A Long Time Coming!

For the longest time, for much of my life, I thought I could only achieve true happiness with the possession of others. I felt that I needed a soulmate and friends, to find happiness! But... I don't know when, how, or why it happened, but one day I found true happiness within myself. :-)

For the first time EVER in my entire life, I feel human. I no longer feel like an animal, an unwanted, an piece of "crap"... to be polite. What I couldn't see was, that I hated myself so very much, an image that people painted of me and that I had accepted... I felt worthless and useless. On my bad days, sometimes I feel like that, but then I am more able to shake myself free from those negative LIES that my emotions try to tell me. =p

I now realize that friendships and romantic relationships are there to ENHANCE my life and my happiness. They shouldn't be the core root of it. The old cliche saying is true, "happiness comes from within!". So now, I no longer weep for what I don't have, but I am grateful and happy for what I do have! I take great joy in my true-self, the relationships I do have, and the inner joy that I've discovered. :-)

So, my happiness starts with me, the rest just compliments it. ;-)

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I have a friend like that. He's soooo obsessed with getting married. It's really weird how much he talks about it. I've never seen a guy so obsessed with being married. <br />
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Well to quote a Whitney Houston song, "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all." It's a little corny, but it's true because until you can love yourself no one else can truly love you. I guess self-love leads to love outside yourself. That's what I think anyway. :)

Really! No wonder so many men are afraid of commitment with all these crazy women convinced that their man is their only source of happiness.

I agree with you 100%! That's why I've never understood why people jump from relationship to relationship trying to find what's already inside them. Unfortunately we learn at an early age that if you don't have someone to love you, you're worthless. Some people act like being single is a disease. Loving yourself is the best because no one can take it away.

That's great :)))<br />
Again, I feel about it similarly :) I always thought I needed somebody to make me completely happy, but now I know that I have to do that myself, and that I don't want social acquaintances to make me happy but just to have a great time together.

Impressive. Absolutely true. But very difficult to see and embrace, live by. If you have arrived at that place Shadow dear, you are more advanced than most. You can exercise compassion and kindness towards all that have not arrived and still seek for external validators. One of the crucial things was that you recognized that what they taught you ABOUT YOURSELF were LIES. That, in my opinion was your pivotal moment. Not until we ditch those beliefs, will we be able to be free as you say you are. I congratulate you. You probably are a pleasure to have around.

Shadow you are SO right!!! " the rest just compliments it," I love that!!! ^_^

And you know this story came after you started talking to me so quit it! :P

Great post! And I agree 100% :)

Wow, i've never seen it that way... this will definetly help .me....thank you for the great advice..