Break Me, Dont Fake Me

I am not your "averege" 14 year old African American (Im actually multi/mixed). I enjoy school, reading and playing sports. To most people I am an "OREO" black on the outside and white on the inside (lame I know). I talk very proper and I work my butt in school getting A's and B's in all my classes and I actually plan on going to college (full scholarship) . I get teased and picked on by my own classmates and my upper-class mates.

Now that Im starting high school Im sure its going to be way worst, plus I have the bra size of  watermellons. So the boys will follow me all day and the girls will think im fat because because my boobs are so big. Which is funny Im no where near fat, I have good legs and a good waist and Im pretty. So why am I always picked on? Ive never been nothing but nice to people, even the people who bully me.

When will I come out of the shadows and people notice me more than a punching bag? I took every kind of defence lession when I was little and Im scared that Id really hurt someone from fight back or kicked out of school. I dont think Ill be able to take it during high school, in fact I know I wont.

Do I change, to make the people and the pain go away? Please help me keep my sanity. What do you think I should do?
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2012

No, dont change, no matter what you do or what you wear you cannot please everyone.<br />
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If you try to change you will lose yourself and that will only make you worse.<br />
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No matter what, stay true to yourself, school is only short term, you are you for as long as you live.

hey, me too! well everything except being thinking im an oreo, being teased, and having big boobs.<br />
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And sorry to say, no matter how you change, there's always going to be someone to tease you. Not because your're damned for eternity, but because that's life. You just can't please everyone...<br />
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And by the way, I think they're jealous :)

lol thanks :) I needed that :)

anytime, and youre welcome.