Day 3

Isshe built expectations during the day by mentioning the baby oil. Good thing she didn't end up bringing it to bed...

As promised, you came to bed naked. I was a little surprised at first, I'd expected to have to unwrap, but no, you were all there before me. Once again I enjoyed your breasts, and yet another style of kissing. How I love it when you run the tip of your tongue between my lips and teeth. That's such a strong feeling.

You were intent on teasing and soon the PJs came down and you were on top of me. Once again I savoured the sight of you above me, but this time pressed hard against me. Not too wet though. I laid back and enjoyed your oral attentions. Isn't that a sort of penetration? I wasn't going to argue the point. We sat up and met face to breast, ***** on penis. You ground yourself into me but I didn't push back.

Then it was my turn to tease you, with you on my back and me between your legs, reaching for your opening, feeling but not pushing. Such a good thing you weren't wet enough; it might have been beyond my self control. We collapse and contemplate. I have been controlling myself by staying right away from your sex. I just know the minute I start to feel your excitement it'll be so much harder for me.

In the morning, I knew the alarm would go off. Only a few minutes but enough to revive my taste of you and get you going for the day. Me too. A different sort of kissing, this, lips to lips, tongue to ****, pushing but not penetrating. If not for the alarm...
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Not at all :)<br />
<br />
'Sounding' is inserting long cylinders into the urethra, usually of increasing diameter. It gets some people off!

Did I just sound really disgusting?

What's "sounding stuff"? Something Pamster referred to.<br />
<br />
Sounds like a very sexually charged atmosphere you two have created together... I'd love to be soaking up those hormones.

lol Pamster. Of course I knew that. You don't have it down as an experience group!<br />
<br />
But who am I to assume I know what you're into?

I knew there was a reason we had horses here! Pamster you just make the most of it. Them. ????

AP just be thankful Pamster's only talking collars. Stay quiet and hope that SabrinaGirl doesn't turn up here too. She'll want us all in diapers...

....where's that Pamster when you need her?<br />
<br />
PAM!!! Get out of the stables!!! We keep everything you'll need in your sidelocker next to your waterbed ;)

OoOOoOoooo *hopping up and down* Wait until I tell xRocks what AP had to say about his story! <br />
<br />
OooOoo...and guess who featured in the you think xRocks could make a living writing the adventures of Isshe and xRock???<br />
<br />
*Grins*<br />
<br />
Oh no AP....don't be nervous...Pamster is the best...she'll be gentle I promise!

lol 'Take her' lah! <br />
<br />
What? And give Isshe the satisfaction of (again) being able to say 'I was right'??<br />
<br />
Please, please MissSass, let's not suggest an extension. I think 1 week will be more than enough this time :/<br />
<br />
And I'm looking forward to the visitors. We will learn things Isshe!

I went looking for some heavy lead ball-barings today at Autopro and the hardwear shop (for one of my kid's school projects of course!) No luck.<br />
<br />
Could you bring me one of those ben ball thingees?? A unused one please?!<br />
<br />
Hmmm, will have to think about where we will be popping you to sleep.<br />
<br />
Uncle Andy is on call...he is our adopted bedtime story teller...he has to earn his keep somehow!<br />
<br />
OooOOooOoo, but yes! He will need someone to play with him...Whispers...I think he needs some new live experiences to draw from and include in his stories and i think you may be just the person to help him out....

You think?! <br />
Hmmm...maybe we should see just how long we can prolong it...I'm not so confident myself MS.

If this is the sort of story that comes out of abstaining for a week.... I'm thinking you two should aim for a month!! I have TOTAL faith in you, I just know you could do it!!!!!

What!! You invited Pamster to our house!!! <br />
<br />
*Runs around tidying. Stuffing all the sex toys, **** DVDs, under the bed*

These things need to be shared Pam. No guilt required (unless you are reminded of some stories of your own...)