For Just One Night...

I want to be held in his strong arms – snuggling into his chest – feeling safe wrapped up in his embrace…breathing in his scent…his skin next to mine – his fingers gently trailing along the curve of my hip….

  Em…honestly – I just want a hug!!!
Flugelblues Flugelblues 31-35, F 11 Responses Sep 25, 2008

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((((HUG)))) Hope that helps...

You should feel honored...A big squeeze hug from dedre...That is something....

Hi dedre...How is my favorite guy doing tonight????

((hug)) just because...

and this is rare, because I usually throw in a jokingly perverted line or two first, as payment, of course!!!

but...yea...this one's on the house, as is this other one!


Would a Nana hug be alright????


Thanks Truepal - will take a very special guy to fulfill that fantasy - but, heres hoping!!


Hope you get the rest

Awww - thanks!!! *HUGS*


What can I say Sunny - I just got a bit carried away! ;)

*HUGS* Fazer!!! :)

Awww - thanks M - that will do for now!!


Here's one now.