OH Come On...you Dont Know?

Ok so i am just a silly lady that claims to have perfect peace. Well if that makes you happy to think that way then ok but i truly do have perfect peace in my life and i can tell you how it happened.

I was raised in Church and like most people was taught that the only way to heaven is to BE GOOD and LIVE by the COMMANDMENTS.  Well that is great for someone who is "perfect". I was saved but never understood what it meant.  I knew that Jesus died for me and my sins but according to what i was taught i was never going to be good enough to get to heaven. Yup i was Hell bound.

Then i grew up and guess what i failed in allot of areas in my life and had done some stupid things , but i was convinced it didn't matter because i wasn't perfect and all that i did wrong was way too much to be forgiven. I wanted to believe that the good things i did outweighed the bad but lets be honest we sin EVERY SINGLE DAY, and man i was good at that...lol

Then I decided to get married and live my life as i thought i should still getting most of it wrong . I went to a Church and heard for the first time that the only way i wouldn't go to heaven was if i denied that there was a Holy spirit and that Jesus was not real and didn't do all those things for us.  You know no matter what i ever did wrong i didn't ever do that and i realized that i really was SAVED all this time and i could be forgiven for all that junk in my past . That is wasn't God at all that wouldn't forgive me it was me that couldn't forgive me.... And who am I?  Well i certainly am not God and if He can do it then why couldn't I do it for myself.  I was given revelation knowledge that day about what salvation means and i have been a Christian all this time, Man did i feel good. And if it was only me making me feel bad about my past then i needed to Lay that to rest because God already forgot about it, and it was me all along holding me back.

So now i have perfect peace and i praise God for that lesson that day. I am still not perfect but God sees me through the Blood of Jesus so in his eyes i am. Praise God for his mercy that starts out new everyday and for his unconditional love.

Be blessed

luvbugg77 luvbugg77
26-30, F
Mar 27, 2007