Bombarded By Evil

I was there last year, unstable fake mother in law & even more unstable & self dilluded  son and between the two of them & my very sickly pregnancy i felt like either implodeing or exploding at any given time its not to much better now that she is moved out, now i gotta plan my "escape" from myu evil, lieing manipulative husband (or what ever) cuz soon, ill have not a shread of sanity. it helped when i was able to accept & realized they  were the ones that were wrong & i just let thier words roll off my back.


DarkPrincessfaye DarkPrincessfaye
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

You sound like a very strong. You have accomplished so much with the struggles that you have had in your life. I can't exactly help you with your decision but what I can give you is support. Your story really touched me.<br />
Be true to thyself". I hope this helps you and I will be praying for you. Things have a way of working themselves out. You never know. You never know who you may meet that could change your life and help you through your struggles! :)<br />