I Don't Know Exactly Why...

...I've chosen to "go without". I've been divorced for two years and have not had sex during that time. The more time that goes by, the more reluctant I am to give up my moral track record. At the same time, I am just starting to date again and am worried about being able to resist. I worry nobody will want to wait for me. I worry I will get serious with the first guy who says he IS willing to wait. I don't know exactly why I've chosen to wait and therefore am concerned about faltering because there is no end in sight...
MonkeyIcing MonkeyIcing
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1 Response Apr 18, 2007

wish i could support you on this one but...<br />
<br />
why???? why why why would you want to go w/o something that is SO much fun???? <br />
<br />
Sorry - just don't get this!