Forbidden Fruit

I am 57 and I started fantasizing about older women years ago, finally about five years ago I worked up the nerve to admit to an attractive 70-something coworker that I had a crush on her.much to my surprise she said she felt the same. We started to meet in dark parking areas where we couldn't do much more than make out because she was afraid of getting caught going to a motel.That first kiss was a major turn on because her lips were so soft and warm, at that moment I silently promised my **** it would get that too. Soon enough things began to escalate to the point where we had our hands all over each other and I would have her wear a skirt and remove her panties. She sounded like a 25 year old moaning while I high speed vibrated her **** with two fingers.She would grab my **** hard when she would ***. We only met about 7 or 8 times then her situation changed and we could only talk on the phone, however one night before we stopped, she did lean down and take me in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down expertly about a half a dozen times and then she stopped but it was enough to make me want more. She calls me to this day and assures me that will occur.I don't hold my breath but when I see a nice looking older woman now the wheel in my head[s] start turning........
alexgribaldi alexgribaldi
Sep 7, 2012