Sanity Can Be a Close Call

Truthfully, my mind is just misplaced.

On purpose it seems, I rearrange and misplace my mind.   An example is when I go to the trouble of making a grocery list, then arrive at the store only to realize I left the list at home.  As a hopeless optimist I use a method to distract myself from the "rage" at my stupidity. It is always amazing to me how many things I remember when I have take the time to write it down.   I simply turn the incident into a "pop quiz" to discover how many items I can remember on the list.  This silly trick has succeeded in lessening the self-doubt and deficiency of self-confidence.  It encourages me to concoct methods to avoid leaving the list behind.  It has turned out to be a great memory exercise and cut back on impulsive shopping.

A wake up call and kick in the rear to stay focused.  A prime example of my haste perpetrating a theft of my time. 


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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

It happened again, this behavior has become a guaranteed source of amusement - my lists have notes. <br />
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When I first discovered those teeny, tiny Post-it notes I laughed and wondered, "What are those things? Who in their right mind would waste money on those?" - ME! <br />
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Racing around, checking my list(s), getting ready to travel I cracked up when I passed by a mirror and saw four of them stuck on my clothes. I had arrived in a room, dumb struck as to why I was there. Then I pushed my rewind button, back tracking and tracing my steps, sat down and cracked up laughing. <br />
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Had a Simon and Garfunkle moment - "slow down, you move too fast". What a goof.

LOL what about going into a room ,, and you get there than you cant remember what it was hehe..

Words of wisdom. I always appreciate your stories. <br />
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I am the perpetual list maker - and list forgetter. I like what you said. <br />
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My new challenge will be "make sure I forget the list" "see how many items I actually remember" - "make new list"<br />
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Nice to see you my friend!