Today I Received the Best Birthday Gift!

I am actually looking forward to each day of the rest of my life! I am 62 years old today and for the past two or three years I have been struggling with LIFE! I have been just dealing with one problem after another; with my kids; with my friends; with my husband, my siblings, my parents, financial, emotional, physical, spiritual battles, housing, work and all the many many things which comprise most peoples lives

I felt like I was being overloaded with problems, having multiple catastrophic problems sometimes in one day and frequently in one week!  Not a week would pass without some kind of problem with which I had to deal; a death of a dear friend or neighbor or relative, severe medical crisis within our family or circle of friends, some pressing legal issue, or someone robs us!

If you are a believer you might say that we were being hellaciously attacked by our enemy; the devil!  I have often heard it said that the more you seek after God; the harder the devil will attack you to try to keep you from succeeding in your efforts;

Today, though, I got a glimpse of the future; the one where GOD is reigning and where there is peace and joy abundantly!  There are no more worry, trials, or burdens; no tears will be shed there will only be happiness forever and ever!

I had a very wonderful and happy birthday with no cake or ice cream or celebrations of one more year added to my life! I had an ordinary lunch with my husband (whom I love dearly) and one of our friends (Jack) who we both love very much; my daughter Rachel gave me some dollar-store items (very sweet) that I will enjoy for a while, another daughter, Lesli, called me on the phone to wish me happy birthday (I havent heard from the rest of them but I am sure they love me and I will always love them too)!  Even if they did overlook my birthday, LOL, I understand and am very happy anyway because GOD loves them and everyone else; me too!


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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Thank you both for you comments; I truly appreciate that you posted and thanks for the birthday wishes! God bless you!

Happy Birthday! As long as we believe and have hope and faith, we will always be taken care of..even when bad times arise :) God Bless! Unperfect Angel