I Do Not Know Where To Turn :-(

I am 57 yrs old, and have 4 children whom all abuse me. I am mentally and physically disable,weak and vulnerable and they all take advantage of that. The daughter I live with takes all my money and food stamps. She knows I won't say anything out of fear of being on the streets, and its very cold out. I am in school trying to better myself and I got a student loan of five thousand dollars to which I was going to get a small place for myself and she and her boyfriend took the money my small s.s.i. check, they cook and do not offer me any, I live on p-nut butter sandwiches. To which I sometimes have to sneak to get. There is so much more to the story. I am sick, I tried to overdose, but I have to think of my grandchildren, and I am far from selfish. I went into the store the other day thinking oh boy they left me 100 dollars and when I cashed out i had twelve dollars, talk of embarrassment. They have no conscious, and I live in fear continually. I live in their attic and sometimes they lock the door so I can not use the bathroom. You would have to see the lay out of the house to understand them locking me out. you come up the front stairs and if you take a left it comes up to the attic, but if you go straight it goes to her apt. I had to pee in a cup yeaterday, I banged on the door but they stay in their bed room and pretend they don't hear me. I don't know how much more I can take. Their is so much more, I just can't ever imagine doing this to anyone, I do not and have never even swore in front of my parents. Where are these kids respect? God bless to any and all that have to endure this type of abuse.
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

You need to get help. I know it's going to be hard because they're your children but you need to tell someone, before it gets worse. If they know they're getting away with it then they will continue to do it and it will eventually get worse. Please tell someone and get help.