I Don't Know What To Expect

I am 8 weeks pregnant and after considering all my options i have decided to have an abortion. I am not ready to have a child and neither is the father. When i have a child, if i have a child, i want to be able to give them more of a life than i have. But i am scared. I have no idea what to expect. I want to know what will happen?
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You're baby at 8 weeks already has a heart beating, a body forming, it's a real live baby, your baby, please don't kill it, it wants a chance to live also

You will not regret it the rest of your life. I've had an abortion and am still glad I did. There is no shortage of man kind on this planet. If you don't have a home a car a career and aren't ready don't do it. It will be there the rest of your life.

It is going to take an emotional grip on you. Just know once its done it's done. You will go through a hard physical/emotional pain for a while

I have had an abortion and sadly am about to go onto my second. Don't be scared. The procedure is painless for you, and for the fetus. There will be people there to hold your hand and walk you through. Don't let people make you feel like it's the wrong decision. The right decision is one that makes you happy and is best for your life.

Im about to have one next Thursday. I would like to know what am I about to get myself into? Like does it hurt really bad?

No one holds hands where I'm from & it does hurt. Honestly I have had the procedure & there is nothing pleasant about it. If its the choice you make it's a small sacrifice to suffer. Just learn from the mistake. Stay protected from now on, grow and embrace life

Makes you happy?

There is woman's care center that can help councel you through this. I strongly recommend no abortion because there are many botched abortions. I truly want what's best for you. There is Post Abortion Syndrome which is like ptsd for soldiers and I think that adoption is the answer. There is always the couple that is ready to have a kid and raise them well but isn't physically able to have a kid. I think that you won't regret it.

OMG Diana im going thru the same thing except in my case I already have 2 kids ages 10,8 and their father is not in their life so my new partner whom im with (3years) and I are not ready for this.
its hard and it breaks my heart because financially it wont be good.

when I was 13 I had my first abortion so imam tell you what to expect ok...
if your doing the surgical, don't worry you wont feel nothing.
you cant eat or drink 8 hrs prior then they give you drugs and or put you thru sleep thru an iv the procedure takes about ten minutes but you might be there fpr like a hr or 2.
while you recover and awake.

the worst part about it is when you wake up and you realize your no longer pregnant

So sad!

I wish you would consider adoption instead of abortion, if you don't want the baby. You are going to have life long regrets no matter what decision you choose. So many women have the misconception that abortion "erases" a pregnancy. It does not. You will mourn the loss of your baby for the rest of your life. It will consume you with guilt later on in life. I should know, I have had women confess to me that they had abortions because they just couldn't get over the guilt and regret. I was pregnant and scared like you. I chose adoption, and gave birth to 2 beautiful baby girls (twins) who I didn't get the chance to raise. Yes, it's scary to be pregnant. But it's even more scary to make a bad decision just because you are scared. Talk to a counselor, they should have free ones for pregnancy-related issues. I can't tell you what to do. But I can say that your life has already been changed because of this pregnancy,and ending it just because it's inconvenient might just be a bigger life-wrecker than having a baby would be. Please, just consider your other options. The life you already carry inside of you deserves your most careful consideration and respect.

My mother gave me up for adoption, so I know what that feels like. I was taken from home to home, nothing permanent and nothing happy. There are so many children out there who are already in need of a home, and not enough people willing to take on the challenge. Im not going to add to that, or force someone to have the same life i did. This decision has been thought about, and was not decided because i felt a pregnancy was just to "inconvenient" for me. And based off what you've said, you have never had an abortion so you cannot speak first hand about the experience or the feelings that come with it. which is what im looking for.

Do you wish your mom had had an abortion?

I had an abortion when I was 14, I'm now 29. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of that baby. I was told that due to complications from that abortion, that is never be able to have children. It has devastated my life.

I understand that your adopted life was not good, however you cannot be sure that will be the case for your baby. Research all the adoption websites out there, lots of people are looking for a baby to adopt. Things are much different in the adoption process (especially a private adoption) than they used to be. No one can tell you about what YOU will feel if you terminate your pregnancy, everyone has a different experience and if I were you I would read some of the other abortion stories on here to see if maybe you can find the answers you are seeking. I did talk to one of my adopted daughters about this, to ask her what I should say to get you to consider an alternative to abortion. Her words were simple- " Tell her I have always been grateful that you were brave enough to think about MY future when you made your decision, not just yours."

it is more than just my future that i am thinking of.

How dare you come here trying to talk her out of her decision. Abortion is not murder. A fetus is not yet a baby. And if you aren't ready to be a mother, then you aren't ready to be a mother. If you believe that abortion is the option you'd like to go with, then you do what's best for you. Only YOU can make that decision because it is your body and your choice. My mom had an abortion at 30 when she wasn't ready for another child. And a little over 2 years ago gave birth to my wonderful twin baby sisters. You may not be meant to have this child. Should you try to have children when you're ready, they'll be the child that you're meant to have. I'm pregnant myself and plan on having a surgical abortion this week. Because it is unplanned and I'm not ready to be a mother. I'm halfway through an apprenticeship and about to have my dream career and having a baby would take away all of that. So I made my choice taking the future into account, just as you did. Good for you on being mature and thinking ahead on what you feel will be the best choice.

There are enough unwanted babies on this earth. The world is not short on man kind. If someone is not financially capable , or mentally and physically sound it's not right for a baby to be brought in to this world under those circumstances. It's not anyone's place to say only to offer support

It's challenging either way but if you don't want this baby. Don't have it.

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