In the middle of making a batch of cioppino I needed to move a pan out of the way, so I set about the simple task. As I picked up the stainless steel beauty I began to hear a sizzling sound and thought the juice from the fish in it mush have spilled to the stove...I was in a hurry after all and could have spilled. In the middle of pondering this I began to realize my hand was experiencing a rather odd tingling sensation but couldn't place exactly what it felt like. As I neared the counter to which the pan was going I realized my blunder...the pan in question had come out of the oven just minutes ago. The sizzling was my hand and the now extreme tingling in my hand was about to be a rather sharp burning sensation.


So remember, boy and girls, which pan just came out of the oven and which one still needs to go in!

Just a little cooking tip from your uncle Ford ;-)
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To fix the burn and take the pain out you use egg whites and it also increases healin time 😉

Oven mitts I have...maybe what I need to some thermosensitive paint for the pan handles that turns bright red when it's hot so I'll remember to use the oven mitts ;-) lol

Perhaps we could have a whip around and buy you some slim line oven gloves !

Well, idealy yeah...but its me here...it's gonna happen sometime again ;-) lol

I know that you feeling better already but Uncle Ford perhaps you need to tinker with your memory a little and not pick up the hot pan next time hehe

Ya can't go wrong with veggies for sure! But meat is a good thing too...I'll gladly suffer a few injuries here n there in the cause of a good meal ;-) lol

Bacon grease spilled on faerie's fingers a few weeks ago. The ring finger was really bad. Big blister and when it dried out, it looked horrible. Still looks odd but faerie learned her lesson... she's sticking to veggies. ;p

Another excellent tip, thank you! There won't be any scaring though...it was just a good first degree burn, barely a second degree in a couple places. Today it's pink, shiney and wrinkley but pain free. I'll prolly lose the skin there in another day or so, but all in all I've have worse sun burns :-)

Once the burn stops hurting,clean and apply lavender essential oil.It will heal without any scars.

Lavender oil actually does work. My dad's GF swears by it, and I have to admit the few cuts and burns I've used it on have healed much faster than usual :-)

Cool! I'll have to remember that for next time! I ran it under cold water for about 30 minutes total in between finishing the cooking and afterward put some aloe on it. It feels fine this morning...though I halfway hope the fish shape burn on my palm scars there as it looks kinda cool :-D lol<br />
<br />
The good news is, the cioppino came out amazing ;-)

Put raw tomato on burns,works nicely !