Even If...

It's a last Goodbye.

*tears fall*


TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

jrabbit, you said it all, the only thing is one more will leave you wanting just one more...<br />
comprehensive, human touch is not something that takes away from who you are it enhances everything makes life more pleasant. You must have had something bad happen to you, I'm sorry, but don't miss out on the enjoyment of sharing closeness with someone.

Ditto TRW. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. :(

I agree with you "real". One last time, to be held, to say goodbye, to touch his heart to hear him breath, to taste his scent, to be so open, to trust that person with your being, knowing that it is safe there. To know he feel's the same. To know that they were there for a perpose no matter how long or short it was, because even the shortest time can mean forever.

Hooray for you, then. This is pain you will never know, c2.

I still can't understand why people put so much stock into what somebody else can provide for them emotionally when it's easily provided internally. I don't give a hoot about somebody "holding" me or even talking to me. I am the kind of person's who's lifes experience has taught them to be self reliant and self assured and not dependent on anyone for anything else. It's a dangerous thing to show the kind of weakness that guarentees someone will take advantage of you and get power over you and control and even change who you are. I don't feed into that anymore.

Thank you, my dear man...I honour your caring for me. *hug*