On The Fence

My symptoms started February of 2011 and was diagnosed later in the fall of the same year. My cycle was always 35 days instead of the average 28 days since I was 13, but for some reason starting in Feb. my cycles would last longer and longer. By the time November rolled around I had a cycle that lasted for 54 days before my period started. Meanwhile I was experiencing anxiety attacks and depression. And so much anger! My Doc said it was PMDD and placed me on a birth control pill. Over the last year I have been on four different birth control pills before finding one that works. My PMDD symptoms have gone away about 50%, but I am still suffering with anxiety. I can't just leave the house and go about my day. I get so tense and irritable. I have also been suffering from osteoarthritis of the spine for six years and deal with that chronic pain. My doc wants to put me on 10mg of Prozac. I was on Prozac for two months when I was 16 and it worked wonders for my depression. I would love to take it again if I can get my life back, but I am still on the fence about taking it because part of me thinks that it is all in my head. I would hate to take something that my body doesn't need. I've tried dealing with PMDD over the past year with birth control and vitamins and it feels like I am going nowhere.
Kittymommy2003 Kittymommy2003
Jan 9, 2013