Bunk For A Night With A Girl (17+)

{iT WAS MY mistake but i dont want do this again with that girl....She is a bad girl she is trying to blackmail  me. while it was from her desire}

Friends I m very seriouse and Romantic person by feeling for my Active life. i cant start my self until somebody make me sure to go on the way. when somebody give me green flag when often, i break the Records.
Lets start-

* Starting of Real story may be boar to you so please read full for real story*

Few days ago (Saturday) i decided to go on date with my friends. i was tired off in affairs with her yet i decided to go for last time with her. We were gone to her sister's room and I told my family that i'm going to party at my boss's house and will not come in night.

we walk and shoping durring the day, when we tired than lay on bed, because it is winter session in my country. we ate the food and get bad early aprox. 8.00 pm. and there are only 3 persion in the room. Her sister is also unmarried and she was slept on talking withe her friend. i was not in favour os sex But-

as soon as i gott one sleeping, i awaked and when i see, she was lying at showing her *** towards me specially. She was touching my face by her finger and began to carry my hand near her inner. when i chocked i started in-out my begest finger in her underwear. she was enjoying and began to touch my ****. I couldn't bear this- i wear off my paint and she began to gliding back to me and i pull down her nightgown and she began to kisses but it was not new to me. I apppose her lot of kissing. I pull down her underwear. i want to **** her by front but circumstances was very tough. More movement can break her sister's sleeping and i also i may have to up her legs and totaly naked. but she was not ready to get fully naked due to fear of sister. She turned back in my front. and agree to get *******. I take my **** in my hand take on her ***. I m verry keen of ******* *** instead of *****. she forebid and put hand her backside and hold my penis by her hand and keep on her ***** 's Mouth. i began to puss. it was first and tuff expnc. to me as ******* ***** by back side of a girl. she was very curiouse to get ****. In strting **** was getting wrong side and was get out automatically, i disturbed due to pain in my panis. then i decided to glid down than my pillow. It was comfor position to me and my **** was entering easily in her *****. I rememnder, I began to push it with a strock she get shocked but not cry because she was expr holder. She was totally made to sunctioned my **** in her *****. i was ******* strongly, her wet & hot ***** was leackaging some liquid. she was enjoying me by tightly holding my back. I was discharged in about 20 Minutes. and she aked my hanky. she was caressing my body. I feel after 15 Minutes that my **** was re-ready to sex. Yet she couldn't clean her ***** properly i push my **** once again in her *****. It was great exprc. after a long shift she get discharged. she was very hungry. She told me that it was her plan to lie with me, for whole night and get ******* with my ****. Often i used to forbid to sex but that night i was also behaving like targen. We spent night with 5 time sex in a very tough condition Becasue we have to quite when her we feel her sister movement or turn arround situation. In this way i ****** her till 5.00 Am.
She was feeling pain in her ***** in the morning and i was also in my penis. because it was hard sexy to me with joint leg and by backside. after Morning i escape from her sister's house and I dont know how, her family known that i was present there. They close our meeting and talking. She was very sexy but was not for lifeparter so i decided to compramise for Situation. now i'm alone and i hv 1 year. next year my father will arrangement for get me married. After doing this I wanna do marry as soon as.
Kelwin Kelwin
18-21, M
Jan 17, 2013