when i was about 6 years old, i suffered with asthma severly and i had to be taken to the hospital weekly for oxygen.  Back then there were no tanks to take home.  So eventually it got so bad that the Dr's at Tampa General Hospital in Florida, told my mom if i don't get surgery, I may not live to get 8 yrs old.  Well, God is good, there where Dr's from ST. JUDE hospital came to Tampa because they heard about me and they performed a needle surgery and drew fluid off of my lungs which was very successful.  Now i am about to be 43 yrs old in june 23rd, and since i didn't have a regular childhood, because i couldn't run, or play in water or nothing, i had to watch all the kids from my porch, but i am so destin to become wealthy so that i can give back especially to St.Judes hospital for kids and become my own boss in MY OWN BUSINESS.  I have modeled for over 20yrs and enjoyed every moment of it, and i still am interested in a career if  opportunity ever came my way, i continue to update my picture portfolio and i still look good even after having my daughter who is now 24 yrs old with a grandchild.  I am presently a student at Westwood College in Mid- town Atlanta majoring in Interior Design and I will have my Bachelors Degree in 2009.  Thank you jesus!
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41-45, F
May 19, 2007