Auto Accidents

To all my ADD brothers, and sisters.  I am the epitome of accident prone.  I have always been one who was in shape, great job, life, and family.  I at too many times have had auto incidents that thank God I survivied.  I am self diagnosed, and just found out through this website, that I need to see the Doc.  I was a Firefighter, and rolled a 60,00 lbs tanker into a ditch.  I had just finished my daily workout, and headed back to my station, and the rear wheels of the Truck went off the road.  I slowed down, and slowly got back onto the road.  The 3k gallons of water in my truck had shifted, and the fight was on.  I bent the steering wheel trying to control the vehicle.  The seat belt failed, and I was thrown through the roof.  Needless to say I took a good butt whooping.  I was lifeflighted, and recieved emergency everything.  A year later I had another accident, and was fired for damaging two trucks.  I have been dealing with the tragedies of others in thier times of need, and learned to cope with the daily grind without any troubles.  I am a single unemployed father who is in search of another job.  I am blessed with great health, and am seeking medical diagnosis this week for my problem.  I am also retired from the Navy after 24 yrs of service.  I am scarred bad from that experience, but survived many wars.  I am going to try to get some resolve in my life.  If anyone has any answers for me about medications I would greatly aprpeciate it.  I never knew about this disorder before this morning.  I am fortunate that I have hurt no one in my life as a result, but am avoiding anything I know could bring a threat.  Help.

Lawdawg Lawdawg
Mar 22, 2009