Like every other person in the world i have my down moments and sometimes just need to vent. The flip side of that is that i am actually a very loving and happy person. I love to help others, enjoy life, try my hardest to make at least one persons day better each day usually in a small way that helps but not hinders like bringing in the neighbors trash, letting someone cut in line, returning the cart, holding the door. Just something small. I enjoy laughing and connecting with others. For those who choose to talk to me and learn me then you know who i am deep down. For those who take things at face value then you will never know.
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4 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Hello,Giggles, that is a very nice outlook to aquire and i wish more people had it. Cheers

Good for you there are so few people left who think of others. Class and manners always shine through.

that's good. most everyone is out to serve their self, even if it means being completely inconsiderate to everyone around them.

You sound like me. I bend over backwards to help. Even better I am a volunteer fire fighter and love what I do for obvious reasons.

Back at ya