Day 4

You stood at the edge of the bed, having just undressed. I HAD to lean over from my side, so that my eyes and your ***** were level. I moved in and kissed, tentatively. The smell. My tongue reached down, pushing flesh apart and tasting salt and acid. I could stay here. I pulled myself closer, arms around you, kissing further, hoping to taste more.

"I'm cold"

After warming the bed, we lay together exchanging the small talk of kisses. Small, gentle nips, some caresses. We were getting further into the week, I didn't want to hold back. This time I went for your sex. With my middle finger I traced the outline of your lips, clitoris, the channel above. Up, and back down again.

I didn't allow that finger to go in, but I missed the wetness that comes from it. We suspended kissing as I paused to moisten my finger. Just a little the first time, but more generously the second time. The kissing became more intense as we both tasted you in my mouth. My finger was in tactile heaven.

Still more we build, and end up ******* with our mouths. Tongue in, tongue out. You suck me in, I feel drawn into you.

I HAVE to put my **** on you. I love the sensation of softness, the 'give' that lets me imagine that you might part and let me in. To save both of us, I change angles, so my head is rubbing your lips, up and down, and above it my shaft teases your clitoris. We go on like that for a while, until I, used to being inside, lose the hardness that keeps me where I want to be.

I climb above you, and we kiss more. Now it's your turn to want for lubrication, and you reach mouth moistened fingers down not, to my surprise, to you, but to me. I am back where I want to be as you rub me up and down, up and down, just where you are wanting.

Then you grab my balls and pull me towards you. I have to hold back but love the tug. You whisper that you want me. I want you too. But it can't be tonight. We both hold our ground and 'abstinence' remains.

I finish you with my fingers. Back and forth, trailing over lips and ****, imagining but not attempting penetration.

What a week.
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Yeah, for some reason my ******* are different when it comes to 'abstinence'!!!

You "finish"ed her? The question might be impertinent (sorry) but what are the rules in this little scenario? I might have missed a key detail. No sex... but ******* are allowed? That's not fair. I still have it tougher than you after all.

loved this...:-)

Now the cat is out of the bag, Isshe, we will be expecting something ;)

Oops...let the cat out of the bag....<br />
<br />
So...pamster has been writing stories too...<br />
<br />
Lol<br />
<br />

Oh you have have you??!! How did you know that I had been writing stories??? How told you???

I think AP may have inspired her. I see she's been writing stories...

*spashes cold water over AP's face*<br />
<br />
Hey haven't told us a bedtime story yet! <br />
<br />
And what have you done with the Pamster?

Isn't she?

Gawd. Lucky, lucky woman....<br />
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