Day 5 Part 1

I stood behind you, watching our kids playing soccer. In front of me, your hair released the scent of chlorine, from our swim earlier that day. I nuzzled in and inhaled. I love that smell on your hair. My hands reach around to embrace you, my chin falling gently on your shoulder and against your head as I enjoy the warmth. I need that smell again. Breathes. Deeply. Again.

My hand reaches inside your coat, and runs up over your abdomen. I stop over the pit of your navel. It reminds me of your sex, and where I haven't been allowed to go these past few days. Remembering, is enough to make me want it again. I grind against your buttocks, thinking about you.

You have a blanket around your shoulders. None of the other parents can see what you're doing with your hands. You reach behind and, through many layers, find my ****. They are muted feelings but your hands feel good to me. I respond. We stand like that for a while.
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4 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Now that would have stood out above the blanket, TNP :) Did she finish you then and there? or just sustain you?

Public play. Nice. An ex of mine gave me a hand-job on a train, once - it lasted all the way from Glasgow to Greenock. About forty minutes or so.

In summer you face a whole suite of different problems... I think we'd be getting close in the swimming pool...

I love cold weather when it involved rugs wrapped around the supportive parents on the side-lines...