Committed To This Job, Here Is My Proof

So i've been at  this job since November 09 and love it. It's the first that i have put myself entirely and like to wake to be there. I feel very confident and satisfied with how i help people and promote education. I work at a  bookstore.

Recently i made an effort to move closer as my commute by public trans was two hrs. This is a  risk because if i fail i will be left contracted to a lease for a year, and don't know if it will be hard to tackle a new job. NOt sure if i can do it. Plus i love this new job, i dont want it to end.  People keep saying the company may go under within the yr, and its somewhat terrifying. But i will stand in god and believe this to be a decleration of intiative and trust in god to see me through.   So i sign my lease this friday and am petrified that this is soooo important and needs to work for me. this calls for brave faces, and  faith. Never afraid of a lil hard work :)   They wouldn't call it work if it was easy

twilightbutterfly twilightbutterfly
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Good story. Hang in there. You 'll be cool with everything.