it's very very weird to feel that
soulsamourai soulsamourai
Jul 13, 2010