It's Easy To Wallow In Despair-

I've done it more times in my life than I care to admit. The defeats, the incompetence, the sense of low self-worth. The voices in our heads can be so convincing at times, especially when you didn't get positive programming as a kid. Right now I have a ton of reasons to feel down and out: it's coming on to Christmas and I have NO money for presents because I have no savings, I'm behind on rent, my workload was lean before my regular season ended and now I'm scrambling to find work, I have no money to buy heating oil to keep my rental house warm when the really cold weather gets here, I have a dream career I want to fulfill and can't find the way to fulfill it. But there's something in me that won't allow defeat. I AM ABLE to claw my way out of this suffocating hole. I CAN create a positive cash flow in my life. I CAN make it a great holiday. I CAN empower myself to create a joyous life for myself...
And it begins with the messages I give myself. I could listen to the inner critic/cynic that wants to see me defeated, OR I can feed the thoughts that fuel me to put one foot in front of the other and fight my way towards a stronger empowered self. If I were to wait and sit here waiting for validation from the outer world, chances are I'd be a rotting corpse before I'd get what I need from 'out there' before I'd get up and do something about it. The TRUTH is, it's up to ME to do something about it-
Sometimes situations in our lives need to get really bad before we realize that we have the choice to make things different. You have to simmer and wallow in despair before that inner spark bursts into a brighter flame. What feeds that inner flame is empowering thoughts. I AM ABLE is right there at the top of the list-
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