There's A Chance

Well I am still waiting to be held for just one night but we are still seeing each other and in fact I am awaiting two passionate kisses that he has promised me. But there is a chance I will get a night being held. You see his wife is going off with a friend for two nights in July so we are thinking that could be the perfect chance for us however there are a few problems how and more importantly I now have one or two possible problems my end so we still wait to see if it can happen but if it can I will be so very happy. The chance is tiny but its a chance and in matters of the heart sometimes the smallest chance must be taken.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Soooo.... your the "other" woman, well being a man, i see where he is coming from, but tell more of your side

If you read some of my other stories you will find out lots more about it and if you ask to be my friend I will happily answer any question you might send as message in my mail box.

Fair enough