He's Pist Off and About to Be Broke

My husband came to me almost 2yrs ago after 26 years of marriage and said he was not happy. He said we could get a divorce, I did not need a lawyer just as long as I do not disagree, and we can stay in the house and share it. Anyways I went and found me a nice lawyer, and you know what I am entitled to half of everything. He has done 30yrs  with the government and I get half of every retirement plan he has. Because I am disabled he still has to supply my health benefits, and I get allimony, isnt this great and he told me I did not need a lawyer, no wonder why he did not want me to get a lawyer. He is mad because he should be entitled to my half, I dont have a half to give him so he wants half of my disability check, but thats not happening. Everyone kept telling him it was cheaper to keep her, but he just knew I was entitled to nothing so he is not a happy camper and he's really pissed off. But right about now I think those last 10yrs of misery finally paid off and all I can do is just lol.I bet he is angry at his self for not having a lawyer, and pist because he thought I was dumber than what he thought. People should never take someone for granted or underestimate thier capabilities, and that is what he did, he such a silly goose LOL.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

Sounds a little like my divorce: The ex told me I couldn't get anything he didn't want to give me( and he didn't want to give me anything). Well, the judge said different, so just to prove a point I took his old classic car he had before we were married!LOL