Just This Morning !

I was listening to the Zelda theme on my ipod and then the next song was Ride the lightning so I banged my my head and my hair attacked me so I ran around yelling and rammed into a wall and I fell down. I hurt my nose and I broke the cookie I was eating..

Inoue Inoue
18-21, F
11 Responses Apr 12, 2010

Yes I was ! Tata tata ta ta, tata tata ta ta, tata tata ta ta

o.O you were listening to the Zelda theme!? :P

Inoue is right! My stupid teacher was wrong! I have a high affinity in the Science Skill!!!

Agree with Selvaria 100% !! Science sides with cookies !

Huh...okay, I guess.

Do a test for real proof. How many persons work on the seven billions?<br />
How many cookies are made and how many of them are successfully eaten?<br />
Anyway I pass more time with cookies than people. And I talk more to them too!

Sure they are, and people don't care if you eat cookies, humans on the other hand

Cookies are more productive than humans too.

Blasphemy ! Hail the cookies ! They're like homunculus, we may make them up, but they're people too ! ( sort of )

Poor cookie? You mean falling on the ground is worst than getting eaten? Anyway a cookie is an ob<x>ject and can't get hurt. Oh and forget it. I'm sure you'll post a theory saying cookies are living being.

Ouch very much. Poor cookie fell down too.